Every living being was looking up at the sky. Some had their eyes wide open; some had their mouths wide open, some had all three expressions, and others didn care keeping a calm exposure.

Something unbelievable was descending. The two most legendary beasts were coiling around each other, in the sky. They were dragons and phoenixes, the two most powerful and well-known beasts.

The thing that made what people saw unbelievable, was that dragons and phoenixes never appeared or were found in their lands. The only thing close was the false beast like flood dragons and fire crows, even though those two are rare two finds.

What was the cause for those two beasts to appear?

There had to be a reason, whether it be a good reason or a bad reason one could only guess or make assumptions.

In the middle of the dragon and phoenix, a bright light had entered the fray. The light was just as dazzling as the sun, it was almost blinding.

Seconds later, it had looked as if the light was getting lower, away from the sky as if something was descending.

The had light dimmed down, revealing a womans figure.

The woman had pale and smooth skin. She wore a black fairy dress that amplified her luxurious purple hair. She looked to be a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties.

A moment later, the light had dispersed revealing the woman to all those people and beasts looking up into the sky.

Everyone was surprised to see such a beauty having enormous power far surpassing anyone in the lands, even bringing a dragon and a phoenix with her.

The womans eyes were as if she was looking left and right like she was searching for something. She decided to turn around and search the other way. Her eyes were set to the west.

In a split second the woman disappeared only appearing hundreds of miles away to the west. She had appeared over a city with huge a castle in the back.

The castle had silver brick walls, golden shining doors, and sky-blue roof turrets. A very eye-catching castle something suited for royals. Inside the main room of the castle is a room with a golden, black, and white interior.

As she had appeared above the city, she shifted her gaze down, especially onto the silver-colored castle. With a mere look, an unknown pressure appeared, encompassing the whole city.

All the citizens, people inside the city, and even the people inside the castle had fallen to the ground kneelingly. The pressure was too overbearing and strong for them two resist.

Only two people could partially break the pressure, they were the rulers of this western territory. They were the rulers of the Asenial Empire, the powerhouse of the west. The emperor and empress both flew out of the castle to see what the unexpected guess wanted.

10 minutes later…

The woman flicked her hand up as two woven baskets appeared along with a ring, floating towards the Asenial empires rulers.

The empress and emperor had both bowed up receiving the three items.

The woman had turned her back to the two, as she was about to leave, but before she left, she whispered some cold words to the empress and emperor and released the pressure that was on the city lifting a burden off everyone in the city.

”Don forget what I said, or Ill claim your heads. ”

Saying those words, a red aura had appeared around her before she left.

The empress and emperor sensed the aura took gulps and felt shivers down their spines, but they knew what they had to do. They took the three things and flew back to their castle.

The woman returned to the sky where the dragon and phoenix were. She flicked up her hands, and a dark blue glass ball the size of a bowling ball appeared. The woman crushed the glass ball.

The unexpected happened, a dark blue energy poured all going all over the place. It spread everywhere that could be seen, most of it seeped into the ground while the rest seeped into the clouds slightly darkening the sky.

The ground started shaking, and tremors occurred all over causing many different effects; trees grew taller, plants bloomed, rivers expanded, land expanded, and more.

While the ground grew and expanded, in the sky it started raining heavily everywhere not a single place was untouched by rain. This rain was far away from regular, it would bring changes everywhere. Before the rain came the dragon, phoenix, and woman completely disappeared.

In the meanwhile, everyone had forgotten about the woman the legendary beast something major was happening, something life-changing, something that would forever go down in history.

This rain brought more spiritual plants, brought more experts, healed people, increased fertility, and other amazing benefits.

A day of change and blessings. This day will be known as the ”Saintesss Blessing Day. ”

14 years later…

In a cave mine, a teen was yelling at his friend trying to wake him up. They looked to be servants by their slave outfits, a dark hanfu. He was almost yelling at the top of his lungs.

”Kyren! Kyren! Kyren! Wake up! ”

The young teen was shaking his friend as he was trying to wake him up. It seemed urgent, that his friend would be in danger if he didn .

The young teen had a cute baby face that girls would find adorable, his snow-white skin only helped his looks. He had a dark blue left eye and a light purple right eye, a peculiar sight. Matching his eye color, he had rough blue hair reaching his and hanging over his face like bangs.

The shaking and yelling at the sleeping Kyren worked as he was starting to wake up.

”Wha…what is it Emrys? You see Im trying to sleep here, don you? ” Kyren yawned while questioning his friend. He was annoyed that someone was interrupting his sleep.

Kyren had almond-colored skin and smooth skin. His eyes were deep crimson and had dark abyssal black pupils. Corresponding with his pupils is Kyrens hair that reaches his shoulder as its dark abyssal black.

Emrys yelled trying to make Kyren understand, ”Thats why Im yelling a knight is coming back for his watching. You know whatll happen if he sees you sleeping! ”

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