>Not to mention, if Tang Ruoyu's parents wanted to undergo a check-up, they wouldn't care about medical expenses.


Although the full-body check-up was expensive for ordinary people, it wasn't a big deal for the Tang family.


“Lady, you're a friend of young master Ye.
Our hospital is honored that your parents can come to us for treatment.
It would be a slap in the face if we asked for money.
Don't worry, all our services are free.”


“By the way, lady, what is your name? When do you want to make an appointment? If possible, shall I send someone to pick up your parents? After all, as you know, it is better to have a check-up on such things sooner rather than later.
Since young Ye asked you to contact me, it must be serious.”




As Mu Xiao had yet to inform her parents about this matter, she didn't intend to go today.


However, after she heard the director's suggestion and Ye Tian's words yesterday, she grew more anxious about her parents' health.
So, she finally told him the address.


After that, Mu Xiao quickly rushed home, telling her parents that her friend had given her a coupon for a free full-body check-up at No.
1 Hospital.


Thankfully, Li Shan and she agreed on this so that her parents wouldn't be overly concerned about it.


At first, the two elders didn't want to waste their time doing any check-ups, but Mu Xiao persuaded them repeatedly, and they finally agreed.


The three of them waited together at the intersection for the car to come.


Less than half an hour later.


A black car slowed down in front of the three of them, and a middle-aged man hurriedly got out of the car and greeted them with a smile. 


“You're Mu Xiao, right? I'm the director of the Multi-Specialty Hospital.
I happened to be in the neighborhood earlier, so I came to pick you up.”


(T/N: *lol***… Mu Xiao blinked in surprise and then muttered under her breath, “Talk about perfect timing – I was just about to call an Uber!”)


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