His pale hand grabbed the air and made a gesture of tearing something apart.
The blue wolf pattern brooch that proudly hung on Park Ji-yong’s chest was torn off and settled in Han Suwon’s hand.
He would never have that brooch ever again.

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“I will claim compensation for damage to the image of the guild, so you’d better keep your money well and not spend it unnecessarily.”


As Han Suwon swung his hand, Park Jinyong’s massive body slammed against the wall with a Kwang! once and fell to the floor.
Perhaps a significant shock had been delivered to the back of his head, as he was lying on the floor without being able to move, just wriggling.


Putting the brooch in his inner pocket and taking his hand off, Han Suwon bowed his head politely towards Yoon Seora.


“I’m really sorry for making a big mistake.”


Unlike Park Jinyong, who was half stunned, his attitude was very polite.


“D-Don’t worry about it.
I don’t think you’re the one who should apologize to me.
But, uh, is he not dead…?”


“Even if he rots, he won’t die with only this much because he’s an A-class.
They’re hard to die.
There are more than one punishment to be received in the future.”




“And a certain amount of shock is fine.
Don’t worry, Guild Leader Yoo Soo-eun is here.”


Guardian Spirit Guild’s leader, Yoo Soo-eun, was the only S-class Healer in Korea.
Did Han Suwon throw Park Jinyong away with that in mind?


‘Well, I can’t help but feel sorry for him.’


Park Jinyong’s actions angered Song Hanna and Do Junyoung, and he had to bow to her in the name of guild leader with other S-clases watching the scene.


His pride must have been hurt so bad that he wanted to tear Park Jinyong alive and kill him right away.


[Administrator: ヽ(*´∀`)////]


Perhaps it liked the appearance of Park Jinyong, who was thrown on the floor and trembling.
The administrator smiled broadly and asked me for a high-five.
After looking around for a moment, Seora gently reached out and touched the emoticon.


[Administrator: ヽ(*´∀`)人(´∀`*)ノ]


It was a bright look that didn’t fit the real situation.


“Is that all you have to say?”


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Song Hanna, who had been watching all along, asked Han Suwon coldly.
Han Suwon nodded nervously.


“Then, I will punish Park Jinyong in the name of the association now.”


Except for Park Jinyong, who had already passed out, the three people listened to her seriously.


Non-Awakened people were judged by the law in a general court, but all Awakened people were punished through the association in accordance with the Awakened Punishment Act.


“According to the Awakened Punishment Act, Park Jinyong, the A-class Hunter who committed acts of obstructing the execution of official duties and injuring public officials, is sentenced to a fine of 300 million won and ordered to receive 720 hours of re-education related to the Awakened.
Also, his Hunter’s license will be revoked for 5 years.”


While saying that, Song Hanna clicked her tongue as if she was still not satisfied.


Seora understood.
It was difficult to impose more than the crime of injury because she had not been injured anywhere, and she returned safely with all her limbs intact.
It wasn’t like Park Jinyong intended to close the gate, it just happened by accident.


Seora smiled brightly at Song Hanna, knowing that this level of punishment was her best.


From Song Hanna’s clenched fists, she heard the shrill sound of bones breaking apart.


“… and since he has not repented of his sins, the association will monitor him for three years and impose a restraining order on Yoon Seora for 10 years.”


Song Hanna’s angry voice stopped at the end.
Seora didn’t smile, only her hand gently moved.


“Even if he regains his Hunter license, he will not be able to return to any guild.
There is no big place to use a person who has committed such a thing and was expelled from Clear Blue.”


Han Suwon was right.
It was no exaggeration to say that Park Jinyong’s life as a Hunter came to an end after this moment.


When he came out of jail, maybe Song Hanna, or a certain older brother who couldn’t sleep because he was worried about his younger sister, wouldn’t let him alone.


“Thank you.”


Seora expressed her gratitude to those who had gathered there because of her.
Song Hanna and Do Junyoung sighed in turn, and Han Suwon quietly called her.


“Yoon Seora-ssi.”


“Ah, yes.”


“If you ever need my help, feel free to contact me.
I will help with anything in exchange for an apology.”


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Whoops. Seora’s eyes widened when she saw the thing he was sticking out.
The blue business card with the wolf crest was engraved with Han Suwon’s direct phone number.


“Th-This precious thing… for me…”


“Just don’t leak it to other people.”


“Th-Thank you.”


Oh my gosh.
A secret business card to use a domestic magic Hunter! Is this what it feels like to hold a black card in your hand?


The unpleasant feeling because of Park Jinyong was completely washed away.
Seo-ra smiled inwardly, holding the business card.


“Aigoo, why do you like that kind of thing? Gosh.”


Song Hanna’s sigh was heard next to her, but Seora pretended not to know.




Park Jinyong, who fainted, had been taken away and Seora had also gone back to the office, leaving only the three S-classes.


Song Hanna punched Han Suwon’s face without hesitation.


“That’s the price for daring to intrude on my territory.
I know you’ve dealt with it on your own and you’ve done a great job.”


“Thank you.”


Han Suwon quietly wiped the blood dripping from between his lips.


His ice-white skin quickly swelled blue, but he didn’t fall back and he didn’t faint.
Knowing that Song Hanna was very considerate, Han Suwon silently bowed his head.


“Take care of your kids.
Everything that belongs to the association belongs to me, and I never let anything that touches my territory go unnoticed.”


“I will be careful not to let this happen again.”


Song Hanna bit a cigarette.
As she exhaled an irritated breath, gray smoke quickly filled the office.


“Hunter Yoon Seora looked very weak.”


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Han Suwon was the first to speak in the silence.


“So what? Did you think she would have re-Awakened after meeting an Entity in the dungeon?”


In fact, it wasn’t impossible at all.


Some people got stronger step by step as they trained, and while the possibility was slim, there were others who literally got a boost and suddenly rose to a higher level.


However, it seemed that no such luck was given to Yoon Seora.


Including the two uninvited guests, she was seen by a total of five S-classes, but in everyone’s eyes, Yoon Seora still looked as fragile as a baby bird.


“She can’t fool five people.
Unless she has a contract with a top-level Entity.”


At Han Suwon’s words, Song Hanna’s gaze turned to the air for a moment.
The Entity, the Entity…


“What’s wrong? What does your Entity say?”


An S-class could see almost any information, but it was still incomparable to the eyes of the higher being called the Entities.
Top-level Entities would also whisper secrets that their contractors wouldn’t have known.


“No, nothing at all.”


However, Han Suwon’s Entity, who had quite excellent ability, hadn’t said anything even when it saw Yoon Seora.


“The same goes for my Entity.”


A look of surprise passed by Han Suwon’s eyes.


Song Hanna was the only person out of the three who signed a contract with the highest level Entity.
If even the strongest Entity in the world didn’t say much, Yoon Seora was really an ordinary F-class.


“She was really lucky to get out of the dungeon.
Park Jinyong had a scar on his face that he didn’t even know about, so I was wondering.”


“A scar?”


It was the day he met Hunter Yoon Seora by himself.
He had a pretty deep wound, but he didn’t know about it.
So I was wondering if there was something weird about the wound.”


However, there seemed to be nothing special about Yoon Seora, who he actually saw, other than that she was quite confident even at her young age.

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“I must have been mistaken.”


“Yoon Seora has just been through something big.
The trauma hasn’t healed yet, so stop your curiosity.”


Do Junyoung, who had been silent the whole time, intervened for the first time.
Han Suwon quietly nodded his head at the harsh words.


It was a fact he knew well that Do Junyoung takes care of his subordinates as well as Song Hanna.


“I’m truly sorry for what happened.
I’m sorry to trouble you.”


“Park Jinyong has been cut off, and Han Suwon has also paid for his sins, so let’s end this here.
Got it?”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“All right.”


When Do Junyoung and Han Suwon answered, Song Hanna’s face, which had been hardened, was finally relieved.
As the heavy energy which had been pressing on their shoulders unknowingly was released, the two breathed a small sigh of relief.


Song Hanna rubbed her cigarette into the ashtray and burst into laughter as if she had just remembered.


“Come to think of it.
Yoo Soo-eun and Eun Injae came all the way here.
They must be very happy to see Suwon bowing.”


After just a brief moment of relief, Han Suwon’s face hardened at once.


“They’ll be even more excited to see you swollen cheeks.
I’m sorry.
What should I do?”


“… I don’t care.
This is the price for my sins.”


As he said so, his handsome face was full of displeasure.
Song Hanna giggled.


“They haven’t gone yet, have they? It’s rare for five S-classes to gather together, so let’s have dinner together.
It’s on me.”



Han Suwon and Do Junyoung looked at Song Hanna with faces full of rejection.
But the dictator was a person who would not listen to the rejection of others.


“What do you want to eat? I’ll let you choose the menu.”


The faces of the two of them suddenly became pale.
They looked as if they had aged 30 years old.

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