“Shall we go out now?”

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Her stats were hidden neatly thanks to the blessing of the administrator, so Seora headed to the gate without any scruple.
Along the way, she picked up the items scattered on the floor one by one.


Whoa, this is really a Level 3 dungeon.
Look at the magic stone quality.
And Werewolf’s leather? I have to take this.
This is awesome.


Seora’s face loosened as if she was digging up her treasure trove alone.


‘But I can’t see where my shoes are.’


Although the jacket wrapped around her feet was a bit uncomfortable, she didn’t want to walk barefoot through the cave covered in her blood, so she headed straight for the gate.


It was a really eventful day.


I can’t take revenge on Park Jinyong because I have to hide my grade S.
That’s a bit of a shame.”


She couldn’t even reveal her identity to punish him.


I’ll have to tell the director about this.


Do Junyoung, who is cold but has a friendly side, will surely be able to hit him in the back of the head somehow.


And it wasn’t long before Seora realized that that idea was terribly wrong.


Thanks to the death of the Boss Monster, it was good because the gate opened and she could got out safely, but…


Why did the park, which had been fine before she entered the dungeon, become so devastated?


“What the hell happened…?”


That wasn’t the only thing.
In the middle of the destroyed park, only two men were standing there.


No, they weren’t even standing.
A man was holding a large, bloodied man by his neck.


“… Director?”


Director Do Junyoung was seen strangling Park Jinyong, who was in a mess.




Seora’s face hardened.


Do Junyoung, the head of the management office and the second most talented in the association, is a fairly mature A-class Hunter.
Although he is slightly stronger than Park Jinyong, they are still on the same grade…


No matter how much you look at Park Jinyong’s devastated appearance, doesn’t it look like Do Junyoung have totally overwhelmed Park Jinyong? There’s no way the gap between A-class Hunters is this big.


As if responding to Seora’s question, a message popped up.


[Activates ‘Title—System Administrator’s Contractor’.
You can check the information of the person you want.]


[The Awakened Information]


Name: Do Junyoung (S-class)


Title: Master of the Holy Sword (S-class), Sword Demon (S-class)


Characteristic: Combat system inspector


Entities in Contract: The Maker of the Holy Sword


Special Note: Currently disguised as an A-class Hunter

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Seora gulped in an instant.


I can check other people’s information? This is something that only special people among the Awakeneds can do… Now that I can too, then that means I wasn’t being scammed.


It’s nice to hear that the scammer is me.


‘The director was hiding his abilities.’


Is it because I checked his information? Seora felt the power that was overflowing to the extent that it was strange she hadn’t immediately noticed it, around Do Junyoung.


I see.
That is the power of the S-class.


‘I’m glad I asked for my strength to be covered.
Since my changes are this absurd, I’m sure the director would’ve noticed it otherwise.’


My choice was very right. Seora breathed a sigh of relief and slowly approached him.




Do Junyoung, who had been looking at Park Jinyong with cold eyes, turned his head in surprise in that instant.


“… Hunter Yoon Seora?”


And the moment he gave her a look of disbelief, Seora had decided what to do from now on.


“Director… I-I just got out from the dungeon, ah…”


I am a patient from now on.


Seora continued her words with great difficulty and suddenly slumped down, clutching her head as if she was dizzy.


It was a very good performance.
Comparable to an S-class awakening.


[Administrator: ꒪⌓꒪ ]


The manic eyes of the director were easily distinguished.


“Hunter Yoon Seora!”


Do Junyoung, the pitiful victim who did not know the truth of the great acting, came rushing to Seora when she collapsed, throwing away Park Jinyong, whom he was holding.


“There’s blood…!”


What do you mean there’s blood? Seora, who was performing passionately, moved her eyes at her curiosity.
This was just a gimmick, so there was no way she was bleeding…




“What the hell happened inside?”


Do Junyoung’s eyes turned to the jacket covering Seora’s feet in place of shoes.


The fabric was drenched in thick liquid.
It looked so serious that anyone who had seen it would’ve thought that her feet might have been torn.




Seora was perplexed.
She had known that she had blood on her, but honestly, she hadn’t thought it would earn this kind of reaction.


Even so, this was a mixture of 99% of wolf monsters’ blood and 1% of her own blood.
The very monsters she did one-shot, one-kill with her EX-class weapon.


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Seora felt very sorry for Do Junyoung, who was worried about her.


“It’s not my blood.
I got it on me while I was running.
It’s okay.”


It was uncomfortable to have the monsters’ blood on her, so she wanted to solve it as soon as possible.
The white feet with only a few tiny scratches on the sole were revealed.


There’s nothing wrong with it, right?”


Seora smiled softly.
However, her thin, trembling lips made it obvious that she had suffered a very severe mental injury.


Do Junyoung, whose face hardened even more, immediately made a call.
Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived.


“Y-Yoon Seora-ssi!”


As soon as the ambulance stopped, the door opened and Jung Taesuk rushed out.


Seora wondered why he was in the ambulance when he didn’t seem to be hurt, but then she saw Taesuk peeking towards Do Junyoung.
It seems that he was afraid of the scene of the man beating Park Jinyong wildly, so he took refuge with an ambulance.


“Is everything alright? Are you alright? Uhuuuk! I was so worried that something might have gone wrong with you, Yoon Seoraaa!”


Jung Taesuk sat down and started crying, pouring out all his tears and runny nose.
It was not a very good look, but his feelings were understandable enough, so Seora responded with a difficult smile.


“Yes, I’m alright…”


Even as she thought she didn’t really look all right either…


“You will be taken to the hospital right away.
There’s still a problem with the gate, so instead of me, Section Chief Jung Taesuk, you and Hunter Yoon Seora…”


The moment when Do Junyoung said that, the blue light still emitted by the gate from one side of the park seemed to gradually decrease and soon disappeared completely.


The gate was closed.


“… Seora-ssi.
Did you defeat the Werewolf…?”


Taesuk looked at Seora with a puzzled face.
As if she had been expecting it from the moment she left the gate, Seora calmly shook her head without showing any sign of embarrassment.


“How could I do that? I was almost killed by a normal wolf, not the Werewolf…”


Seora’s arms trembled as if she was still afraid.
Taesuk and Junyoung didn’t ask any more questions because she looked terrified.


“Can you get up? Come to think of it, you don’t have any shoes.
Spare shoes in the ambulance…”


Thankfully, Do Junyoung spoke to end the matter.
Seora was about to answer that she would just walk because it was near anyway when…


[The system administrator gives a gift to the sole contractor.]


[Soft fur slippers has been added to your inventory.]


However, the message that appeared in front of her stopped her speech.




What? What gift? And not just shoes, it’s soft fur slippers…?


When she hurriedly opened my inventory, there were woolly slippers neatly sitting next to the EX-class weapon Hit.
She pulled them out with a dazed face and held it in her hand.


As the name suggests, they were very soft fur slippers.
Even in the shape of a pink rabbit.


[System: ((๑✧ꈊ✧๑))]


Don’t put on a look of excitement…! Don’t look at me with such anticipation…!

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Seora clutched the slippers tight, enough to make them burst.


When the faces of Do Junyoung and Jung Taesuk became subtle at the appearance of the outlandish pink rabbit fur slippers, Seora really wanted to throw them away.


[System: ʘ_ʘ ]


She wondered if the narrow-minded administrator who protected her was watching…


In the end, Seora carefully put on the slippers with a gloomy face.


It is very soft…’


I’m not lying.
Thank you, Administrator.
Had I worn it at home, I would have been more than satisfied…


“… Shall we get moving?”


“… Yes.”


Seora looked at the two of them with a face asking them not to ask anything.
Fortunately, Taesuk and Junyoung got on the ambulance together without saying a word.


“Oh, by the way, what about him?”


Taesuk pointed to Park Jinyoung, who was still lying on the ground.
Do Junyoung’s face contorted unpleasantly.


“Of course he should be punished.
Contact the association to attach a Watcher.
I wish I could put him in jail, but…”


Do Junyoung sighed as if it the current situation was already quite good.
Seora seemed to know the reason.


He had thrown her into the dungeon, but in the end she didn’t die, and she returned alive without any major injuries, so it would be difficult to impose a more severe punishment.
Besides, Do Junyoung had also done quite a number on him.


Seora, who understood his feelings, said It’s okay with a smile, but Do Junyoung’s face became more stiff because of that.


“We will proceed with the disposition after consultation with the president of the association.
Therefore, Section Chief, please write a complaint to Clear Blue Guild.
I will send it myself.”


“Yes, sir.”


The bloodthirst in Do Junyoung’s face made Jung Taesuk shut up.


Soon the ambulance left the park with a loud noise.


Thinking that everything was finally over, Seora sighed and leaned on her back.
But instead of feeling relieved, she was very depressed.


‘I can’t believe I have to go to the hospital wearing these fluffy rabbit slippers.’


[Administrator : (*´╰╯`*)♡]


Do you think it’s okay with you being satisfied alone?


Administrator-nim, let’s have a talk later.




“This is why I like the director… What a respectful man he is.”


Lying on the hospital bed, Seora, buried deep under the blanket, let out a happy moan.


Where she was now was a two-bedroom ward.
It was supposed to be a double room, but she was the only patient, so it was like a single room.
Even hospital expenses were to be borne by the association.


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“And I haven’t been to work for two days.
I like this.”


Although she was not particularly injured, she was hospitalized because “she must have been traumatized”, and she was allowed to rest for a day at home before going back to work.


Seora did not reject the consideration. Of course.
How traumatizing it must be.


She had jumped from Class F to Class S out of nowhere.


“… I’m suddenly depressed.”


She looked sadly at the slippers on the floor next to the bed.
From the time she came to the hospital, to the time she was admitted to the hospital, the slippers that she had to wear all the time had tormented her body and mind.


When a kid had seen it and coveted it, she had wanted to convince them to take it.
But the administrator made a lot of fuss, so she couldn’t give it away in the end.


‘Thanks to the Silver Curtain, nobody noticed my rating had changed.
And I’ve made a plausible excuse so nobody would doubt it.’


After she was admitted to the hospital, Seora briefly explained to Do Junyoung and Jung Taesuk what had happened in the dungeon.


“There were two werewolves.
But maybe they were fighting over territory, so they bit each other and tried to kill each other.
It was the same with the wolf monsters, so I was able to escape safely and hide in the gap.”


“The werewolves all died in the process.
Almost all the wolves could not move, so I was able to get out of the open gate just in time.”


In fact, it was one of the cases that often occurred in dungeons, so Seora spouted out the lies easily.


Anyway, if this was not the case, the only possibility that the lowest level Hunter could survive in a Level 3 dungeon was a contract with an Entity.
And both Jung Taesuk and Do Junyoung knew very well that Yoon Seora’s contract capability was so weak that it was impossible.


The problem was that if they asked for an examination…


“Administrator-nim, since there is a way to check whether one has signed a contract with an Entity, if they decide to inspect, will they find out about our contract?”


A contract with a system administrator that no one knew about.


When this fact became known, it was certain that it would attract the attention of the world.
She might be used as a communication terminal with the administrator and got called here and there.


Being treated like a thing and being used was just disgusting.


[The Awakened Information]


Name: Yoon Seora (S-class)


Title: System Administrator’s Contractor (EX), Sniper (S-class) Who Watches the Battlefield 


Characteristic: Unique capability system—Sniper


Entities in Contract: None


Special Note: The sole contractor of Planet—Earth’s administrator


Then, at the message that popped up as if to relieve her, Seora’s eyes widened.


Even though she was the system administrator’s contractor, she was listed as having no contract.


‘Does that mean the system administrator has nothing to do with the Entities?’


There were many opinions that it might be a god who runs the system.
If the administrator is not a god, what kind of being is it?


‘And the special note is so unique. Planet—Earth’s administrator? Does that mean there’s another planet?’


This was something she had never encountered while working as a civil servant.
Of course, she was only a low level worker, so the information allowed was limited.


But what is certain was that if this fact were known, she would immediately be at the center of the typhoon.

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