slight anger on Do Junyoung’s face.


“Does Clear Blue Guild’s leader believe that?”


“That person has always been neutral.
But he’s not the kind of person who can trust Park Jinyong’s words without meeting you first.”


“Uh, even if that person is his guild member?”


“Even if they’re a guild member.
Rather, he tend to apply stricter standards to guild members.”


Oh, that was another surprise. I thought he was in the same category because he had Park Jinyong.


“Why on earth did such a person appoint a guy like Park Jinyong as the leader of a raid?”


“Even if he has a bad personality, he has the skills.
It is impossible to neglect someone who has never had a major accident like this one.”


Oh, indeed.
It was the right decision as a guild leader.


“Tomorrow, Clear Blue Guild’s leader and Park Jinyong will come to the association.
Yoon Seora, are you going to meet them?”


“Yes, of course.”


I was very curious about how much Park Jinyong, who was so arrogant to me, would bend in front of the powerful people of the association.
It would be pretty good to laugh at such a view.


“When we meet tomorrow, cuss at him until you feel better.
Even though I don’t think that’s enough.”


Seora eventually burst into laughter.
But the moment she heard the next words, Seora’s laughter stopped immediately.


“Still, Park Jinyong and Clear Blue Guild’s leader banging their head on the floor, that will be worth seeing.”

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Yes? Wait, no, what are you—


“Really? Even Clear Blue Guild’s leader—”


“Of course.
Isn’t that a good thing?”


As Do Junyoung’s clenched his fists tightly and a fearsome energy spread, Seora closed her mouth.


I see.
Song Hanna and Do Junyoung are all serious.
These are the people who can beat even Clear Blue Guild’s leader, the one they called the king of magic.


You scary S-classes guys.


“He didn’t do anything wrong, so you don’t have to do that.
Of course, if it’s someone like Park Jinyong, perhaps— Uh, you won’t do it, right?”


Do Junyoung still looked very creepy, but he didn’t lie about this.


I personally don’t hate him that much.”


Do Junyoung’s words sounded sincere, so Seora decided to believe him.



‘Other S-classes will be disappointed.
Like Sunset Guild’s leader.’


Seora remembered Eun Injae, the leader of the Sunset Guild, who was singing all the time to make Han Suwon bang his head on the floor in the S-class community.
She wondered how bad their relationship was.


Of course, I don’t want to see it in person.


It was hard enough just to get involved with Clear Blue Guild’s leader.
This was more than enough.




However, it was only today that Seora realized that not everything in the world goes her way.


On the day that Clear Blue Guild’s leader and Park Jinyong finally decided to come to the association.


There were two people who visited this place before that.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the association!”


“I think it gets better every time I come here.
You can’t even compare it to our headquarters.
Hey, can’t we just swap headquarters?”


“You should go and tell the president of the association about that.
What is there that she can’t do without permission? The state will be the one to back down.”


“This is like saying no in a twist.
There’s no way that greedy person would allow it.”


One tall woman in a short skirt wearing something like a robe, and one short woman looking around in a hurry.


The two people who were bickering were very familiar with the association.


It was because they were the leaders of Sunset Guild and Guardian Spirit Guild.


Standing in the association’s office, which was in a commotion at the sudden appearance of the big names, Seora quietly held her head.


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‘Did they really come to see Han Suwon’s head getting hit? No, I won’t hit him.
I won’t!”


No matter how heavy your hatred is, how could you really come?!


I’ve seen it personally in the S-class dedicated community, but these guys really aren’t normal crazy.


[Administrator: ∠( ᐛ ”∠)_ ]


And the annoying administrator was stocking up on popcorn.


But Seora couldn’t say a word to him, and only wept inwardly and cried at him.


‘Blessing! Blessing!’


Now is the moment when I need your blessing more than ever.


“Hey, Director Do!”


Do Junyoung, who came out after hearing about the situation, made an expression that could not be described in words when he saw the two people waving brightly at him.


Seora, who was watching from a distance, felt really sorry for him.


“I told you not to come.”


His face was full of sorrow as he spoke.


“There is such an exciting spectacle, how can I not come? I’ve been bored lately, so I’m glad!”


“Go home now.
What you two want is not going to happen.”


Eun Injae, the leader of Sunset Guild, lowered her eyes.


“What? Why!? You have done such a great thing!”


“No matter what, I won’t do it.
Don’t make things complicated and go home.”


“I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna! Soo-eun wants to see it!”


Yoo Soo-eun, the leader of the Guardian Spirit Guild, who had been listening to the conversation between the two, began to act with words.
It was the first time Seora saw Do Junyoung, who was always calm, put on such an openly disgusted expression.


But sadly for him, it was just more pleasing to those two crazy people.


“Injae doesn’t wanna either! Injae wants to see it too!”


“Soo-eun wants to see it!”


“Injae won’t leave until you show it!”


“Soo-eun will stay right here!”


“… you guild leaders.”


In the end, feeling wretched, Do Junyoung held his face and shook his head.


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