Models from different companies each entered their respective rest areas arranged by their own companies.
Before they went in, there were already many models in each rest area who were not among the top 30 in terms of fan rankings, as well as executives and representatives from various modeling agencies.
Because after the top 30 models in terms of fan numbers finished their performances, there would be a very grand and high-profile banquet, and executives from various companies would attend.
Such banquets only occur once a year.

After each model finishes their performance, different companies will present fireworks as a gift to the model to represent their support.
Some companies may give fireworks to one or more models, but each model can only receive one gift of fireworks.
The more fireworks a model receives, the more prestigious they are.
Rui Yusheng was so confident he will be the most popular model among all the companies because he was certain that he will receive the most fireworks gifts.

Today, almost all of the management of Allure Model come, Because Weiding Group was one of the host companies of this event.
As a subsidiary company of Weiding Group, almost everyone in the top management of Allure Model was present.

Rui Yusheng was the first to perform on stage.
He changed into a white, floor-length evening gown in the dressing room and walked out, giving a glance to Lu Jingqian before heading backstage to prepare under the gaze of everyone in the rest area.

Rui Yusheng’s performance will be playing piano.
The platform then raise upward, sending him to the stage.
He had been learning piano since young, and on such occasions, he would showcase his most skilled talent.
However, compared to professional piano players, there is still a certain gap in his playing skills.
However, in this kind of live performance to reward the fans, as long as the performance was not too bad, generally, no one will say anything.

Most models choose to perform with instruments, which was the safest choice.
Some also choose to dance, but singing has been rarely chosen for many years.
This was because lip-syncing or using a voice changer was not allowed on stage, and in this cautious environment, no one would want to expose their male voice.

Rui Yusheng played a sentimental piece, wanting to prove that he can handle and control both sexy and emotional performances.

After finishing his performance, the lift platform lowered, and now he just needed to wait in the rest area to watch the fireworks display given to him.

Sitting on the sofa, Rui Yusheng looked at the splendid fireworks captured on the large screen in the rest area, and his lips couldn’t help but curl up.
After each fireworks display, staff would bring in a large bouquet of real flowers and place them next to a nameplate bearing Rui Yusheng’s name.

To avoid the awkward situation of some models not receiving fireworks, the talent agencies would give their own models’ fireworks displays.
However, in order to prevent competition and cheating, it was stipulated that a company could only give one model one firework display.

Rui Yusheng received a total of eight fireworks displays.
After his display ended, the host went on stage to announce the companies that gave him the fireworks displays.
In addition to the one firework gift from Allure Model, seven other companies gave him a firework gift.
These companies were all ones he had endorsed, and he had developed personal relationships with some of the higher-ups, so it was normal for them to give him gifts.

Rui Yusheng thought it was impossible for any other model to receive more fireworks gifts than he did, and new models like Lu Jingqian were even less likely to receive more gifts than he did.
He had all the best resources from the company.

After enjoying enough envy and jealousy, Rui Yusheng felt bored just sitting there when the next model came on stage to perform.
So he stood up, walked over to Lu Jingqian, and asked, “What talent are you planning to showcase today?”

“What does my performance have to do with you?” Lu Jingqian replied expressionlessly.
They were all colleagues from the same company, and in this setting where they weren’t facing fans, Lu Jingqian didn’t want to pretend to be friendly with him anymore.

“I’m just concerned about you, why are you so angry?” Rui Yusheng smiled and said, “Are you angry at me for not wanting to share the resources with you? I’m really sorry, I wanted the honorary title of Her Highness Princess so badly that I had a bad attitude during the meeting.
However, you should be able to understand me, I told you before how hard I worked to get to where I am today.
We are good friends who grew up together, consider it as helping me once, and I will definitely do my best to help you get the next honorary title competition.
Let’s each get it once, okay?”

Rui Yusheng still didn’t want to completely offend Lu Jingqian, but rather than saying that he didn’t want to, it was more like he knew he couldn’t completely break ties with Lu Jingqian.

Although he felt that he had found quite a few backers for himself, those people were nothing compared to Frederick.
Therefore, before he decided to completely destroy Lu Jingqian, he should still maintain a good relationship with him.
He has reflected on some of his previous actions and realized that he was too impulsive.
That was because he still saw Lu Jingqian as Wen Nan from his childhood, kind, naive, and easy to deceive.
After several times of getting angry at Lu Jingqian, he realized that he was no longer the same Wen Nan he used to be.

“Do you really take me as a fool? You think you can cheat me as you want?” Lu Jingqian said in a voice only two of them could hear, “I don’t want to spend energy acting with you anymore.
Because it’s not worth my energy acting with you.
It’s too easy for me to deal with you.
So instead of acting with me here, and trying to pretend to please me, you should use your energy to think about how to receive my next move.
Because after this, I won’t you have it easy.”

Rui Yusheng’s body stiffened because of Lu Jingqian’s words.
He felt an inexplicable sense of fear, and he could sense that Lu Jingqian was not just bluffing.
He would really follow through with his word.
However, this sense of fear did not make him reflect on his mistakes and think about stopping.
Instead, it stirred up even more anger in him.

It was soon Lu Jingqian’s turn to go on stage to perform.
He went into the dressing room and changed into a formal suit, then went backstage to prepare.

Rui Yusheng clenched his fists tightly, glaring hard at Lu Jingqian’s back.
He was determined to strike first before Lu Jingqian laid a hand on him.
But now, what method should he use to deal with him? Calm down, calm down, he will find a way.

Lu Jingqian prepared a singing performance, a talent almost no model would dare to challenge, and the company initially did not agree to let him perform.
But he insisted on singing and promised not to mess up.
After singing a section in front of all the trainers, he finally obtained the company’s approval with their guarantee.

When fans in the audience saw that Lu Jingqian had no instruments in his hands or around him, they were wondering what he was going to perform.
Then, a gentle prelude music started playing, and Lu Jingqian lifted the microphone in his hand.

The fans were dumbfounded, and think in surprise, will he perform a song? This is a talent with disastrous results that almost no model dared to challenge since many years ago.
Why did he take such a risk?

When the clear and ethereal voice reached everyone’s ears, they thought it was a recorded voice until they realized it was actually Lu Jingqian singing as he slowly walked forward.

They couldn’t distinguish whether it was a male or female voice, but it was the least important thing at the moment because his voice was like a spring breeze blowing into their hearts, making them feel refreshed and delighted.

After hearing Lu Jingqian’s singing, Rui Yusheng was shocked and stunned because in his impression, he had never heard Wen Nan sing or seen him learn any musical instruments.
He thought that even if he didn’t perform the worst this time, he couldn’t perform better than him.
Although performing well in this kind of dance was not particularly important for them, but for someone like Lu Jingqian who performs exceptionally well, it will definitely cause a sensation.

Rui Yusheng turned his head to look at the others and found that the trainers had satisfied and pleased expressions, and the managers also had attentive and appreciative expressions.
Even some models closed their eyes and enjoyed listening.

The better Lu Jingqian performed, the more jealous and uneasy Rui Yusheng felt.
He had already lost in terms of appearance, and he naturally didn’t want to be outdone by Lu Jingqian in other aspects.

After the accompaniment music ended, Lu Jingqian’s last few sentences were sung acappella, which was more artistic and was also to prevent anyone from saying he lip-synced.

Lu Jingqian walked to the position of the lifting platform and waved goodbye to the fans below.
The fans’ screams were so loud that Lu Jingqian felt like his eardrums were going to burst.

When Lu Jingqian returned to the rest area, the trainers and managers stood up to greet him and praised him for doing well.
Once this skill of his was made public, it will definitely set up another storm, and another endorsement will come to him.

After finishing his conversation with the trainers and managers, Lu Jingqian looked around with his eyes to find Rui Yusheng, and saw he had already sat back in his original seat.
Although Rui Yusheng looked indifferent and seemed to have no emotions, Lu Jingqian could still see the jealousy and anger in his eyes.

After their eyes met, Rui Yusheng stared back at Lu Jingqian with an expression that seemed to say, “Don’t get too proud of yourself too soon.
Even if your performance will generate a lot of buzz on the internet, you still can’t beat me in terms of the number of fireworks gifts.”

Lu Jingqian smirked and walked over to the sofa, not caring about the fireworks gifts at all.
What really mattered was which company would ultimately choose to sponsor him.

At the beginning of the first fireworks show, everyone was still relatively calm because there was a fireworks gift sent to Lu Jingqian by Allure Model.
At the start of the second fireworks show, there wasn’t much of a reaction from the people in the lounge either, because Lu Jingqian’s popularity hadn’t faded yet and it was normal for one or two other companies to send him fireworks gifts.

Then, as the fifth, sixth… until fifteenth fireworks gifts were presented, not only were all the people in the lounge shocked but even Lu Jingqian himself was surprised, wondering how so many companies were sending him fireworks gifts.

The general manager of Allure Model looked at Lu Jingqian with a shocked and puzzled expression and asked, “What’s going on? Do you know which companies are sending these gifts?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Jingqian shook his head, he was also puzzled.

When the number of fireworks gifts received by Lu Jingqian surpassed Rui Yusheng, he bit his lip hard to control his urge to explode.
Every time Lu Jingqian received one more fireworks gift than him, he bit harder, almost causing his lips to bleed.

They all thought that Rui Yusheng must have received the most fireworks gifts, but they didn’t expect Lu Jingqian to receive fifteen gifts, twice as much as Rui Yusheng, and no other model had received such a large number of gifts before.

So when the host went on stage to announce which companies had sent the fireworks gifts, everyone in the lounge, except Rui Yusheng, stood up involuntarily and moved closer to the screen, wanting to hear the names of the companies more clearly.

The first company was Allure Model, which was definitely expected, so they urged the host in their hearts to hurry up and announce the next one.
When they heard that the second company was Durin, they were only momentarily surprised and not too shocked because Durin had also sent fireworks to Rui Yusheng, and they were both Durin’s spokespersons, so receiving fireworks from Dulin was normal.

However, the long list of company names read out next left the general manager of Allure Model shocked with his mouth open, not knowing how to react.

In contrast, after hearing the names of these companies, Lu Jingqian had a sudden realization and couldn’t help but smile because he knew who had sent the fireworks to him.

Although the fireworks were sent by different companies, all these companies were under the Weiding Group, and only Frederick could make all the companies under the Weiding Group send fireworks to him.

Zia’s here:

It’s not called fireworks display anymore, but public display of affection~~

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