nnoying administrator was a bonus.


‘Go away! I’m mad at you right now, so don’t talk to me!’


[Administrator: ʘ̥_ʘ!!!!!]


[Administrator: 。゚・ (>⌓<) ・゚。]


It didn’t matter if the shocked administrator cried.
It was Seora who wanted to cry now.




L-class Awakened.


Their presence above the S-class was so special that they could upset the game of power around the world.


There were only nine L-Class left now, but their strength was enough to bring the country they belonged to to rise to the top of the world’s most powerful countries.


So, Korea, which was now welcoming the tenth L-Class Awakened, had finally risen to the ranks of the most powerful country.


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“There’s a flood of calls.
I really want to unplug the phone line.”


“They’re asking who the hell it is, and we need to know what to answer.
I’m going crazy, seriously.”


Thanks to this, the association was flooded with calls from all sides.
Newspapers, guilds, and even foreign companies were making mad phone calls when the news leaked.


However, the president of the association took the person involved with her, so they could not give a proper answer.


“Just give us some information.
Ahhh, can’t I just unplug the phone line until then…?”


“Where is the director?”


“He’s staying with the president.
It seems that there are also the S-classes who attacked the dungeon together earlier.”


Four S-classes, one A-class, plus one L-class… Is the president’s office going to be destroyed?”



At someone’s admiring murmuring, Seora sincerely wanted to correct it.


‘It’s not four S-classes, but five…’


It would be better not to know the truth.


“The community has completely turned upside down.
It’s no joke.”


Gong Haeyeon, who was watching the community next to her, spoke.
Seora was also curious, so she hurriedly logged in.


[Title: Crazy L-class appearance??? Is hell breaking loose in Joseon now?]


[Title: L-Class Awakened, where are you? Show yourself just one.]


[Title: Why don’t the associations answer the phone?;;; I’m so curious.]


“What a mess.”


Articles were continuously uploaded in real time.
The moment Seora was scrolling down the community page while clicking her tongue, her finger stopped at the word that caught her eye.


[Title: (Beware of disgusting pictures) Is the Level 2 dungeon boss the L-class Awakened doing?]


… Right.
Something like this happened before.


At the appearance of the returnee Awakened, Seora had forgotten that she had done a headshot to the head of the boss mob.


[Did you know that a boss mob came out of the Level 2 gate that appeared today? It was a normal dungeon, but suddenly a Break occurred.


I don’t know what happened to the raid party that went into the dungeon, but I thought I was doomed because the boss mob came out.


Suddenly, something like a red space appeared and the mob’s head was blown away;;; At once, I thought me eyes were wrong;;;;


But it seemed like a skill, I think it was my first time seeing it.
There was no one in our class who used that skill, so I was curious who did it.


But seeing that there was an L-class, I wonder if that person did it.
I saw the bosses who came out late after the boss mob died and took some guy with them.
Could it be that guy?


For reference, I was a cameraman, so I went there to cover, and this is the boss mob with its head blown off that I took at the scene. I left it as a proof shot because I was worried you’d say I’m telling fake news.]


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?? What? Is that the boss mob? Did its head really fly off? What skill can make such a thing possible;;?


└ Is it possible it’s the president of the association? She likes to burst things with psychokinesis.


└ It’s not the president’s doing, and that’s the problem.
If the president of the association appears, the tiger fandom wouldn’t stand still x


└ You keep talking about them, what if you really meet the tiger fandom? What would you do? hahahahah


└ Isn’t L-class supposed to be out of the discussion? That one should follow the world rankings.


Uwagh, beware of the crazy clip;;;; I have a weak stomach, and I just vomited;;;;


└|Writer| : Oh sorry, I added it to the title


That’s crazy.
Is that really what the L-class did? How many Level 2 boss mobs can an L-class catch with one shot?


└ Kyaa, the soup is filling up.
Excuse meee! Another bowl of soup here, please!


└ A bowl of soup at this time;;


└ This is enough to ask for soup.
A Level 2 boss mob is one of the best in the world


└ It is still not sure if the L-class did that, don’t be too excited


└ Who else if not L-class can do that?


└|Writter| : I’m not sure.
I haven’t seen it exactly, it’s just a guess.
The association will announce it soon.


[T/N: You must be confused about the sudden “soup” word up there.
Copying from Wikipedia: Often on YouTube or other internet sites, when you do something that stands out in another country in Korea, you ask for a bowl of soup.
In a way, it can be said that it has become an indigenous meme unique to Korea.
It is a word that raises the pride of the country.]


‘There was talk like this.’


Well, it’s a relief that the L-class Awakened appeared, otherwise the community would have been in a state of excitement throughout the entire time with the monster’s head blown away.
I’m glad that the public misunderstood that he did it.


‘How long will I they be mistaken?’


Kang Sejun is a war mage, and a fire-type mage on top of that.


It is so different with my ability and nature that had burst the Harpoon Snake’s head.
It is obvious that any Awakened would quickly notice something strange.


‘As expected, let’s leave the company as soon as the situation is settled.’


Seora slowly began to fill out her resignation letter in order to present it as soon as she faced Song Hanna.




“Congratulations on your status as the first L-class Awakened in Korea.”


Song Hanna extended her hand to Kang Sejun.
Sejun shook hands with her without saying a word.


“Thanks to this, Korea is finally able to enter the ranks of great powers. That’s how much love calls from overseas will be pouring in.
So let me ask, Kang Sejun.


“Are you thinking of going abroad?


“If yes, tell me now.
As the president of the association, I have to convince you to never go abroad.”

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