Chapter 3

Translator: Yonnee

It had already been a week since Dietrich entered the mansion.

At first, Dietrich denied that he was now confined here.

—What are you talking about? That’s absolutely impossible.

He looked at me as though I was a madwoman and just shook his head.

He seemed to be thinking that it would prove moot to talk to someone who’s got loose screws in her head somewhere.

Ignoring me entirely, he had tried to open the front doors, but the results were no different from what I told him in the first place.

The doors were firmly locked.

And it stayed that way no matter how many times he pulled out the sword from his waist and swung it at those doors.

—…Even a sword wouldn’t work against it.

Not long after, these flustered words spilled through his lips.

I watched the entire time Dietrich tried to deny reality.
This part was somewhat omitted from the game, actually.

After he had finally grasped the situation he was in, what came after denial was anger.

—Do you think that I will just accept this?

Considering how much he was trembling with rage, he didn’t make any attempt to attack me at all.

Come to think of it, he killed all sorts of monsters inside the game, but he never harmed Charlotte.

In the game, Dietrich was portrayed as a good man.

So obsessed as he was with ethics and morality, it actually came to a point that it was difficult to play the game with him as the protagonist.

Whether or not it was because of this personality of his, even in the brief flashbacks that were shown, he was portrayed as a man whose purpose was to protect others.

[ If I’m not there, ‘they’ will… No, they need me.
must get up… ]

Dietrich always cared about ‘those people’ outside even though he was injured and even though he was on the brink of collapse.

So much so that you’d think he was trying to survive and escape this place for ‘them’ and not for himself.

By the way, I had no clue at all who those people were.

I’m just guessing that Dietrich’s tendency to be extreme was because of them.

—Just what in the world are you scheming? What do you want… No, who’s making you do this?

—I told you already.
Find the ‘Room of Truth’.

—What you’re saying is just… Fine.

Dietrich then pretended to play along and to find said room.
It looked like he was filled with the vigor of opening every door he could find.

In the end, he reluctantly accepted the situation he was in and went on to check each and every room like crazy.

A week had passed since then.

By now, Dietrich’s bound to have fully grasped the situation.

Ding—! Ding—! Ding—!

The antique grandfather clock rang noisily as if to pull me out of my thoughts.
It rang twelve times to indicate that it was now 12 o’clock.

It’s time to eat lunch.

Ever since I had come to possess this body, I didn’t feel any hunger at all.
Still, it’s difficult to abandon a lifetime’s habit of eating meals regularly.


At my call, a large system window showing a rough map of the mansion appeared.

Conveniently enough, various items such as food and weapons were displayed as icons in the map throughout the various rooms of the mansion.

However, any information regarding the Room of Truth’s location weren’t displayed on the map.
It also didn’t show where the crushed shards that would lead us to the very room could be found.

Then, my eyes naturally gravitated to the eye-catching words in the upper right corner of the system window.

[ Steel Mentality: ON ]

I had found myself suddenly transmigrated into a game world, but I somehow just managed to adapt to my situation without a hitch because of this ‘steel mentality’ skill.

Whenever my mental state would be greatly shaken, the ‘steel mentality’ skill would activate to allow me to maintain a cool head.

That’s the reason why I hadn’t gone insane yet even though I’d been staying alone in this gloomy mansion for all this time.

When I first woke up in this mansion, I was reluctant about the fact that there’s something else controlling my emotions, but now, I had perfectly adjusted to it.

I checked the location of the food on the map and left the room.


But once I neared that door, I stopped in my tracks.
There’s someone lying down in the middle of the hallway.

It’s Dietrich.

Covered in blood.

Even though I was now standing quite close to him, the man continued to stay as silent as the dead.

[ Steel Mentality is being implemented.

This was a system message that I hadn’t seen in quite a while now, but it popped up just now.

I slowly approached Dietrich.

As he was leaning heavily against the wall, his head looked to be in a precarious position.

Wanting to make sure that Dietrich was still alive, I reached a hand under his chin and lifted it up.

His curled eyelashes trembled.

Fortunately, there’s still a pulse.


‘You don’t look all that peachy.’

What should I do here.

I hadn’t been paying any particular care towards Dietrich for the week that he’s been here, but I wasn’t that cruel a person to just pretend that I never saw him in such a state.

After much consideration, I decided to get him a potion.

“Wait just a minute, Dietrich.”

After saying so, I turned around, but another person’s hand caught my wrist.

When I looked back, I saw that Dietrich was staring up at me with unfocused eyes.

“Don’t go…” he murmured earnestly.

He’s completely out of it.
He didn’t even seem to recognize me anymore.

Regardless, I twisted my wrist out of his grip.

I opened up the map again and saw that there was fortunately a potion nearby.
Thanks to that, I was able to return in no time.

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