Of course, it was impossible for Lu Jingqian to forgive Rui Yusheng because he was here to take revenge on behalf of Wen Nan, and not to forgive him on behalf of Wen Nan.

Only Wen Nan himself has the power to decide whether to forgive Rui Yusheng, unfortunately, Wen Nan’s soul has already dissipated.
Only after Lu Jingqian avenges him can his soul be reunited and reincarnated.
Therefore, Rui Yusheng can never be forgiven.

The reason why Lu Jingqian did not immediately report to Frederick and expose Rui Yusheng’s deeds was to make him experience the fear and uneasiness that Wen Nan had when he was threatened.

And based on Lu Jingqian’s understanding of Rui Yusheng, whether he forgives him or not, Rui Yusheng will certainly not stop.
Just as in his previous life, he gradually pushed Wen Nan to a dead end.
Lu Jingqian also wants to push him to a mental breakdown and make him feel like there is no way out but to take extreme measures.

Lu Jingqian sent a message to Alva and arranged to meet him in the evening.

Alva was a little surprised to receive the message from Lu Jingqian, as it had been many days since he received his last message.
Lu Jingqian had not replied to him all this while, which made him think that he would not be bothered with him anymore.
Now he suddenly wants to meet him, he could not be unsurprised.

Alva felt that Lu Jingqian was now popular, and it was a very rare thing for him to take the initiative to ask him out.
And he was urgently eager to see him and ask for his help, now that he had the opportunity to meet, he would certainly not miss it.

Alva arrived at the restaurant they agreed on early, the place and seats were arranged by Lu Jingqian.
Although they were not in a private room, each table was separated by a screen, which was considered a separate space where they couldn’t be seen by neighboring tables.

As soon as Lu Jingqian came in with sunglasses on and sat down, a waiter came in to serve them and take their orders.

“Bring us your best tea, we won’t order any food,” Lu Jingqian said.

A pot of the best tea wouldn’t be cheaper than a table of dishes.
Since they were here, they couldn’t not consume anything.
He didn’t want to have a meal with Alva, so he just ordered a pot of tea.

“Wen Nan, it’s great that you could invite me out.
I…” Alva wanted to ask Lu Jingqian for help but felt it might be too direct.
It would be better to start with a greeting.
“You’ve been really popular lately, your popularity is the highest on the internet discussion about the show model.
But it must also be very hard on you, not only with live broadcasts and training, but you also had to attend various activities and banquets.”

The waiter brought the tea to the table and poured a cup for each of them before leaving.
Only then did Lu Jingqian take off his sunglasses and put them on the table, and then picked up the teacup to smell it.
He originally didn’t like to drink tea, but in the previous world, Antwin thought he liked tea and always went out of his way to find the best tea leaves for him.
To not disappoint Antwin, he began to learn how to taste the tea and gradually developed a love for it after many years of drinking.

After taking a small sip, Lu Jingqian put down his teacup and looked at Alva, “Because you’ve been messaging me all this while, I feel that there are some things I should say to you in person to clear things up.
This will be the last time we meet.
Please don’t send me any more messages in the future and don’t think about disturbing my life.”

“I know you’re not the same person as before, and I won’t ask you to accompany clients to dinner anymore.
As long as you can help me one last time, I promise I won’t bother you again,” Alva pleaded with a look in his eyes.

“What do you need my help with?” Lu Jingqian asked him.

“My company is currently lacking sufficient funds for operation.
I want to borrow some money from you.
When I earn the money back, I will definitely pay you back immediately,” said Alva urgently.
Most of his company’s funds were provided by Rui Yusheng, but because he had not been able to complete the tasks assigned by him, he not only stopped investing in his company but also stopped introducing clients to him.
His company is now facing the crisis of bankruptcy.
If the company goes bankrupt, he will have nothing.
He felt that the only person who could help him now was Lu Jingqian.

“Borrow money?” Lu Jingqian sneered and sarcastically said, “Don’t blame me for being blunt, but with your ability, you can’t manage a company at all.
No matter how much money you invest, you will definitely lose money.
I’m not stupid, and I don’t have that much spare money to lend to you to fill that bottomless pit.
You should continue to look for Rui Yusheng to borrow money.
After all, your company was started with his investment, right?”

“You…,” Alva looked at Lu Jingqian in surprise and said, “How do you know that the company was started with Yusheng’s money?”

“The things I know are more than that.
I know everything you know and don’t.” Lu Jingqian said.

“… It’s true that the company was started with money borrowed from Yusheng,” Alva averted his gaze and made up an excuse in his mind, “But the company hasn’t been profitable, and I can’t ask him for more money, so I have to ask for your help.”

“Is it because he instructed you to harm me and you didn’t manage to that he stopped giving you funding and introducing clients to you?”

“…”, Alva was shocked and couldn’t speak.
He didn’t expect that Lu Jingqian would know about this too.

Ling Jingqian picked up his phone and transferred some money to Alva, “Consider this as me repaying a favor your father did for my family in the past.
I remind you one last time, this money is yours now.
You can run away as far as possible with it.
This might delay the time for you to face the consequences, but it won’t change your fate.”

“Wen Nan!” Alva stood up immediately after seeing the amount of money he received, and grabbed his hand excitedly, “Please lend me a little more, this is not enough.
I’m begging you.”

“Let go.” Ling Jingqian’s gaze sharpened as he looked at him and said, “If you still want this hand of yours, let go of me immediately!”

Alva was scared by Lu Jingqian’s gaze and instinctively let go of his hand, then watched as Lu Jingqian put on his sunglasses and left.

As Lu Jingqian walked out, he glanced at the figure that flashed past the corner on the second floor, then walked out as if nothing had happened.
He didn’t just meet Alva to warn him face-to-face, of course, it wasn’t that simple.
Now that his purpose has been achieved, he just needs to go back and wait and see.

Rui Yusheng turned the wine bottle upside down, wanting to pour some into his glass, but the bottle was already empty and not a drop remained.
He forcefully threw the bottle to the ground and, still feeling unsatisfied, and swept everything off the bar onto the floor.

“Ahh! Ahh! “Ah!” Rui Yusheng screamed as he smashed things to vent his anger, until he exhaustedly collapsed on the ground, leaning against the wall and breathing heavily.

Various emotions such as anger, fear, and worry mixed together, making Rui Yusheng almost unable to breathe in pain.
After returning from Lu Jingqian’s dormitory today, Rui Yusheng racked his brains for a long time, trying to figure out how to successfully deal with Lu Jingqian while being able to escape unscathed.
But every method he could think of was useless once he thought about how Frederick was backing up Lu Jingqian.

In the midst of his confusion and headache, he opened his computer to try and distract himself, thinking that relaxing a little might help him come up with a solution.
He habitually searched for discussion topics about himself on the computer as soon as he turned it on, and then he saw those intense discussions that were all mocking his body shape.
The only topic that overshadowed him was the various discussions praising Lu Jingqian’s body shape and singing ability.

This suddenly gave Rui Yusheng a feeling that he could never escape from Lu Jingqian’s suppression.
His fate was completely beyond his control, whether it was on the surface or in secret.
He could only wait for Lu Jingqian to pass judgment on his outcome.

Rui Yusheng shrank into a ball because of fear, shouting in his heart, I’m not willing! I can’t just accept my fate like this! God will not be so unfair to me!

The next day when Lu Jingqian arrived at the company, he was called to attend a meeting, which was the same meeting on resource allocation as before.

Even with sunglasses, Rui Yusheng couldn’t hide his bad complexion.
In this meeting, the business department manager not only did not give him all the best resources but also allocated more resources to Lu Jingqian than last time.
Rui Yusheng remained silent and no longer had the domineering and arrogance from the previous meeting.

The general manager has already asked him about the admission letter, and he has admitted that he used Wen Nan’s admission letter but did not say that he stole it, only that Wen Nan knew about it.

Although the general manager was a little angry that he didn’t clarify things from the beginning, he realized that he had never asked him before and he himself had never mentioned anything related to President Frederick.
It was likely just a misunderstanding, so he wasn’t that angry anymore.
But since Rui Yusheng and President Frederick are not related, they can fully follow the best plan and strategy for the company without worrying about him.

“One thing that must be explained to you is that this resource allocation is not just a recommended quota, but the selection of candidates arranged by the other company.
“So it’s basically settled, we’re just waiting to sign the contract for the ad,” said the business department manager.
“There is still some time to prepare for these tasks, but the next task is to compete in the voting for the latest game from Ruike Gaming Company.
This time, our company has five people invited to participate, and Ruike Gaming Company has offered a large endorsement fee, but only one spokesperson will be selected in the end.
Compared to other companies, our company has the most show models participating in the competition, so no matter what, I hope our company’s show model will be the one to succeed in getting the endorsement.”

“Another thing you need to be mentally prepared for is that Ruike Gaming Company’s latest game is set underwater, so the live broadcast of the competition will be conducted underwater.
You have only seven days to prepare.
If you are not good at diving, please let us know immediately after the meeting, so we can make personnel adjustments in a timely manner.
Do not try to be brave.”

After receiving the video materials of the game on his tablet, Lu Jingqian thought that although he was good at diving and swimming, he needed to find a place with a swimming pool to quickly adapt his body.
The company should have a swimming pool available for them, but it would definitely be shared among several people, and there was a possibility of exposing his training process.
If he didn’t use the company-provided pool, he could always stay in a hotel with a private pool outside of the room for a few days.

Lu Jingqian planned to go back and think about the content he wanted to show during the live broadcast, and then go to a hotel with a swimming pool to practice.
However, as soon as he reached the company’s gate, he saw Frederick’s assistant.

Frederick’s assistant invited Lu Jingqian into the car without saying where they were going.
As Lu Jingqian looked out of the window, he thought to himself that although he was mentally prepared, this was much faster than he expected.

After getting off the car, Lu Jingqian realized that he was taken to the Wei Ding Group’s building, and the assistant took him straight to the top floor.
After the assistant reported their arrival, the door of the office opened from the inside, and the assistant stepped aside to let Lu Jingqian in.

After entering Lu Jingqian saw a room that looked like a reception room instead of the office he had imagined.
He knocked on the door and walked in after it opened automatically, and his sight immediately widened as he saw a tremendously huge office.

“Uncle Fred.” Lu Jingqian walked up to Frederick’s desk and greeted him politely.

“Sit.” Frederick still focused on the documents on his computer and did not look at Lu Jingqian.

After Lu Jingqian sat down, Frederick pushed a tablet in front of him and said, “Take a look.”

Lu Jingqian glanced at Frederick, then picked up the tablet and clicked play.
The video showed his meeting with Alva and being grabbed by the wrist.

After finishing the last bit of the document, Frederick closed the computer and looked at Lu Jingqian.
“I told you not to meet him again.
Do you remember what I said?”

“I, I remember…” Lu Jingqian looked guilty and asked, “Uncle Fred, how did you get this?”

“A journalist captured it and sold it to our general manager, who then gave it to me.” Frederick just returned this morning and had his assistant inform the Allure Model’s manager that any matters concerning Lu Jingqian should be reported to his assistant.
That’s when the Allure Model manager sent over this video.

“Had the general manager never shown me this, I had no idea I was being followed.” Lu Jingqian hung his head, looking increasingly nervous.

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