Aadhish pov,

In rage, I storm out of the administrative office and entered into the elevator and pressed top floor to go to bulldozer office. She ruined my life. She has entirely ruined my happy life. I never felt this much wrath for anything or anyone before marrying her, but now it seems like there is nothing left in my life except anger. As soon as, the elevator reached the top floor, I got out the elevator and walked towards her office regardless of her P. A Kannan. Truth be told, he is her close friend, and he is the one who accomplice to all her misdeed. I despise him. I dislike their closeness and friendliness. I detest everything which revolves around her.

I step inside her office and shouted her name who was doing something seriously in her laptop. She looked at me as if she had nothing to do with her misdeed. I got more furious when I saw her fake innocent look. In fury, I smacked my hand in her office desk and asked her in dangerous tone,

” SHRAVYA. Isn it disgusting for you to behave like this ??.. Ugh!!.. Do you know what I wish to do now while seeing your irritable face ??.. I just wish to hit you to the point until your cheek swollen up. But I don do it. Because I was not like you, who will find happiness in others pain. ”

She smiled sarcastically and get up from her chair and came near me and told me with an evil smile,

” Its okay, Ratan. Hit me. At least today, I will get a chance to feel your touch. ”

While hearing her words, I moved away from her with a disgust and asked her unbelievably,

”Chaa!!.. Are you that much desperate for mans touch ??. ”

She laughed mockingly and told me with a sneering smile,

”You will never understand what I mean. Uhm!!.. Anyway, leave it, Ratan. May I know the reason for your sudden burst out ?? ”

”I agree Shravya. You are a great businesswoman, but don show your business mind to me. Don you know the reason I came here ??. ” I told and asked her in a scornful tone.

She looked at me as she thought about for something for a while. After giving me dominance smile, she turned and walk towards her chair and sat in it and told me in a sharp tone,

”Ratan, Really I don know what you are talking about??. Tell me the reason if you want. Otherwise, I implore you to leave my office now. ”

How dare she be ??. She implicitly orders me to leave her office… Bulldozer. One day, I will show you who Im. Wait for that day, panda. I looked at her with zeal and asked her in a firm tone,

” Why did you fire getha ?? ”

She gave me ”puzzle look ” and asked me in serious tone

”Who is getha?? ”

I clenched my fist to control my anger and glared at her with resentment. She gave me an ironic smile without minding my burning stare and told me sarcastically,

”Ahha. Yup!!.. I got it now… Getha.. Newly joined girl from administrative office. Yes, I fired her. Why are you getting angry with me for her ??.. Do you like her that much ??.. Did I sever your relationship ??. ”

I stormed towards her angrily and rotated her chair in my direction and placed my hands on chair handrails both side of her and looked at her with irritation and told her in a strict tone,

”MIND YOUR WORDS, SHRAVYA. Do not say anything stupidly in order to say something. Think before you speak or do something. You fired plenty of women for a reason that they talked to me. So far, I have not asked you anything about it. Because they all belong to a rich family. But getha belongs to a poor family. She is like a sister to me. She came here to work for her family. Its okay if you do not understand her pain and anxiety, but do not make fun of it.. I don know what you think of me. Just stick one thing deeply in your mind and heart. Im not a cheater. Even if I have not slept with you, I will not go looking for someone else for it. So stop this behavior of yours. I have become your husband because of your intrigue. Even if you married me by your trick. For me, Marriage is a lifetime thing, and it should happen only once. Its my firm decision. So, you don have to make any other plans with the thinking that I will leave you for another woman. I will be only your husband until my last breath. ”

I shift my glance to her lips from her eyes. Why her lips are looking so tempting??.. Why Im having the feeling to kiss her ??.. Whats happening to me ??..

”Nothing Aadhish. Don think too sharply about it. Its just a kiss. She is your wife. Whats wrong in kissing your wife ??. ” my heart encouraged me.

Yes.. She is my wife. I have all rights to kiss her. I looked at her facial expression with amazement. She gulped her saliva and clutched her saree pallu in her hands tightly and looked at me with fear. Her forehead was begun to shred the sweat and her lips dried in nervousness. She licked her lips and looked at me with some kind of expression. The expression on her face showed that she was in the verge of crying. Will someone cry due to nervousness ??.. But somehow I liked it. The great businesswoman Mrs.Shravya Aadhish Ratan is getting tense due to my sensual look and closeness. I like to see her nervousness. It shows that my closeness affects her. I moved my face towards hers.

”NOO AADHISH. Don do it. Its wrong. Did you forget all her misdeed ??. You should hate her. You should feel disgust towards her. ” my mind reminded me.

Yes !!.. I hate her. I despise her. I don want her in my life. I moved away from her and walk out of her office.

Many thoughts are haunted me while Im working in the office. Why did I have such a feeling over her ??. Unbeknownst to me, I had begun to forgive her mistakes !!.. Did I accept her as my wife ??. No !! . It won happen. I just hate her. Because of her closeness, I just lost a bit of my control without realizing it . Today was the first time I saw her face so close to me. From today onwards, I have to be so far away from her. Otherwise, she will make me to fall in her trap.. Bulldozer… None of yours plans going to work out on me again.

In evening, I went to gym after the work. Its my daily routine. Since I work as a security manager, it is my duty to keep my body fit. I left the gym with the determination that not to think about her again.

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