This was the first time Lu Jingqian experience the happiness of growing old with a lover.
He leaves the first world without any regret and looks forward to meeting him in the next world in his heart.

Lu Jingqian returns to the system, understands the experience of the original host in the next world, then confirms the time and space transfer to the next world.
The system transferred his soul into the body of the original host whose soul has dissipated, and then perform a time rewind to when it wasn’t too late to undo the tragedy.

Once Lu Jingqian open his eyes, he could see a swiftly changing street scene through the glass window.
The road outside was vast open with tall buildings.
Those buildings have a sense of futuristic design and was somewhat similar to his previous futuristic world.

But Lu Jingqian, who has already understood this world, knows very well that although this world is also the future world, it is very different from the future world he was in before.

Lu Jingqian looked at the person in the driver’s seat and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Alva glanced at the rearview mirror and immediately avoided his eyes, ” You’re awake.
It will take a while to arrive, you can sleep a little more.
Your training sessions were so long, and you must not have had a good rest during this time.”

“The company has a very important assessment tomorrow, you didn’t mention earlier that the dinner place is in Ting City, It’s already this late, I should go back to the dormitory.” Lu Jingqian knew in his heart what would happen next and the purpose of Alva bringing him here, but now he had to pretend he didn’t know anything.“

“Don’t worry, I will send you back before tomorrow.
I know you’re very tired, But this business is really important to me.
Just bear with me and help me this one time, I promise just this once.” Alva said pleadingly.

Lu Jingqian once again turned his gaze out the window, no longer saying anything, Because he knows Alva certainly will not take the initiative to send him back, and whatever he says now was a waste of breath.
He can only wait until they reach the place to see the opportunity to act.

Alva looked in the rearview mirror again, seeing Lu Jingqian no longer speak, he thought he has agreed, and feel relieved.

About half an hour later, Alva drove the car into the parking lot of a very luxurious hotel.
Just from its appearance alone, one can imagine the consumption amount in this hotel is not something an average person can afford.

Alva parked the car, took out a paper bag, and handed it to Lu Jingqian, “You……, put this on and then go up.

Lu Jingqian took the paper bag, take out a white lace dress inside, then looked at Alva, “You want me to wear women’s dress to accompany you to eat with the clients? You should know very well that our company has rules.
During the training period, you cannot wear women’s clothing outside without the company’s approval.
Not to mention that you cannot wear women’s clothing to accompany others to dinner without the company’s authorization.
If the company found out, I would be fired immediately.
Moreover, before you came you just said you would have dinner with a few clients and would sit for a few minutes and leave.
There was nothing about wearing women’s clothes.”

“I know that your company has very strict rules, but we are in Ting City.
I guarantee your company won’t know about this.” Alva looked at Lu Jingqian with a pleading look and said, “I have agreed with the clients that I will bring a show model over, and they also said as long as I bring you to let them take a look, they will immediately sign a contract with me.
You also know that my company is just starting up.
This business is really important to me, I put all my assets into this company, and there is no other way back.
Help me, please?”

“I want to help you, but you don’t understand my difficulties.
Except for relying on my current company to get ahead, I have no other way back.
Once I wear women’s clothes and have dinner with someone known, it will be impossible for me to stay in the company, at that time, what do you want me to do?”

For Alva, one of the accomplices who caused the tragedy of the original host, Lu Jingqian will certainly not let him go.
But he still wants to give him a chance, if he turns back now, he will give him a quick end.
If he persists, don’t blame him for being ruthless, and let him experience what it means to live worse than death.

“Just sit for a few minutes, you don’t have to say or do anything.” Alva keep persuading him, “Just let them look at you.
I beg you to help me just this once.
In the future, if you need my help, I will definitely go through the fire to help you.”

Lu Jingqian went silent for a while.
knowing that Alva was unlikely to suddenly repent at this juncture.
Anyway, he had given the opportunity, and since he himself did not grasp it, then everything they will endure in the future was self-inflicted.

“I’ll go to the hotel’s restroom to change for a while.” Lu Jingqian took the paperbag and get off teh car.

Alva let a sigh of relieve.
He quickly get off the car, then follow Lu Jingqian going to the hotel lobby.

Lu Jingqian walked towards the lobby while observing the territory, thinking in his mind how to sneak out later.
Having him wear women’s clothing to accompany those so-called clients to dinner is not an option.

It was also the first time Alva came to this hotel and was not very familiar with the place.
He took out his cell phone and dialed, asking how to go to the upper floor and the private room where those customers were.

Lu Jingqian thought, the best chance to get rid of Alva was to take advantage of a trip to the bathroom, but what reasons to find to excuse himself?

While Alva was on the phone, and Lu Jingqian was thinking of an excuse to get rid of him, the foor of the elevator suddenly open, and several people came out.
The man at the front of the line is particularly striking.
Not only because of his strong, tall, well-built body and exceptionally handsome face, but also because of his oppressive aura that makes it difficult to ignore.

Lu Jingqian froze for a moment after seeing that person, and then without much thought, immediately walked quickly toward that person.

Alva saw Lu Jingqian’s movement and unconsciously grabbed him.
But didn’t manage to catch him because he was a step slower.

Frederick looked at Lu Jingqian who was walking quickly towards him and also froze for a moment, stopped and waited for him to come to him, looked at him, and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Uncle Fred……” Lu Jingqianturned around to look at Alva, then stood in front of Frederick with his head down and did not stop speaking.

Alva stood at a distance and did not dare to move because he recognized Frederick and simply did not have the guts or courage to stand in front of him.
The man was known as the business hegemon.
No matter his background or strength, both are unfathomable, especially after hearing rumors about his various ruthless methods.
Although it was Alva’s first time seeing him in person, even from such a distance he still feel timid.

“You took a leave?” Frederick asked Lu Jingqian.

Lu Jingqian made a feeble look and shook his head.

“Let’s go.” After Frederick looked at Lu Jingqian’s expression, he did not ask more questions, and simply took Lu Jingqian to leave with him.

Lu Jingqian left with Frederick together further and further without even giving Alva a glance as if he did not recognize him.

Alva was anxious.
Because if he didn’t bring Lu Jingqian up today, he would have offended those clients, and not only would he not be able to do business this time, but his most important purpose would not be accomplished.
He hesitated for a while, then remembered the importance of this meeting, and finally gathered his courage.
Before Lu Jingqian and the others leave the hotel, he catches up to him and shouted, “Wen Nan!”

When Lu Jingqian heard Alva’s shout, he immediately grabbed the sleeve of Frederick’s windbreaker, and moved a little closer to him, showing a scared expression.

Frederick naturally also heard Alva’s voice, but he didn’t care at all.
Instead, raising his arm around Lu Jingqian’s shoulder and continuing to walk out.

This one shout has used all of Alva’s courage.
Since Lu Jingqian ignored him, he naturally did not have the nerve to rush in front of Frederick.
He could only sweat anxiously, thinking about how to explain to the clients afterward.

It just happened that Frederick was going back to the Imperial City, so he didn’t ask someone to drive Lu Jingqian back to the company dormitory, but let him return with him in his car.

“Who’s that just now?” the question that need to be asked was still asked by Frederick.
Especially since the expression Lu Jingqian showed was a little abnormal.

“A friend I grew up with, he’s developing in Ting City.
We haven’t seen each other for a while, so he asked me out for dinner.” Lu Jingqian迁 replied in a small voice, his hand still holding the paper bag with the dress.“

Frederick took the paper bag in Lu Jingqian’s hands.
After opening it, he casually throw it into a corner, and said to Lu Jingqian, “Are you still not familiar with the company’s rules?”

“I know, I remember all.” Lu Jingqian hurriedly spoke.

“So why would you show up at this time, with this dress, at whatever hotel to have dinner with your friends?” Frederick’s tone was neutral, it was not deliberately aggressive, but his aura was so strong that even Lu Jingqian unknowingly felt the pressure.

Faced with the love of his previous life, the main target of his counterattack in this life, Lu Jingqian could only temporarily act in the original host’s character.
After all, not only does Frederick have no memories of his previous life, his favorability toward him now was still very low, just the normal concern and attitude of elders towards their juniors.

“Because, at first he told me it was only dinner.
I’m too tired that I slept in the car.
He only told me when we arrived that I had to wear a women’s dress to accompany him to have dinner with some clients.
I refused him, but he kept persuading him.
I was thinking about how to leave when you appeared.” Lu Jingqian explained to him with a wronged look, showing that he was not willing.

“Don’t meet with that friend of yours anymore in the future.
Don’t run around if you have nothing to do.” Frederick made a direct statement.

“I understand……” Lu Jingqian replied in a whisper.

When they arrived outside the company’s dormitory area, Lu Jingqian got out of the car and watched the car go away before he let out a long sigh.
No matter what, there was still some imbalance in his heart.
It was unfair that the person who obviously spoiled him to the bone in his last life now needs him to recapture his love again.

But it’s okay, Lu Jingqian comfort himself in his heart, he is the master of completing various task.
Besides, with the practical experience of the last life, it will certainly not be too difficult for him to gain Frederick’s favourability in this life.

Allure Model Economic Corp is a subsidiary of the Weiding Group, which has the money and strength to give the students, who were not yet debut models trainee, a two-bedroom dormitory in a middle-class neighborhood in a place like Imperial City, where prices are exorbitant.

Lu Jingqian press his password and the door opened.
When he entered, the door closed automatically.

The house was furnished somewhat like a hotel suite, but it was indeed lived in and managed in a hotel style, with people coming over every day to do the cleaning.
You can also order what you want to eat, and the menu is updated daily, but as a show model, the body is the biggest asset, and restraint in the diet is almost like an instinct.

Two rooms, one bedroom, and one gym.
In addition to fitness equipment, there is a wall full of mirrors in the gym, which is specially used to practice body posture.

It was now the middle of the night, and tomorrow will be a very important assessment.
So Lu Jingqian quickly took a bath and go to sleep.
The original host was physically and mentally exhausted because these intensive training sessions were very demanding.
Therefore, Lu Jingqian repairs his body with the help of the system.
So he would be in the best state in tomorrow’s assessment with only these few hours of sleep.

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