The original host received the offer letter and was so happy that he almost wanted to fly.
But he couldn’t share his joy with his father or let anyone else know about it, or else it would be bad if it reached his father’s ears.
However, he couldn’t hide the joy in his heart and wanted someone to share the happiness with.
So he decided to tell his friend Rui Yusheng about it.

Although Wen Nan had several good friends, he decided to tell Rui Yusheng, who was not his closest friend, about his acceptance into the company.
Mainly because he felt that although Rui Yusheng was only one or two years older than him, his usual behavior was mature like an adult.
He knew a lot of things and was the most frequently praised child by adults.

Wen Nan thought that if he shared this with Rui Yusheng, he wouldn’t be like other kids who might accidentally or couldn’t resist telling adults about it.

Wen Nan would never think, although Rui Yusheng appears to be more mature than most children, it was because in him is an adult soul.

When Lu Jingqian knew Rui Yusheng, who caused the tragedy of the original host, was also a soul who crossed over, he guessed this might be related to what the system had said to him.
That he caused the disturbance of space and time.
But none of this matters now, even if he guessed right, without completing all the world’s tasks, it would not confirm his suspicions.

Wen Nan also does not know that Rui Yusheng actually also has the idea of wanting to become a show model, because his mind is mature enough to hide it well enough, and he has never told anyone.
When he learned that Wen Nan not only received an acceptance letter from Allure Model but also a letter that allowed him to go there whenever he wanted, obtained through Weiding’s CEO Frederick, his jealousy almost showed on his face.

Wen Nan also consulted him on how to get his father’s approval to go to the capital, without letting him know that he was going there for modeling training.
Wen Nan hoped that he could prove that success in modeling could be achieved through talent rather than through indecent means.
He planned to reveal the truth to his father once he succeeded, and hoped that his father would understand him then.

However, instead of helping Wen Nan come up with a plan, Rui Yusheng strongly urged him to consider his father’s feelings and health.
If his father found out in advance, it would definitely greatly stimulate him.

Under Rui Yusheng’s persuasion, Wen Nan considered it for a long time and decided not to hurt his father’s feelings by keeping the admission letter a secret.
Originally, Wen Nan wanted to treasure the admission letter as a treasure in his heart, but Rui Yusheng said he wanted to borrow it to take a look.
Although Wen Nan was reluctant to part with it, he thought that Rui Yusheng was the only person he could share this news with, so he eventually lent it to him.

Over the next few days, Rui Yusheng always found excuses to postpone returning the admission letter to Wen Nan, and a few days later, Rui Yusheng was no longer in the small town.
Wen Nan asked Rui Yusheng’s father about his whereabouts.
Rui Yusheng’s father said that he went to the Imperial City because someone had introduced him to a good job there.

Wen Nan was very anxious because Rui Yusheng has gone to work in the Imperial City, but he has not yet returned his acceptance letter to him.
Wen Nan give him a call to ask where he put the acceptance letter to pick it up himself, but Rui Yusheng never answered his calls.

Unable to reach Rui Yusheng, Wen Nan decided to wait for him to come back to their small town to ask for the letter.
He believed that Rui Yusheng would eventually come back to visit his father even if he was working in the Imperial City.

However, two years passed and Rui Yusheng still hadn’t returned to the small town.
It was only when Wen Nan saw a picture of Rui Yusheng dressed in women’s clothing online that he was shocked and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Even though Rui Yusheng wasn’t as delicate-looking as Wen Nan, he was actually quite beautiful.
When he dressed up and put on makeup, he looked completely like a girl.
But Wen Nan had good eyesight and was able to recognize Rui Yusheng at first glance.
Even his own father might not have recognized him in that situation.

After two days of thinking, he finally realized that the reason why Rui Yusheng appeared on TV as a new member of Allure Model by dressing up in women’s clothing might be because he used his admission letter, which had a blank space for the name and the date, to apply for the position.
Otherwise, why didn’t he return the admission letter before going to the Imperial City, and why couldn’t he reach him for two years?

Actually, considering Rui Yusheng’s qualifications, it was not impossible for him to enter Allure Model through an interview.
However, he did use Wen Nan’s admission letter to enter Allure Model without an interview.

The reason why Rui Yusheng did this was to ensure that he could 100% get into Allure Model, and also because he knew that this admission letter obtained through Frederick must have a completely different importance.

As expected by Rui Yusheng, because this was personally ordered by Frederick and sent by the general manager of Allure Model, the importance of the admission letter was certainly much higher.
This admission letter not only guaranteed that he would be able to enter Allure Model but also ensured that after he entered, he would receive special treatment and attention.

The general manager of Allure Model thought that Rui Yusheng was the person designated by Frederick and gave him a lot of care and attention, even if there was no obvious special treatment.
This allowed Rui Yusheng to stand out in the fiercely competitive Allure Model and debut smoothly after only two years of training.
And as one of the company’s key development targets, the company will prioritize him once there are good resources available.
His ability to attract fans and become popular is also quite fast.

By using Wen Nan’s admission letter to enter Allure Model, Rui Yusheng naturally had to be on guard and was worried that if the truth were to be exposed, it would anger Frederick, leaving him with no hope of turning things around.
But he understood the principle of seeking wealth in danger and believed that taking this risk was worth it if it meant success.

During his training period, before he appeared on any online platforms, he was relatively safe.
But after his official debut, he knew there was a high chance that Wen Nan would see him on the internet.
So, in order to keep Wen Nan from exposing him, he finally took the initiative to contact Wen Nan two years later.
He admitted to using Wen Nan’s admission letter in the phone call and apologized profusely, promising to repay him doubly in the future.

Wen Nan’s thoughts were that even though he had already guessed that the admission letter was used by Rui Yusheng and had personally confirmed it, what can he do? His father’s health was getting worse, and he couldn’t leave his father at this time.
Moreover, once he missed the appropriate age, the admission letter would be meaningless to him.
Since that was the case, it was better to let Rui Yusheng use the admission letter and fulfill his own dream that he couldn’t achieve.
However, it still took a long time for Wen Nan to get over it.

As a child, his father told him that boys can like other boys, but they must not forget that they are still boys and that boys who like to dress up as girls are not normal.

At that young age, after hearing his father’s words, Wen Nan developed the belief that boys who like to dress up as girls are abnormal.
However, as he grew older, he found himself unable to control his attraction to beautiful and stylish women’s clothing.
He felt anxious because he thought he might be the kind of boy that his father called “abnormal”.

While struggling with his own abnormality, Wen Nan secretly followed the performances of those who dressed up online and silently admired their ability to wear beautiful clothes.
Until he had a sudden epiphany when he watched a cross-dressing model who received the official Princess Honor speak about his achievement.

The model stated that cross-dressing performances were no longer considered as vulgar and crude as they were years ago.
Rather, when men wore women’s clothing to perform, it could become a form of art.
What was seen as vulgar and crude by some could be appreciated by others as art.
He hoped that future generations of cross-dressing models would uphold this positive image and not perpetuate negative stereotypes.
Together, they could work hard to prove to everyone that cross-dressing performances could also be considered a form of art.

Wen Nan firmly held onto these words and regarded them as his life motto.
He told himself that in this day and age, it is possible to prove that showcasing women’s clothing can also be a form of art.

But what saddened him the most was that he might never be able to prove to his father that he could showcase women’s clothing in an artistic way and that it was not abnormal.

After receiving forgiveness from Wen Nan and his assurance that he would not expose him, Rui Yusheng began to contact Wen Nan frequently.
He would tell Wen Nan how tough his training classes were every day, even after he had debuted, and that the competition was too intense, causing him a lot of pressure.

At first, Wen Nan felt that since he couldn’t join Allure Model, it was good to listen to Rui Yusheng’s experiences, as if he had gone through them himself.
He would also comfort and encourage Rui Yusheng, urging him to persist and wishing him to be awarded the honorable title of Princess.  He would even spend money online to vote for him, sending him gifts and increasing his popularity during his live performances.

Then, one day, Rui Yusheng mentioned Frederick, saying he had run into him at various places and even had lunch with him.
He claimed Frederick had sent him flowers, watched his performance, and even called him a friend.

Listening to this, Wen Nan felt a little envious, but he still saw Frederick as an uncle figure.
He was happy for Rui Yusheng that he was appreciated by more people, even by Frederick.
However, he did not know that all of this was just a fantasy Rui Yusheng fabricated and lied to him about.

Although Rui Yusheng tried very hard to get Frederick’s attention, it obviously didn’t have much effect.
Frederick did know of his existence, he treated him the same as he did with other models in Allure Model, without any special treatment.
In fact, Rui Yusheng didn’t know Frederick wasn’t particularly interested in the cross-dressing models.

When Wen Nan was about to turn sixteen, his father, who had long been detached from the world and increasingly yearned for his mother, passed away.

Before his father died, he told him that he could do the things he wanted to, and that he wouldn’t blame him for anything.
However, he also instructed him to take good care of himself and to seek help from Frederick if he encountered any difficulties he couldn’t solve.
Because Frederick promised to help him when he had difficulties, he would definitely do it.
He then gave Frederick’s private number to Wen Nan.

Wen Nan’s simple thoughts couldn’t hide anything.
How could his father not know about his liking for cross-dressing, even though the meaning of cross-dressing has changed significantly nowadays? But he still didn’t want his son to go down this path, for fear that he might not be able to recover if he made a slight mistake.

It wasn’t until his death that Wen Nan’s father finally came to terms with it and decided to let him try, since he wanted to do it anyway and had Frederick as a backer.
He believed, with Frederick’s power right now, protecting Wen Nan would not be hard for him.

But he never expected the destructive influence of Rui Yusheng, who led his son step by step down the path of tragedy and completely destroyed him.
If he had known this would happen, he would have made sure before he died that Wen Nan would promise not to go down this path no matter what.

The Author has something to say:

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! May we all bark bark bark together in the coming year!

Zia’s here:

Just a little info as to why the Author said bark bark… because the novel was written in 2018, which was the year of dog.

Btw guys, there’s finally a little clue about the ‘disrupted worlds’.

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