This time, they will be competing for the vote by live stream, after carefully studying the style and content of the game, Lu Jingqian decided to go for a fantasy style Therefore, he needed a costume that could showcase his figure, make him appear like he was floating in the water, and had a fantasy element to it.

Lu Jingqian spent a long time selecting clothes from the three to four rows of clothes until he found a satisfactory outfit.
Although he only needed to pick one for the competition, he could wear the other clothes he had chosen during regular live streams.

After selecting the competition outfit, Lu Jingqian took out a black embroidered short cheongsam from the pile of clothes, he rolled his eyes, and went to change in the dressing room.

Lu Jingqian changed into the cheongsam, carefully put on a wig, and did his makeup before walking in high heels to Frederick’s study.

After knocking on the door and entering, Lu Jingqian stood in front of Frederick, striking a pose, and asked, “Do I look good?”

Lu Jingqian had no interest in women’s clothing before, but now he found it quite enjoyable.
Especially when he wore it for his loved one, it became a true pleasure for him as it added to the excitement.

“You look great,” said Frederick.
In his eyes, Lu Jingqian always looked good regardless of whether he was wearing men’s or women’s clothing.
Although it has a different kinds of beauty, they were both the best in his heart.

Moreover, Lu Jingqian had a knack for selecting clothing, and this cheongsam he wore showed off his charm and a bit of coquettish.
Perhaps it was because he had been taught deeply by Frederick for several consecutive days, his eyes and expression were both lazy and sexy, like a charming kitten.
Looking at him makes Frederick’s heart feel like it had been scratched by a cat’s paw.
He just wanted to rub him into his arms and love him.

Lu Jingqian took a few more steps forward, bent over, and held Frederick’s shoulder to kiss him.
Frederick’s hand slowly slid upward from his thigh…

After the two parted, Lu Jingqian blushed and took Frederick’s hand away, turning to leave.
However, Frederick pulled him back and held him on his lap, asking, “Where are you going?”

“Go and change clothes.
I wear this for you to see, not to, not to do anything with you.” Lu Jingqian was really just trying to show him to get smug, not intentionally seduce him.
In two days’ time, there will be a competition to get votes, and he still wants to take good care of himself.

“Since you don’t want to do anything, you shouldn’t tempt me.
Since you tempt me, do you think I’ll just let you go?” Frederick pinched his chin and took a gentle bite of his lips.

“I’m going to work in two days…” Lu Jingqian looked at him with pitiful eyes, begging for mercy.

“I won’t make you too tired.” Frederick picked up Lu Jingqian and put him on the desk, fondling him fondly.

“Don’t do this, please.” Lu Jingqian was suppressed and unable to resist.
He could only plead for mercy in a trembling voice, as he had been dominated by Frederick.

The more he begged for mercy in this pitiful little way, the more he made Frederick’s blood boil.
He just wanted to swallow him into his stomach and hide, never to be seen by anyone else.


Although Frederick did not let him go, but he did not want him to go to work with an exhausted body, so he ended it after doing it once.

Lu Jingqian come down from the desk with weak legs, looking at the cheongsam that he liked had been torn into rags and thrown on the ground, he felt some pity.

Frederick draped his jacket over him and carried him to the adjacent bedroom to clean him.

Frederick was originally going to rush to another city today,  but postponed it for two days in order to accompany Lu Jingqian until the day he started working.

On the morning of the third day, Frederick send Lu Jingqian to Allure Model’s company building, and the two kissed for a while before Lu Jingqian got out of the car.

Lu Jingqian lay on Frederick’s chest and gasped, “If you don’t let me go, I’ll be late.”

“I will be leaving for more than ten days this time before I can come back.
Take good care of yourself and call me anytime if you need anything,” said Frederick, kissing Lu Jingqian’s forehead before helping him open the car door.

“I will take good care of myself.
Besides, you have arranged so many bodyguards to protect me secretly.
I will be safe in the Imperial City, so don’t worry,” Lu Jingqian said, kissing him on the cheek before getting out of the car.

Lu Jingqian hurriedly got on the elevator and almost stepped on the floor where they were supposed to meet.

Bedia was about to call him when she saw him finally arrive.
She breathed a sigh of relief and walked up to him, asking, “You haven’t come to the company for the past few days, and you only came at this time today.
Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing happened,” Lu Jingqian waved his hand and said, “I’m just undergoing secret training.
I came from the outskirts early this morning, so I was delayed a bit.”

“Did you bring all your costumes and everything?” Bedia asked.

“I brought everything.
My assistant checked everything before I left this morning,” Lu Jingqian said.

Bedia turned to the other models and said, “Since everyone is here, let’s go.”

As Lu Jingqian was about to leave, he turned his head and glanced at Rui Yusheng who was walking at the back.
He noticed that Rui Yusheng’s state was much worse compared to the last time they competed for votes, and he no longer had the spirited look he had before.
Lu Jingqian thought that the reason for Rui Yusheng’s current state must be due to the huge pressure and fear he experienced during this period.
With such great psychological pressure and constant torment by fear, his state was definitely not good.

Lu Jingqian sneered inwardly, as all of these were the pain he made the original host experience, and now it was time for him to experience it himself.

The location of this vote competition was held in the largest aquarium in the Imperial City because the game’s scene was in the sea, so there had to be marine creatures to complement the environment and make it more realistic.

Upon arrival, they were told that two groups of people had to share one ocean pool.
Because time was tight, the aquarium staff didn’t have enough time to arrange more pools for them to use, and the tickets for the other pools had already been sold out, so they couldn’t ask people who wanted to visit to return their tickets.

Although two people shared one ocean pool, the camera shots were still separated, but it was still possible to see each other in their own frames.

Therefore, the arrangement of personnel was based on the number of fans, with the first and second places together, the third and fourth places together, and so on.

Since Lu Jingqian’s fan base had skyrocketed after the show model’s thanksgiving season, he now had the highest number of fans among the models, with Rui Yusheng, who originally had the most fans, following behind him.
So they shared one ocean pool.

Lu Jingqian went to the dressing room to change clothes and put on makeup, thinking that he had to share an ocean pool with Rui Yusheng.
It was truly fate.

He chose a costume with a blue gradient base and silver flower patterns on top.
He has tried the costume before, when he wore this costume in the water, there will be a little silver flash, but not be too shiny.

While all the models were getting ready in the director’s room, Lu Jingqian walked out of the dressing room and went to the edge of the swimming pool to wait.
When he saw Rui Yusheng already standing by the edge of the pool, he walked over to him.

Lu Jingqian stood next to Rui Yusheng and whispered, “You don’t seem to be in good shape.
Was it the pressure from what I said before? Would you like me to tell you everything you’ve done so you can be relieved? So do you want me to say it earlier, or later?”

Rui Yusheng remained silent, but his clenched fist revealed how much strength he was exerting to endure.

“Live Broadcast starting, ten seconds countdown, prepare to get into the water.”

Lu Jingqian and Rui Yusheng both stood at the edge of the pool.

“10, 9… 3, 2, 1, Live!”

Because the camera was in the water, when Land Jingqian heard “one”, he had already jumped down.
For all the netizens who were waiting for Lu Jingqian’s appearance on the computer screen, the first thing they saw was the beautiful and colorful fish, and then suddenly, Lu Jingqian appeared in the screen like an elf.

After Lu Jingqian’s fans saw such a scene, they unconsciously forgot to breathe, because the stunningly beautiful scene made them feel suffocated.

As for Rui Yusheng, after the director shouted “live”, he was still standing on the edge and had not entered the water, because he was not very good at swimming, let alone performing in the water.
However, he did not say that he was not good at diving, because he did not want to miss this endorsement opportunity.
Moreover, he remembered Wen Nan couldn’t even swim, so even if he was not good at it, he wouldn’t be worse than him.

Rui Yusheng really wanted to get this endorsement opportunity, because if he got it, he would have a chance to receive the Princess’s honor title.
So even though he couldn’t eat or sleep well because of fear these days, It’s not like he didn’t do anything.

He knew that Benjamin was a good friend of the president of Ruike Gaming Company, Mr.
Dili Ruikang, so he spent the last few days using various methods to ask Benjamin to help him get this endorsement.

Rui Yusheng roughly estimated how many votes he could get based on his current number of fans, assuming he didn’t perform particularly poorly.
Then he thought Lu Jingqian couldn’t swim, and even if he tried hard to practice in these few days, he couldn’t make much progress, at most, he wouldn’t be afraid of water.

So he felt that if calculated by the number of fans, the final number of votes he and Lu Jingqian received should not be very different.
In case Lu Jingqian’s vote count exceeds his, this is when Benjamin comes into play.

Previously, there have been cases where merchants chose models with fewer votes.
In cases where the difference in votes between the models was not significant, the other company might choose the model they wanted more.

After the live broadcast started, Rui Yusheng stood on the platform for a full minute and told himself in his heart that he had prepared completely and just needed to perform normally when diving.
After more than a minute, he finally jumped into the water.

Lu Jingqian’s fans were admiring him like fools, mesmerized by his beautiful elf-like face and the graceful swimming of his flexible, fish-like body.
Suddenly, a white figure descended like a heavy object thrown from the sky, appearing in the frame behind Lu Jingqian, leaving everyone who saw it stunned.

Before they could recover from the shock, the white object began to wave its limbs, as if struggling to break free from the pair of white fabrics.
When he finally managed to free himself from the pile of white fabrics, he flapped his limbs and started swimming upward, clearly eager to reach the surface and catch his breath.

Lu Jingqian happened to see this scene as he turned around to swim, and he resisted the urge to roll his eyes and turned the camera in another direction.
Initially, he had hoped that having Rui Yusheng as a comparison would highlight his own strengths but seeing his exaggerated movements, he decided to avoid having him appear in his frame, as he would only ruin the scene.

Because the live stream is conducted in the water, the models can freely choose when to surface for air, but the live stream only lasts for one hour, and how much underwater footage you can present in one hour is entirely up to you.

Every few minutes, Lu Jingqian would swim to the surface to take a breath, but he only exposed his face to the air and immediately swam back down, which was much more aesthetically pleasing compared to other models whose entire heads surface, with wet hair sticking to their faces, making them look disheveled.

While swimming in the water, Lu Jingqian perfectly showcases his graceful body curves, making people feel like he’s not swimming in the water, but soaring through a fantastic sky, as if it were a computer-generated special effect.
Being able to achieve this effect was already quite amazing.

As for Rui Yusheng, his fans were originally waiting for him with expectations to appear on the screen, but when he finally did, his painful struggle made them unable to help but worry.
During his repeated entry into the water and continuous struggle to swim upwards, they couldn’t help but laugh because his movements were really ridiculous.

Rui Yusheng’s views did not decrease as a result, but instead showed a trend of gradual increase because they had never seen such a funny live stream before, it was really bizarre.
Especially the scene behind him, with the image of Lu Jingqian, who looked like a water elf dancing in the background, the huge contrast between the scenes made the image both hilarious and eerie.

Lu Jingqian was trying hard to avoid Rui Yusheng appearing in his stream, while Rui Yushengg’s stream always had Lu Jingqian in the background.
However, Rui Yusheng himself didn’t actually know, because the pain of suffocating in the water was already enough to make him suffer.
He was just trying his best to do well and didn’t have the mental capacity to care about anything else.

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