o threaten me? Oh, do it, do it.
I wonder what you are going to do.”


Seora looked at Park Jinyoung, who seemed like he wanted to rush at her at any moment, and frankly stroked the mace that was placed on the table.


“I wonder what the S-class weapon that the president gave me feels like.”


It was hard enough not to salivated because she couldn’t taste it, but Seora managed to keep her composure and held the mace in her arms as if holding a baby.
Park Jinyong’s face turned blue in an instant.


“S-class? That’s an S-class weapon?”


“You are an A-class Hunter, but you don’t recognize an S-class weapon? This kind of things have also circulated on the Interner a lot… When you become a leader of a large guild’s raid, you should know these things in advance.”


It wasn’t a sarcastic remark.
It was a voice that came out of genuine pity.


An A-class Hunter who didn’t know what C-class Jung Taesuk noticed as soon as he saw it.
Oh my gosh.
I could really tell what kind of person Park Jinyong is.


“Then take this opportunity to take a good look at it..
After all, it’s all thanks to you that I got this, so I’ll give you a look.”


Even she thought it was silly.


I’m sure my bright smile and all the sarcastic and condescending words were annoying him.


[Administrator: (* ´ ∀`)b°]


Look at that.
Our administrator compliments us for doing a good job. Seora was so proud of herself that she shrugged her shoulders.


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Just looking at it makes my heart feel full.
Thanks to you, I got an S-class weapon.
I won’t be able to do this without you, that’s why I’m very grateful.”


You don’t have this in your inventory, do you?


He couldn’t kill Do Junyoung after being beaten so heavily.
His guild leader was furious.
And even the F-class, whom he looked down upon, bragged about having an S-class weapon thanks to him.


Park Jinyong’s face turned red as if it was about to explode.


Oh, this is kind of refreshing.


“Try it again.
I don’t think you know this, but self-defense is recognized even for civil servants, so I have nothing to fear from you anymore.”




“Of course, if that happens one more time, then you will really die.”


Seora, who was stroking the mace playfully, turned to Park Jinyong.
Unlike her youthful face, her black eyes that contained Park Jinyong were frozen cold.


“Apologize, won’t you?”


It was just that.


Her eyes didn’t smile.


But now, Park Jinyong couldn’t figure out why he was feeling pressured.


She’s only an F-class.
She’s nothing.
She’s the one who dared to humiliate him…


Park Jin-yong became so stiff that he was surprised for a moment.


“I-I won’t do it! Shit! Why would I do that?!”


Suddenly realizing that, he shouted.



“In the first place, this happened because you made fun of me! What did i do wrong!? It wasn’t my fault that the gate was closed! It’s you, not me, who should kneel!”


As if he was displeased that he was dazed for a moment, his face as he pointed at Seora was severely distorted.


In that pitiful travesty, Seora snorted.


“You didn’t do anything wrong? It’s my fault? It seems that you don’t regret throwing people into a dungeon at all.”


She had already expected that he would not apologize, but she never expected that he would come out so proudly.
It was a waste of time to say more.


“Then, today’s meeting should end here.
I’ll see you again later with Clear Blue Guild’s leader.”


She waved her hands as she issued the order.
As if confirming that she was an employer and he was the employee.


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His face grew even redder, but there was nothing he could do about it.
If even the table is broken, it will come to the ears of Clear Blue Guild’s leader.


“The association won’t be able to support you forever.”


In the end, all that was left was cheap threats.


When Park Jinyong’s gaze turned to the mace for a moment, Seora almost burst out laughing. It seems like he wants to come quietly to me, hit the back of my head, and take away this precious weapon…


‘You must do it.
That’s the moment I have been waiting for.’


Seora, who twisted her lips openly, flicked her fingers lightly at Park Jinyong.




In the end, Park Jinyong shut the door so violently that the whole building shook and left.


“How ignorant.
What the hell did the leader of Clear Blue Guild see in that guy to make him the leader of a raid? How suspicious.”


[Administrator: (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))))]


Then the administrator’s emoticon appeared popped up.
It looked quite excited, enough to laugh.


“Administrator-nim, aren’t you enjoying this too much?”


Seora looked at her finger. This neatly outstretched finger can now be called a weapon without holding a weapon.


Then the question was.


“Park Jinyong, when will that dull man find out about the scar on his face?”


At the last moment, I had lightly blasted magic towards Park Jinyong.


I’m curious to see how different my skills have become.




Park Jinyong, who had left the association, headed to Clear Blue Guild headquarters.


The surveillance of civil servants belonging to the association was annoying, but he could not defeat those ordered by the association’s president herself.


They’re making such a fuss just for touching a piece of trash!


Park Jinyong glared fiercely at the civil servants.
He had no intention of letting them hanging around, so he was just going to go back to his dorm and stay calm.


But he encountered an unexpected situation. Han Suwon’s secretary, who had been waiting, took him straight to the guild leader’s office.


Park Jinyong broke out in a cold sweat.
He was more afraid of the expressionless face of Han Suwon sitting at his desk than the officials who were making sure he would not escape.


“Did you apologize properly?”


Park Jinyong’s, who was clasping his hands at the cold voice, shoulder trembled.

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