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The reason why Lu Jingqian kept Bonia alive and did not kill him immediately was because he wanted to use him to attract more werewolves.

The fact that the Wolf King was captured by them would surely be spread soon, and there certainly would be werewolves who would venture to rescue him.
When the time comes, the Black Knights will just have to ambush and wait to catch them like a turtle in a jar.

Lu Jingqian allowed the people go to the jail to punish Bonia, in addition to wanting to retaliate against him, but also specifically to leave an opening for the wolves who want to save him.
Otherwise, those wolves may not think of other ways to approach Bonia.

Looking at Bonia, who was chained to a pillar in the cell, Lu Jingqian said, “You probably didn’t expect that one day you would be defeated by my hands, right? I cannot fail to avenge the death of my father, so you must die.
But I will not let you die so easily.
As I said before, I will make you pay double the humiliation you gave me.
You just have to be ready to suffer.”

“Kill, revenge your father……” Bonia reluctantly raised his head and stared at Lu Jingqian and said, “I killed your father, but also to avenge my father……”

“My father killed your father to save you, without knowing you were the son of the Wolf King.
And you still owe him for raising you.” Lu Jingqian said, “If it wasn’t for you, werewolves, who have always wanted to kill all humans and rule the entire continent, and your father, who let you blend in with the humans, wanting to wait for you to grow up and cooperate with you, he wouldn’t have been suddenly discovered by my father and killed.”

“Werewolves and humans are not supposed to coexist, they are the so-called natural enemies.
That means one must defeat the other.” Bonia said.

Lu Jingqian nodded and said, “Of all the words you said, I only agree with this one.
Since we are natural enemies, then you should not blame me for completely exterminating you, werewolves.
I will make the werewolves on this continent, disappear cleanly.
This is my mission for coming to this world.
You should not blame me for being ruthless.
If our positions were reversed now, and I had lost to you instead, I think you would certainly not let me go.
For your plan to rule the entire continent, you will certainly not spare the other humans either, so it’s all just fate.”

“Just kill me.” Bonia said, “For the sake of us, growing up together, give me a quick end.”

Bonia knew he would certainly not escape death, rather than being tortured to death, it was better to die a quick death.

“I really do not understand both you and Chuck.
In the end, how do you have the guts to let me take into account the previous affection.” Lu Jingqian said, “Let you die a quick end? That’s not going to happen.”

Lu Jingqian turned to leave, and just as he walked outside, he saw Chuck, who was striding toward him.

Chuck saw Lu Jingqian and also froze for a moment.
He came to question Bonia and did not expect Lu Jingqian to also be here.
The moment he saw Lu Jingqian, he thought he was the only one who could help him now.
So he immediately reached out toward him excitedly, “Heron!”

Lu Jingqian immediately took a few steps back to keep him from touching himself and looked at him defensively and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Heron, help me.
You are the only one who can help me now!” Chuck looked at Lu Jingqian with pleading eyes.
He knew that only if Lu Jingqian stood up to help him at this time would he be able to keep his position as the White Knights’ Commander.
Because Lu Jingqian was the real prophet, if he was willing to help him, he will be able to keep the commander position and continue to let the White Knights suppress the Black Knights.
The key depends on whether Lu Jingqian was willing to help him.

“Why should I help you?” Lu Jingqian said, “You haven’t forgotten what you and Bonia did to me before, have you? I said I would make you regret it and pay for it.
Now you want me to help you, on what basis?!”

“I know I was wrong.
I was wrong to do that before, but I was cheated too!” Chuck defended himself, “I did everything because I was cheated by Bonia.
I am also a victim, you should understand me!”

“It is true that you are one of those who have been cheated, but I have no need or obligation to understand you.
The damage you have done to me has already been done.
No matter what the reason is, I do not want to understand you, and am even less likely to help you.” After Lu Jingqian finished speaking, he wanted to walk around him and leave the place.

“Heron! You can’t ignore me! If even you don’t help me, no one else can.” Chuck rushed over to try to hug Lu Jingqian, “Heron!”

Lu Jingqian dodged, and was just barely getting away from being held, Chuck was only able to touch his clothes.
However, he suddenly flew backward and was thrown hard to the ground.

Antwin thrust his sword to the ground, and on Chuck’s neck appear a split open and bloody scar.
Because the sword was on the side of his neck, even if he was suddenly scratched, it will still be painful.
After seeing the murderous aura within Antwin’s eyes, he did not dare to move.

Compared to the sword that was stuck in the ground, Antwin’s gaze was even colder and sharper, he looked down at Chuck and said, “Next time you dare to touch him, my sword will cut your neck off.”

Although Chuck did not dare to move, because his heart was still not convinced of Antwin, he becomes furious and said, “I am the Commander of the White Knights.
You dare to make a move on me, was it to provoke the struggle between the two Orders, you think the people will agree?!”

“Soon, you won’t be the commander of the White Knights anymore.” Antwin lowered his eyes, there was no temperature in his eyes as he looked at him and said, “When you provoke me, the commander of the Order, as a civilian will be the day when you send yourself to my door to find death.
When the time comes, I will not be polite to you.”

Antwin pulled his sword back into its scabbard then turned around and grab Lu Jingqian’s hand to leave.

“Heron! Don’t go, Heron!” Chuck endured the pain and get up from the ground, using heartbreaking shouts to try to win Lu Jingqian’s sympathy.

Antwin did not let Lu Jingqian take the carriage but directly take him back on horseback, the speed was so fast that it scared a lot of people in the street.

Lu Jingqian sensed Antwin’s mood swings and thought now that Bonia’s identity had been revealed and had been brought under their control, it was time for him to give Antwin an answer and put his mind at ease.

Once they returned home, Lu Jingqian was taken directly to his room by Antwin.
Just as he opened his mouth just to speak, Antwin kissed him.

Antwin’s kiss was forceful and aggressive, Lu Jingqian could not break free and could only meekly endure.
He thought that after Antwin finished the kiss, he would be able to tell him that he was willing to accept the feelings between the two after all this time of repeated consideration, and they could want to try dating each other.

But Lu Jingqian was kissed by him until his lips were numb and his tongue was sore.
However, the kiss did not end, and he was also pressed to the bed by Antwin.

Lu Jingqian was a little dizzy because of the lack of oxygen in his brain.
It was not until he felt Antwin’s broad palm reach into his clothes and stroke his skin hard, sliding right over his sensitive spot, that he couldn’t help but shiver, and instantly wake and stared wide-eyed.

“Don’t……” Lu Jingqian began to struggle, this strange feeling he never felt made him a little panic, so he become scared.

Antwin held Lu Jingqian’s wrists and pressed them against the sides of his head, looking at him seriously and saying, “Are you going to reject me?”

Lu Jingqian looked into Antwin’s eyes and stopped struggling, the emotion in Antwin’s eyes made it impossible for him to say no.
But he felt that he was not in a position to have this kind of relationship with him right now.
He wanted to ask him to give him more time until he was mentally prepared before doing this kind of thing.

“I……” Lu Jingqian just said one word and could not make another sound.
Because the abyss in Antwin’s eyes appeared again, making him unable to react anymore, from his soul to his body.

Lu Jingqian closed his eyes, thinking that he should be able to return to normal as long as he didn’t look into Antwin’s eyes.
But before he could calm down, he felt a chill on his lower body and his pants had been removed by Antwin.
He subconsciously clenched his legs but clamped Antwin’s hand as well.
He was torn between whether to release the clenched legs or not when strange sensations started to appear in his body.

Lu Jingqian mouth was half open, he was breathing hard.
He had been completely unable to think, with only a little consciousness left to feel the sensations he was enduring.
Pain, shock, then a tidal wave like a rolling sea.
Until finally a tsunami engulfed him and left him completely unconscious.


Lu Jingqian woke up because his back was too sore when he turned over.
He opened his eyes hard as if they were glued shut and felt his throat dry and a little sore.

He opened his mouth and found that his throat hurt even more when he was trying to make a sound, and the sound wouldn’t come out at all.

Before he knew it, he was rolled away by a pair of thick arms and then rested against a broad, hard chest that reminded him the reason for his sore throat was that he had been screaming almost all night.

Lu Jingqian immediately closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, but still couldn’t control the rising temperature of his face and body.
Such a thing was experienced and endured by him for the first time.
But it seems he does not feel it was unacceptable.
Perhaps love and sex itself are connected.
Desire is not the same as love, but love is deep, so there must be a desire for each other.

Bonia who was in prison, experienced deeply the anger of people.
But also as Lu Jingqian expected, a number of wolves try to save him and throw themselves into the net.
Because as long as Bonia does not die, there will not be a new Wolf King.
So the wolves who come to rescue or kill Bonia will not stop until the day when the wolves are going to be completely extinct.
The Black Knights, with Bonia as live bait, had an easier and much more relaxed time hunting werewolves.

In response to the popular outcry, Chuck also ceased to be the commander of the White Knights, and could no longer even be a knight.
He has nothing else to do, the blow and fall in life made him gradually become down and out, and he aged quickly that you could no longer see even half of his previous appearance.

Lu Jingqian thought he could leave this world in peace after completing all his tasks.
As for Antwin, they would meet again in the next world anyway.
But he always gives himself a reason to excuse himself from leaving every so often.
The longer he stays, the more reluctant he is to leave.

After a long struggle, Lu Jingqian decided to let nature take its course and wait for his life to end, or for Antwin’s life to end before he left this world for the next one.

Because after thinking about it, he felt that although they will meet again in the next world, this life has memories and the process of loving each other in this life.
Especially, the longer time goes on, the more feelings Lu Jingqian put, making him feel that even if nothing is done and the two just sit together in silence, it is also a very beautiful thing.

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