sound of the wind.



Mu Qing’s mouth was a little dry, she began to regret not having stuffed a bottle of water in the backpack.



She leaned against the wall of the pit, the whistle sound gradually became weaker and weaker.



A long time passed.
So long that it was becoming quite strange.



Mu Qing just now looked at the time on her phone, it was 12:00, noon.
She remembered correctly.



Three hours had passed since she woke up.



The sound of her whistle gradually decreased, before finally returning to silence.



When the sky finally turned from bright blue to dark blue, the time on her phone indicated that it was 6 p.m.



Her phone ran out of battery and turned off on its own.



Mu Qing was very hungry, but that was still tolerable, what was unbearable was the thirst.



She really felt that she was going to die of thirst, it felt so uncomfortable that she almost wanted to cut herself with the Swiss knife.



Drinking her own blood, she wondered if it could quench the thirst.



She finally gave up the idea, unable to be so ruthless to herself.



Mu Qing grabbed the whistle, stuffed into her mouth, and closed her eyes.
Using all of her strength, she started to blow again, with a desperate effort.



Just when she felt her ear drums were going to be pierced by the sharp sound, something suddenly flew down from the opening of the pit, hit her head and fell to the ground.



It was a piece of mud.



Mu Qing quickly raised her head and saw that above the opening of the pit, surprisingly, a man’s face was stretched out, peeking inside.



The man’s hair was very long, hanging down the opening of the pit.
His face was densely covered with a beard, it was impossible to see what his face looked like, only a pair of eyes could be seen, looking at Mu Qing, without blinking.



Mu Qing felt that the man was very ugly, not only was he ugly, but he was also very strange.
But at this moment, no matter how ugly and weird he looked, in her eyes, he was no less than a god descending from the sky.



She didn’t know where she got the strength, but she jumped on her feet, tilted her head, and waved her hands, excitedly shouting: “Save me, help me out!”



The man froze, his mouth made some unknown sound, and then he disappeared.

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