After about an hour, Ye Tian arrived at the Tang Family Mansion.

Even though the Tang family in Yun City was much less powerful than the Ye family in Yan City, the size of their estate was far more extensive.

Yet, this wasn’t surprising.

Not to mention that, except for the Ye family and a few other top families, most people couldn’t afford to buy a mansion in Yan City.

In addition to the price, the houses represented status and position, so if one didn’t meet the criteria, even if they had more money, they wouldn’t be able to purchase one.

“Y-young Master Ye, what brings you here… Please come, I’ll go and inform Master Tang!”

While Ye Tian surveyed the mansion, the butler, who was busy with his work, opened the gate and greeted him respectfully. 

After that, he swiftly rushed inside.

Seeing this, Ye Tian didn’t stop him.

Alone, he slowly strolled towards the inside of the mansion and sat down in a chair, waiting for the Tang family members to arrive.

Apparently, the Tang family didn’t want Ye Tain to wait for too long.

As Ye Tian leaned his back on the chair, Master Tang, the current Tang family patriarch, was already walking over toward him.

Behind him were the Tang family members, including Tang Ruoyu’s uncle and aunt.

…Almost everyone was among them.
Only Tang Ruoyu’s parents were missing and nowhere to be seen.

Needless to say, Ye Tian knew where they were now!


When Elder Tang reached Ye Tian, he kneeled directly before him without saying a word.

In his heart, he still hoped to save the Tang family’s future through this act.

Earlier, Elder Tang had already instructed, so when everyone saw him kneel, they followed suit.

Even the butler was no exception.

“You all know what the Bai family did, right?” Ye Tian asked with a smile.

Meanwhile, he wasn’t in a hurry to let them get up.

After all, in the novel, apart from Tang Ruoyu, almost everyone else in the Tang family was greedy.

Thus, Ye Tian didn’t intend to befriend people like this.

But not befriending them didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be using them.

“Young Master Ye, I didn’t learn about this news until very recently.
If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have let those bastards go.”

“Don’t worry, Young Master Ye, I have already sent someone to the Bai family to find them.
They should be back shortly and will be at Young Master Ye’s disposal.”


Seeing that they were on the same page, Ye Tian didn’t beat around the bush.
He directly explained why he came to visit them at the moment.

Ye Tian sighed indifferently, “I will leave it up to you, but I will give you a chance to reveal how selfish and self-centred they really are so that I can help Ruoyu.”

Well, this was the main reason he came here today.

It was true that Tang Ruoyu was now close to him, but her parents had already fled to the Lin family.
This would inevitably damage their relationship in the future.

Despite not being concerned about this, he didn’t want to be proactive in defending himself.

Rather than waiting for others to come looking for a fight, it would be better if he struck first and dealt with this issue forever!

In one way, Lin Teng was indeed correct; in terms of distance, Jiangbei City was closer to Yun City than Yan City.

However, that was all he had thought about.

In the end, Jiangbei City was still Jiangbei City.
Therefore, even though the Ye family was supposedly more powerful, if they collided, they would pay some price.
Nevertheless, the Lin family would be wiped out!

“By the way, I’ve already spoken to my old man.
I’ve resolved the issue between you and the Ye family.
If this matter is handled correctly, then as long as the Ye family does not fall, the Tang family will not decline!”

“Thank you, Young Master Ye, for your kindness.
Don’t worry, it will only take a week at most… No… Just three days and I guarantee that you will see the true face of those despicable bastards! We won’t let Xiao Yu be deceived by them!”

All of them were relieved to know that Ye Tian was willing to let the Tang family go!

Especially the words that followed, ‘As long as the Ye family does not fall, the Tang family will not decline,’ made them all look even more excited, and they couldn’t wait to capture and torture Tang Ruoyu’s parents right now.

After all, Tang Ruoyu was ignorant of the previous incident.

Even though everyone was upset, they were all a family, so internal conflict was definitely not an option.

However, who would have thought that when everyone in the Tang family was terrified, the couple directly took Tang Ruoyu and left, completely ignoring the Tang family’s calamity?

They were such shameless people.
Even if Ye Tian didn’t speak up now, they would not let them go quickly.

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