The man’s hair was very long, hanging down the opening of the pit.
His face was densely covered with a beard, it was impossible to see what his face looked like, only a pair of eyes could be seen, looking at Mu Qing, without blinking.


Mu Qing felt that the man was very ugly, not only was he ugly, but he was also very strange.
But at this moment, no matter how ugly and weird he looked, in her eyes, he was no less than a god descending from the sky.


She didn’t know where she got the strength, but she jumped on her feet, tilted her head, and waved her hands, excitedly shouting: “Save me, help me out!”


The man froze, his mouth made some unknown sound, and then he disappeared.


Chapter 3



Mu Qing froze, picked up the mud that the man had just dropped and threw it as vigorously as she could, as she said in a loud voice: “Hey, don’t go, come back!”



There was no movement for a long time.



Amidst her despair suddenly flashed hope, but that hope was instantly shattered.
Such a blow was cruel.



Mu Qing collapsed softly to the bottom of the pit, she had already cursed in her heart the ugly and sloppy man ten thousand times.



Just as she was beginning to feel utterly hopeless, a rope suddenly fell down from the entrance of the pit.



Strictly speaking, it was not the usual nylon rope used for climbing, it was not even a hemp rope.



That was a rope made of twisted-together tree barks, looking at the marks on the barks, it looked as if the barks had been rubbed together by hands as soon as it was cut down from the tree.



Just now the man’s head peeked inside again.
He opened his mouth and said something to her.



He was probably talking to her.
But Mu Qing simply did not understand anything.
It was not Chinese, nor English, nor anything at all, but a string of sounds that were totally alien.



At this moment, Mu Qing did not care about this, she flew to pack up her backpack, put it on her shoulders, and firmly grabbed the rope with both her hands.
At first, she had some concerns about whether the man would have enough strength to pull her up, but almost in the blink of an eye, she was lifted up to the entrance of the pit, where she immediately fell on the ground.



Mu Qing sat up and raised her head to quickly thank the man, but the words had yet to come out of her mouth, that instantly she was stupefied.



Using the word stupefied was not an exaggeration.



The man standing in front of her at the moment, let’s call it a man for the time being, was huge in height, so tall that she had to look up, his body was naked, revealing abnormally tightly built brown muscles, his chest and lower abdomen were densely covered with dense black hair, only his lower body part was covered with a piece of animal skin-like thing.



These were okay, it would not be enough to stupefy her.



What truly frightened her was his hands, his palms were unusually thick and rough, his five fingernails were thick and looked as sharp as iron hooks, they were also some remnants of tree barks left on them.



Just now that bark rope was probably made with bark the man had peeled off from a tree with his nails.



Mu Qing’s eyes stared at him, unable to retrieve her gaze for a long time.



What was this place, and why would such a strange person appear?



The man bent down his waist slightly, reached out an open hand looking like a palm-leaf fan, and flung her easily onto his shoulder.
He then began to run forward as if flying.



Mu Qing felt like vomiting because her belly was hitting against his hard shoulder, she closed her eyes in discomfort, with the sound of the wind in her ears.
When he finally threw her to the ground, the sky was already completely dark.



Mu Qing looked around and saw that she had been brought into the middle of a forest by the man.  The ground where she was sitting was covered with fallen leaves and decaying branches.
The moon was full, and with the rays of light shining through the gaps of the tree, she was able to see things very well.
Around her, everywhere, there were bent trees that almost touched the ground and whose name she did not know.
One of the trees among them was so big it would need five to six adults, hands in hands, to completely encircle its old trunk.
At a fork in the branches, a simple and crude wooden house had been built up, apparently with bark and wood.



After throwing Mu Qing on the ground, the man left on his own.



Mu Qing, with the support of her hands, slowly rose from the ground, and looked around her.



Although the man had kidnapped her here, but so far, it did not look like he intended to hurt her.



Should she take this opportunity to escape?


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