While Mu Qing was sizing up the place, the animal skin curtain was lifted, and another woman came in, holding a torch in one hand and a crude pottery bowl in the other.
The light in the room suddenly brightened up.
At the bottom of the bowl, there was a transparent liquid from which nothing could be seen.
It looked a little stained.
The woman inserted the torch into a deep hole dug in the middle of the room, before dipping her finger into the bottom of the bowl and wiping it on Mu Qing’s lips.

Mu Qing was greatly alarmed, she was about to dodge when her two arms were bent in her back by the first woman, the tall sized one.
The pain was such that she did not dare to struggle, she could only let that woman wipe her fingers on her mouth.
She smelled the vague fragrance of musk, along with a bit of a fishy smell, Mu Qing could only close her mouth and stop breathing.
The woman then pulled open her lapel, dipped her fingers even more this time, and wiped the liquid on her chest.
She seemed to be a bit dissatisfied with her wearing clothes, for she muttered a few words with her mouth.

Mu Qing forced herself to endure the strange feeling in her heart, thinking that it was probably over now.
But what she didn’t expect was that the woman would put down the bowl in her hand and start to pull her pants down with force.

Mu Qing immediately understood the other person’s intention, she probably intended to wipe this thing down there as well.

She felt a burst of anger in her heart, with her feet with shoes on, she stomped heavily on the bare foot of the woman behind her.
The woman screamed and let go of her.
Mu Qing immediately took hold of a wooden stick in the corner of the wall and adopted a fighting posture.

Suddenly put in a difficult situation by her, the two women were a little panicked, and seeing her fierce expression, they did not dare to approach her.
They looked at each other, picked up the bowl on the ground and cursed her as they went out.

Mu Qing spit out the saliva in her mouth that been induced by the strange taste and wiped her mouth vigorously with her sleeve, before wiping her chest.
However, the smell would not dissipate, and there was a feeling of warmth on the places where the liquid had been applied on her skin.
The tip of her nipples was also slightly erected.

When Mu Qing thought that what had been applied just now was probably something similar to an aphrodisiac, she felt depressed in her heart.
She pressed with force on the two erected buds on her chest with her palms but seeing that there was no effect, she gave up and only tied her clothes a little more firmly.
She then walked to the curtain door, lifted a corner, and furtively looked outside.

It was already a little dark outside, there were a few bonfires burning here and there, with several people around them, and a few children running around and laughing.
No one at all was guarding her here.
Mu Qing did not hesitate.
But just when she was about to sneak out quietly, she saw that the chief and Li Mang were already coming in this direction together, the two were talking as they walked.

Mu Qing stopped looking, she quickly put down the animal skin and walked around the room in circle, feeling restless with anxiety in her heart and mind.

The voices of the two men were already at the door.
They seemed to have stopped there.

Mu Qing couldn’t help but get close to the door once again.
Looking out through the gap in the curtain, she saw that the chief was patting Li Mang on the shoulder with force.
Li Mang’s expression looked very respectful.

The chief motioned for Li Mang to leave.
Li Mang turned around and walked away.
Mu Qing felt that, before leaving, he seemed to have taken a glance in her direction.

Mu Qing cursed him in her heart.
Seeing that the chief was about to come in, she hurriedly moved and retreated, but her feet got hooked by the pile of ropes on the ground and she fell to the ground.

Mu Qing suddenly had an idea.

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