e top families in Yun City.
Nevertheless, her mother's position in the family wasn't high.


If not, her mother would have been married into one of several prominent families instead of her father.


The Tang family has gradually grown stronger in recent years, especially in the past year.


Consequently, the Bai family began treating her and her mother as an honor.


In just one year, they grew closer than they had been combined in the past twenty years.


Because of this, she agreed with her mother early in the morning.


However, when she had just met her mother, she was told not to be impulsive today, despite whatever happened. 


“I don't think they'll be like this, will they? We've been on good terms for the last year.
Even if we've offended the Ye family, why will they mistreat us? We’re family aren’t we?” Tang Ruoyu exclaimed.


Tang Ruoyu refused to believe that her own mother's family would betray them.


Even though she said that she knew that the interests of the prominent families were the highest priority.
Nevertheless, her mother was born into the Bai family, so why would they make trouble for us instead of helping? It would seem a bit overboard if they did that, wouldn't it?


Despite Tang Ruoyu's words, Bai Feng didn't respond as she was familiar with the current circumstances of the Tang family. 


Unless Elder Ye spoke up and said that yesterday's incident was a misunderstanding or Ye Tian came out to clarify the matter, not to mention the Bai family, it would be impossible for them to have a good time in the Tang family.


-10:00 AM


The driver pulled up slowly in front of the Bai family's mansion.


Although it was still early, the front of the Bai family was already bustling, with many people coming early to show their goodwill.


After getting out of the car, Tang Ruoyu saw her cousin from afar, and a smile appeared.


Although her mother said she might fall into trouble, she ignored it and went straight to her cousin.


Her cousin was the closest person to her in the Bai family.


Anyway, she wouldn't stay here for long and leave as soon as she finished her noon meal.


After all, she had to go to Ye Tian in the afternoon to ask if the agreement was satisfactory, so even if she wanted to stay here longer, she couldn't.


“Cousin, I'm here.
What are you doing?”


Tang Ruoyu walked quickly toward her cousin.


But surprisingly, her cousin, who was still full of smiles, instantly changed her face and looked at her coldly.


“Who told you to come? Hurry up and go back to the Tang family.
You aren’t welcome in our Bai family anymore!” Tang Ruoyu's cousin shouted at her.



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