It was a man.

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Young, quite tall, sculpturally handsome, and for some reason very angry.


Seora’s face hardened for a moment.


‘What? Why did our eyes meet? Did he recognize me? But that couldn’t be.’


How could he see her when their distance was so far from each other and she was in hiding? Could it be that the man was such a strong person she couldn’t hide from?


No, it can’t be.
Because of my job as a civil servant, I’ve memorized all the personal information of the strong people. Seora was sure she had never seen such a person,


‘Oh, right.
I’m still wearing a gas mask, right?’


The situation was urgent, so she couldn’t take it off even after she came out of the dungeon.
Thanks to this, even if a hidden Entity saw her, they wouldn’t be able to recognize her covered face.


Still, she decided to leave right away, just in case.


She jumped high into the air at the same time as she activated the Haste skill.


She had to go back before the S-classes arrived at the association.




The faces of the raid party members were seriously stiff when they came out after clearing all the remaining snakes and nest eggs.


However, it was not comparable to the view in front of the gate.


“What the hell is this—”


Kang Hanseo was speechless.
Likewise, Yoo Soo-eun, whose eyes were wide open, clicked her tongue in amazement.


“It was shocking enough that the Monster evolved into a Beast, but I never thought that its head would explode before we could deal with it.”


“H-How many people can burst a Boss Beast’s head like this?”


“It should be only possible if you’re the president of the association or Joo Eun-ssi here… This is a problem because it’s done by none of them.”


They had always been with Joo Eun, and Song Hanna couldn’t have been here.
So who the hell blew the Boss Monster’s head off?


“It seems that someone killed it off in one go.”


As a Ranger, Joo Eun, who was good at reconnaissance and search, quickly identified the corpse just by looking at it once.


Everyone’s faces darkened.


Song Hanna and Joo Eun also had skills that were one of the best in Korea, but it was still impossible for them to subdue a Level 2 Boss Monster in a short time.


“Did everyone see the message when the Boss Beast died?”


[The boss of the Level 2 dungeon ‘Cradle of the Harpoon Snake’ has died!]


[Top Contributor: Anonymous (S-class)]


An anonymous S-class Hunter.
Every S-class knew each other, so what’s the deal with this person hiding their identity?


“There’s someone.
There is one person we don’t know about.
An S-class who went abroad almost immediately after they awakened.”


“They couldn’t have come to Korea without an emergency.
The commander of the mercenary corps who is holding him is not that kind of person.”


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“Isn’t a Level 2 dungeon urgent enough?”


“They couldn’t have arrived so quickly.”


The talk had returned to the starting point.


“Ah! Y-You guys are finally here!”


Jung Taesuk and Shin Jaemin ran towards the S-classes, who were looking at the corpse with serious faces.
They had also fought against the Beast, and scars were left all over their bodies.


“What happened after we entered? Who killed this beast?”


“That, we don’t know.”


Do Junyoung asked urgently, but both of them shook their heads with puzzled faces.


“It was a skill I’ve never seen before.
There was a red cube wrapped around the beast’s head and it just popped.
It was a terrible sight.
Even more than the skill of the president.”


Song Hanna’s, the president of the association, ability was psychokinesis.
She was someone who preferred to smash and explode her enemies as much as she wanted, and this ‘Anonymous’’s ability was more terrifying than that.


“All I could say was that they were overpowered.
Maybe that person could change the rankings of S-classes.”


Jung Taesuk looked at Joo Eun’s eyes and expressed his opinion.
Joo Eun had an interested look on his face.


“Please secure all CCTVs in this area.
Whether that person is unregistered or reawakened, we need to find out.”


“No, give it up.
The cameras won’t be able to find anything.”


At that moment, a cold voice covered them like pouring cold water.
At the same time, the faces of the S-classes who were looking at the Beast’s body turned pale.


“What’s this? Crazy.”




Yoo Soo-eun swore, and Kang Hanseo turned pale.
Do Junyoung and Joo Eun’s faces also hardened.


The eyes of the four S-classes gathered in one place.


A very handsome man was approaching slowly.


The dark iris, which was so dark that it was indistinguishable from the black hair and pupils, was not burdensome, but was shining even more on the man’s beauty.


If it was usual Yoo Soo-eun, she would have been happy to see such a rare handsome man, but now she was staring at him with daggers in her eyes.


An unusual momentum was emanating from the man.


This energy overwhelming the surroundings was covering all the S-classes who had just fought the battle.
They were all quick to notice because they were more alert than usual.


Ah, this guy had a lot more power than anyone they had ever seen.


More than Song Hanna, who had been protecting Korea for a long time.


“What’s with you!?”


Yoo Soo-eun, who couldn’t stand the strange feeling of being weighed down by power, shouted.


“Guild Leader Yoo Soo-eun, calm down.”


Then Joo Eun stepped forward to stop her.

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“… Excuse me.
We’re a bit sensitive right after the battle, so I hope you’ll understand.”


Contrary to his stiff face, his tone of seeking understanding was polite. As if he was honoring the strong.


Joo Eun reached out to him.


“I’m Joo Eun, who leads Eternal Guild.
May I ask you name, if possible?”


The man’s gaze turned to the hand.
A rough hand with a bow and calluses.
For some reason, the man’s eyes looking at it seemed to sink a little.
Like sadness or longing.


“Kang Sejun.
It seems that all S-classes felt it anyway, so let’s not waste time and get straight to the point.”




“It was a woman who dealt with the Beast.
She was hiding with L-class equipment, so she probably wouldn’t have been caught on CCTV.
It’s no use looking.”


“It wasn’t you who killed it?”


Yoo Soo-eun’s eyes turned fierce all at once.
If it was a guy with power enough to make her skin sting just by meeting him, she could understand if he was the one who killed the boss with a single hit.


Therefore, wouldn’t anyone be suspicious when he said it was a woman who had done it, and not himself?


“Are you not just trying to make an excuse for yourself?”


“Why would I do such a nuisance? When you can just ask the people who will recognize my power just by looking at it?”


Yoo Soo-eun closed her mouth with an annoyed face.
Joo Eun, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, interrupted again.


“Did you not see her face?”


“She was wearing a gas mask.
And I’d like to ask you.
She’s definitely come out of the gate after the Boss Beast.
And yet you know nothing?”


At the man’s words, the four S-classes’ faces hardened again.
Do Junyoung looked at Taesuk in a hurry.


“Did anyone else approach the gate after we got in?”


“Huh? Oh, no.
I never saw…”


“She was hiding with L-class equipment.
She was wearing a Regeneration Jacket.
How could a person who’s not even an S-class realize?”


Regeneration Jacket.


The price was high and the production conditions were difficult, so it was a piece of equipment that very few people in the world have.
They couldn’t believe the person wearing it…


“Since she got out of the gate, I showed up because I thought you guys’d know.
If I knew this would happen, I’d just look it up by myself.”


The man clicked his tongue as if it was annoying.
In response, Do Junyoung stepped forward.


“I’m Do Junyoung, the director of the management office of the Korea Awakened Management Association.
Excuse me, but are you an Awakened who is officially registered with the association?”


“See? I knew it would be this much trouble.”


Kang Sejun grumbled, but just like when he saw Joo Eun, a faint welcome flashed through his eyes again.


I was an A-class at the time.”


“Then I would ask you to re-measure your grade.”


It was an affirmation that current Kang Sejun would never be an A-class.
He nodded his head.

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“I’m going now.”


“General Chief Shin Jaemin and Section Chief Jung Taesuk, please clean up this place.
I will report to the president of the association.
Let’s go.”



Do Junyoung took the lead first, and Kang Sejun followed.
It wasn’t just the two of them.
The other three S-class followed suit as if it was natural.


Do Junyoung frowned.


“The three of you, please go back.
Or deal with the reporters who are waiting.”


“Gyeongdo! You do the interview! I’m going to the association!”


However, Yoo Soo-eun said Don’t say nonsense, and handed over the work to the deputy guild leader.


“I’m full of questions about what kind of guy he is, whether he really killed the boss without us knowing, and what his real grade is.
How can I go back like this? Hurry up and lead.
I need to see the remeasurements clearly with my own eyes.”


“To be honest, I want to follow along because I’m curious.”


Following Yoo Soo-eun, Kang Hanseo secretly raised his hand.
Do Junyoung, whose face was full of sighs, looked at Joo Eun with blank eyes.
However, he also betrayed Do Junyoung.


“Come on, let’s go.”


In the end, Do Junyoung had to go to the association with three luggage-like S-classes and a man whose identity was unknown.




“Oh, that was close.”


It was not until she arrived near the association that Seora took off her gas mask.
Maybe because she was nervous, she broke out in a cold sweat.


“More than that, Administrator-nim, shouldn’t you tell me earlier that there’d be a Level 2 Boss Beast?”


Seora looked at the air with resentment.
It was a relief that no more people were hurt, but with that much power, they would talk about it for a long time!


[Administrator: ( ‘⌣’)/(´._.`)]


“Do you think it will be over once you comfort me?”


[Administrator: (´._.`)]


Now it’s sullen.
It seems want to be comforted now.


“No, I’m not blaming you.
I just wish you could have mentioned a little bit, that’s it.”


Seora, who was soon weakened again, soothed it gently.


[Administrator: (*´∪`)]


It smiles prettily this time. As her fighting spirit disappeared, Seora burst into a smile.


After putting the jacket she was wearing into the inventory, tidying up her body, and going up to the office, Hanna Song was waiting.


“You’re here?”


The weapon is delivered through Eternal Guild’s leader.
How did it go? Did you get a call?”


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Seora asked with a nervous face pretending not to know anything.
Fortunately, Song Hanna shrugged and answered, as if she didn’t feel anything strange.


“The attack was over before you came.
The S-classes will return to the association soon.”


“What? What do you mean? It hasn’t been long since I’ve been there.
How can a raid on a Level 2 dungeon already—”


Somehow, as the days go by, only my acting skills seem to be improving.


[Administrator: ԅ( ิ ▽ ิ ԅ)]


Seora turned a blind eye from the administrator’s mischievous face.


It seems like I have to listen to the report of Director Do to find out.
Come to think of it, I heard he’s with an amazing guest.
I’m very curious about what kind of guest it is.”


However, even Seora could not help but be puzzled by this statement.


A guest? I ran away without looking back as soon as I killed the boss mob, and no one called “guest” had appeared until then.


“Did you see any strange people there?”


After delivering the weapon to the Eternal Guild’s leader, I left immediately.”


Song Hanna’s secretary, who was there next to her, informed.


“President, it seems that they have arrived.”


“Did you empty the measuring room?”


“Yes, ma’am.”


‘Measurement room? Isn’t that the place where you measure the Awakened’s level?’


Why did she suddenly ask to empty it? Could the guest be a new Awakened?


[Administrator: ( ‘⌣’)/(´._.`)]


At that time, Seora’s face hardened in the emoticon that returned.


That’s weird.
Now is not the time to comfort me, so why the hell?


‘What? What’s wrong with you? What happened to you suddenly comforting me? What’s going on?’


[Administrator: (;¬_¬)]


Oh my gosh. The administrator was avoiding his gaze.
Seora was really nervous.


A guest.
Who the hell is the guest coming with Do Junyoung, making even the administrator avoid me?


‘Should I go out right now?’


Seora looked around with a bewildered face, but it was already too late.
With a ding, the elevator door at the end of the office hallway opened.


Tap, tap. At the sound of approaching footsteps, Seora’s eyes turned to that direction.


‘This is crazy!’


And she saw.
The face of a certain man caught among the S-classes she was already familiar with!


Why the hell is the handsome man I saw in front of the Level 2 dungeon here!?

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