Big Boss in Woman Dress Counterattack Strategy(14)

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Since the competition campaign of the Ruike Gaming Company ended, Rui Yusheng has become the biggest joke in the modeling industry.
Not only did his fan base decrease rapidly, but the companies that were originally considering him for endorsement quickly switched to other models before signing him.

During a meeting, the general manager harshly criticized Rui Yusheng, saying that he was clearly not good at diving and swimming, yet he still tried to dominate resources and caused himself and Allure Model to be laughed at.
Moreover, Allure Model has never had a model who had already debuted in the competition campaign gain such a low ranking.

At the same time, the general manager publicly announced that Rui Yusheng had stolen someone else’s acceptance letter to enter the company.
Because this behavior was so reprehensible, the company could not condone it.
As punishment, he would not be given any work arrangements for a year.

Although he would only be without work arrangements for a year, there would be more young models debuting after that year, and it is unknown whether he would have any opportunities for work.
Therefore, Rui Yusheng was basically being hidden away by Allure Model.
Not only is it impossible for him to receive the Princess Honorary Title, but his modeling career is also doomed to end.

Perhaps because he has recently suffered too many setbacks, Rui Yusheng did not react much when he heard the general manager’s punishment.
He had already become so desperate that he was numb inside.

After the meeting, he walked out of the company seemingly calm and peaceful, but in reality, he had already fallen into the dark abyss of despair.
The models and employees of the company looked at him with eyes of schadenfreude, sympathy, and lamentation for the fate of the modeling profession due to his actions.
He was originally a bright and shining model with a large fan base who even had the possibility of receiving the Princess Honorary Title, but now Rui Yusheng became a joke because of one mistake, and his ignoble behavior of stealing and taking someone else’s place was also exposed.
Not only did his accumulated popularity over the years disappear, he also paid the price for his actions by being sidelined.

As Rui Yusheng was about to leave the company, he coincidentally encountered the people who were delivering 999 roses and various exquisitely packaged gifts to Lu Jingqian.
As he watched those things, his mind wandered and he thought that perhaps flowers and gifts would no longer be related to him from now on.

After entering the elevator, Rui Yusheng hesitated for a moment and pressed the highest floor number instead of pressing the button for the first floor.
He arrived at the company’s top floor and sat on a chair in the small garden on the rooftop, looking up at the sky.

He wondered what kind of fate had been arranged for him.
As a soul who had traveled through time, wasn’t success supposed to come to him naturally? But why did fate seem to suddenly stop helping him?

Whether it was fate or human intervention, he was not willing to accept this outcome.
He did not want to accept that this was the end for him.
He decided to view his current situation as a test and an opportunity.
If fate had truly abandoned him, then he would rely on himself to change his fate.
He still had a chance to change, even though the method was somewhat dangerous and would require him to pay a price.
It was the only way for him to rise up and turn his life around.

Therefore, Rui Yusheng began to approach Bairde, whom he had previously avoided.
Although Bairde had his heart set on Lu Jingqian, it did not stop him from getting together with Rui Yusheng, who had actively offered himself.

Rui Yusheng is very skilled at using inducement to gradually persuade someone.
He encouraged Bairde to use stronger means to obtain Lu Jingqian while enduring Bairde’s torture.

Rui Yusheng got up from bed and went to the bathroom to clean himself.
He looked at his bruised and scarred body in the mirror, enduring the pain all over his body.
He told himself repeatedly that it was all worth it.

After cleaning up, Rui Yusheng put on his bathrobe and sat on the sofa, looking at Bairde leaning against the bed, and said, “Have you considered my suggestion?”

“Why do you seem more anxious than me?” Bairde glanced at him and said, “Do you hate him that much?”

“If I said I didn’t hate him, you wouldn’t believe me,” Rui Yusheng said, “but I’m just worried about you.
You’ve called his name while holding onto me more than once.
But no matter what, I’m just a substitute.
And I heard that Dili Ruikang is chasing after him very closely recently.
Can you really afford to wait until Dili Ruikang gets him before making a move?”

Bairde said with a gloomy expression, “That little bastard Dili Ruikang.
I always thought he was someone who didn’t understand anything about the art of seduction.
Now he’s actually trying to compete with me.”

“Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret,” Rui Yusheng said with a smile, “Wen Nan is still clean now, but if Dili Ruikang gets to him before you do, even if you make a move later, it’ll just be leftovers from someone else.”

Bairde sat up suddenly and said fiercely, “I don’t care if others are clean or not.
But him, no one can take him away from me.”

“Can I watch when the time comes?” Rui Yusheng had achieved his goal and began to make a request.

“Do you have this hobby?” Bairde looked at him somewhat surprised.

“Well,” Rui Yusheng shrugged and said, “I don’t want to watch everyone, just like you, I only like to watch him.
So please agree to my request.”

“Okay,” Bairde agreed immediately after considering for a few seconds., “I’ve never had someone watch before.
I’ll try it and see how it feels.”

Rui Yusheng smiled, the only genuine smile he had had in a long time.
He had already figured out how to threaten and torture Lu Jingqian after he filmed the whole process.
He wanted him to voluntarily surrender all his resources and use them to become the peak of the modeling world.


Lu Jingqian has been attending company training for the past few days.
He has a considerable amount of endorsement work lined up because most of the companies wanted to replace Rui Yusheng with him as their spokesperson.
After the company went through a selection process, they chose some endorsements that would be most advantageous for him on his selection as Princess Honorary Title.

The pursuit of Dili Ruikang and Bairde, which was like a competition, has finally become somewhat troublesome for him, but he still doesn’t have the mind to deal with them because Frederick is coming back.

Lu Jingqian was stretching in the dance studio, wondering if Frederick would return today or if it would be postponed until tomorrow.
Then his phone rang with a message alert, and he saw that it was from Frederick, saying that he was waiting for him in the parking lot.

Lu Jingqian was a bit excited.
He hadn’t seen his lover in over ten days, and he missed him.
So Lu Jingqian quickly changed his clothes, greeted Bedia, and happily went downstairs.

When he arrived at the underground parking lot, Lu Jingqian did not see the car that Frederick usually drove.
Just as he was about to call Frederick, a car door suddenly opened among the many cars.

Lu Jingqian walked over curiously and bent over to look inside, and indeed saw Frederick sitting inside.
He immediately sat in the car, feeling overjoyed.

“Uncle Fred, I…” before Lu Jingqian managed to say ‘I miss you’, he was kissed by Frederick.

Lu Jingqian circled his neck and lay on his muscular muscle, tilting his head to be deeply kissed by him.
Frederick’s hand reached into his clothes and stroked his body, making him gradually move.

Lu Jingqian was dazed by Frederick’s kiss when the sudden sound of fighting and screaming woke him up.
He turned around to see what was going on, but Frederick covered his eyes, and didn’t let him see anything.

“Don’t see.” Frederick’s low and magnetic’s voice sounded in Lu Jingqian’s ear.

“What’s going on?” Lu Jingqian, puzzled.

Frederick did not answer him.
Only after the car started moving did he release the hand covering his eyes and started kissing him again.

Lu Jingqian’s clothes were undone abd when Frederick’s kisses gradually went down, he held Frederick’s shoulders and asked with shortness of breath, “Uncle Fred, Are you going to… do it here?”

Frederick neither talked nor answered, which made Lu Jingqian uneasy.
He can feel the coldness emitted from Frederick’s body, so although doing it in the car makes him embarrassed, thinking that there’re only the two of them in the back seat, and the front driver can also neither hear nor see with the partition, he did not resist or refuse when Frederick took off his pants.

Lu Jingqian’s body was lifted, and after both his pants and underwear were removed, he knelt on the seat with his hand on the backrest.


Lu Jingqian leaned weakly in Frederick’s arms, slowly putting on his pants after Frederick helped him clean up.

After the car stopped, the two of them didn’t immediately get out.
Frederick held Lu Jingqian and kissed his forehead, asking, “Can you walk on your own?”

Lu Jingqian nodded.
Although his legs were a bit weak, fortunately, Frederick only did it once, and didn’t make him unable to walk.

After getting out of the car, Frederick held Lu Jingqian and walked into the spacious and magnificent gate.

This was Lu Jingqian’s first time here.
As he walked inside, he silently looked around at the environment, thinking that this place was really luxurious.
He guessed that this should be Frederick’s mansion in the city.

Just as the two of them sat down on the sofa, Lu Jingqian saw several tall and sturdy bodyguards dragging in two bruised and swollen men.

The two men were thrown to the ground by the bodyguards, groaning in pain.
Lu Jingqian finally recognized their faces with blue, purple, and red bruises.
They were Bairde and Dili Ruikang.
Lu Jingqian turned his head in surprise to look at Frederick.
He wasn’t surprised that these two were beaten up, but rather surprised by the coincidence of the timing.

Bairde was in severe pain after being beaten up, and he was even more furious inside, thinking that someone dared to lay a hand on him.
He wouldn’t let this person go, no matter who they were.
As he struggled to sit up from the ground, he looked up and saw that the person sitting in front of him was actually Frederick.
His anger immediately disappeared, replaced by a slowly growing sense of fear.

“President Frederick?” Dili Ruikang climbed up and sat down, staring in surprise when he saw Frederick.
He didn’t understand why it was Frederick, and when he turned his eyes a little, he saw Lu Jingqian, who was being held by Frederick and was even more amazed.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Frederick asked them.

The two didn’t answer immediately, and one of the bodyguards next to them kicked them, “Answer the question!”

“I-I know,” Bairde answered immediately, not daring to show any unhappiness even though he was kicked.

“I know…” Dili Ruikang looked at Lu Jingqian and said, “I didn’t know he was President Fred’s person.
If I had known, I wouldn’t have pursued him.
But I didn’t think about forcing him.
I appeared in the parking lot to protect him from Bairde…”

Bairde forcefully waved his hand at Dili Ruikang and pointed at him, then trembled and apologized, “I’m sorry, President Fred, I didn’t know he was your person.
If I had known, I would have stayed far away from him! I absolutely wouldn’t have any improper thoughts about him!”

Frederick said to Lu Jingqian, “You go upstairs and rest first.
I’ll come up later.”

Lu Jingqian nodded, and after Frederick kissed him, he stood up and followed the maid upstairs.

“Bairde,” Frederick leaned forward and looked at Bairde, saying, “You’ve done too many bad things.
Although I’m not a righteous person, I didn’t want to get involved with the bad things you’ve done in the past.
But now you dare to mess with me.
You should know what kind of person I am, right?”

“I-I…” Bairde was trembling with fear because he knew what kind of person Frederick was.
He knelt on the ground and begged, “Please spare me this time for the sake of my father.
I won’t dare to do it again in the future.
I really won’t dare!”

“I do have some relationship with your father, and I’ve known him for many years.
But your father has more than one son, and having one more or one less doesn’t make much difference,” Frey Yue said coldly.

“Don’t!” Bairde shouted out of fear, “I beg you! I really know I’m wrong, I’ll never dare to lay a hand on anyone again.
I’ll really change, I will really do it!”

“Send him back,” Frederick said to his bodyguard.

The bodyguard dragged the yelling Bairde out, and Frederick looked at Dili Ruikang and said, “Ignorance is not innocence.
Do you understand what I mean?”

“I understand,” Dili Ruikang replied.

“You are indeed fundamentally different from Bairde, and you are also smarter than him.
I think you should know what to do,” Frederick said.

“I dare not trouble President Fred to do it himself.
I know what to do,” Dili Ruikang said, bowing his head.

“Very well, you are indeed much smarter than Bairde.
You can go back now,” Frederick said.

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