Lu Jingqian looked at the sky that had completely darkened, thinking that even if it would be somewhat unsafe to go back now, he did not want to stay overnight with the others.
And no one but him knows where those medicines are.
So, there are more people who don’t want him dead yet than there are people who want him dead.

Bonia was standing in the middle of the hall, holding a glass of wine, giving a toast, and thanking the guests.
Lu Jingqian walked into the hall and stood behind the crowd surrounding Bonia and Chuck, checking the various attribute values of the two.

The system allows him to use the function of viewing the various types of values of everyone in order to allow him to complete his tasks better.
He is able to see the strengths and weaknesses of each person in various aspects in addition to the favorability of each person.
The amount of favorability between different people is very important for him to complete the task.

Lu Jingqian first checked Bonia’s attributes and combat value.
Although Bonilla is the Wolf King, because he is still very young, his combat value is not as high as Chuck’s.

Chuck’s favorability toward Bonia, as Bonia said, has indeed exceeded the ambiguous stage and reached the level of love value.
And Chuck’s favorability of Heron, although much lower than originally, still remained some and did not fall to zero or negative numbers.

Lu Jingqian’s gazes drifted to the ground, thinking in his heart.
Before he came to this world, the system had told him that he needed to complete the task in this world.
In addition to winning over the opponent and then avenging the original owner, there is a designated character that must be raided.
The criteria for a successful raid on a designated character is to gain more than eighty percent of his favorability.

It’s not an easy thing to get eighty percent favorability.
Even Chuck, who has clearly developed a fondness for Bonia, only has a rate of fifty percent favorability.
So what method should he use to reach eighty percent favorability to raid the designated character?

Lu Jingqian felt that the task of gaining the favorability of the designated character was much harder than the task of taking revenge for the original owner.
If he had a choice, he would rather choose to take revenge a few more times, but the problem lies in the fact that he has no choice.

Just when Lu Jingqian was lost in thought, a commotion came from outside the hall entrance.
Lu Jingqian and all the people in the hall instinctively looked toward the door.

A group of people dressed in Black Knights’ uniforms forced their way in, blocked by a group of people dressed in White Knights’ uniforms.

Lu Jingqian saw the tall figure in the lead, and then looked at his handsome face with deep contours, and could not help but felt his heart throb.
Because this person is the designated character the system appointed for him to raid.
But Lu Jingqian did not fall in love with him at first sight.
The first time they met, his heart throbbed, it was just that he was thinking that this person had suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, so he was just a little surprised.

When Chuckles saw them barging in aggressively, he immediately stepped forward and asked with a frown, “Antwin, what are you trying to do?”

“Don’t be nervous, I just happened to receive the invitation, so I came to the banquet.” Antwin took out the invitation and casually threw it at Chuck.

Chuckles squeezed the invitation and opened it to see that it was indeed an invitation to today’s banquet, and the person invited on it did indeed have Antwine’s name written on it.

“It was me who invite him.” Bonia stepped forward and went to Chuck’s side, “I specifically invited Commander Antwin to my birthday party because I felt that the Black and White Knights were all working to protect mankind and deal with the werewolves.
There’s no need to act like enemies.
How about using this opportunity to shake hands and make peace, and work together in the future to completely defeat the werewolves sooner.”

“Humph.” Antwin said with a cold snort of disdain, “I came to the banquet today to send my congratulatory gifts and leave immediately.
As for all that other nonsense, there’s no need to talk about it.”

Antwin raised his hands, and his subordinates immediately carried a few wooden boxes up, put them on the ground, and opened them, before retreating.

After taking a good look at the contents of the wooden box, many ladies among the guests exclaimed, then covered their mouths and stepped back.
Because the wooden box was full of dead and very ugly wolves, bloody and fleshless, which was scary and disgusting.

Bonilla’s face immediately turned ugly.
As the Wolf King, he could see at a glance that these were not ordinary unevolved wolves, but werewolves that had turned back into wolf form after death.
Even though he was the Wolf King, in order to complete his goal of controlling the whole continent, he let a lot of wolves make sacrifices.
But this does not mean that he will not feel anything when he sees a werewolf who has been brutally killed and also forced to turn back into his original form.

Thinking he was frightened, Chuck immediately shielded him behind him and looked angrily at Antwin, “Did you come to make trouble on purpose?! It’s because I don’t want to cause a fight and let the wolves take advantage of it that I’ve been tolerating you.
It doesn’t mean that we, White Knights are afraid of you, Black Knights! Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

Antwine had a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth, his gazes looking coldly at Chuckles, “I should say this to you.
If it weren’t for keeping the wolves at bay, do you think I would have put up with you guys for so long? This time our Black Knights had two more people who died and more than ten people injured.
You guys can be happy again for a while.
But I warn you for the last time if there is another time, these wolves, are what will happen to you!”

“What do the casualties of your Black Knights have to do with us? You have to choose a better excuse to play on the issue, right?” Chuckles felt baffled.

“What does it have to do with you, you know it in your own heart! Anyway, this is the last time! Tell your people that the next time I run into them, I will absolutely kill them together with the werewolves!”

Lu Jingqian seems to be standing on the side watching the fun, but he is actually the clearest among all of what was going on.

When Lu Jingqian saw Antwin leaving with his men, he thought it was a good opportunity to make contact with him, so he quickly went after him and called out, “Wait a minute, Commander Antwin!”

Antwin heard someone call him, although the voice felt a bit strange, he still stopped and turned his head to look at Lu Jingqian.

“I happen to want to go back, may I join you, please?” Lu Jingqian looked at Antwin and asked.

Antwin had met Heron before.
Although it’s been quite a long time since he has seen him, after taking a look at Lu Jingqian, he quickly remembered who he was.
But he was a little surprised by the request made by Lu Jingqian.

“The first person to get upset was Chuck.
He felt that Lu Jingqian was deliberately giving him a hard time by offering to leave with Antewin in front of so many people, so he frowned and said, “If you want to go back, I will let someone take you back.

“It’s not necessary.” Lu Jingqian did not hesitate to refuse and then continued to look at Antwin, “Anyway, Commander Antwin and the others happen to be leaving.
I don’t think Commander Antwin, would mind dropping me off by the way, right?”

Antwin was a little unsure at first.
But after looking back and forth between Chuck and Bonia once, he seems to understand what the look in Lu Jingqian’s eyes.
“I do happen to be on my way and can drop you off on the way back.”

Lu Jingqian knows he misunderstood what he had in mind, but it does not matter.
Anyway, from today onwards, he is going to clear relations with Chuck’s family, and the White Knights.

When Chuck saw Lu Jingqian and Antwin heading out, he felt that Lu Jingqian was deliberately trying to embarrass him in front of so many people.
He was very uncomfortable in his heart and called out, “Heron……”

Lu Jingqian ignored him and followed Antwin and the others out without looking back.

With the escort of the Black Knights, Lu Jingqian naturally did not have to worry about any werewolf attacks.
Because no matter how uncontrollable the wolves are, they will not actively seek out the Black Knights.
The sense of crisis and the desire to survive is the instincts of all animals.

If witch doctors are highly respected beings, prophets are unique beings, then the Order is the patron saint-like existence of mankind.

Those who can join the Order must be very strong in combat.
If the hunter’s gun cannot kill the evolved werewolf, only the pre-transformed werewolf, as long as the knight’s combat value was high enough, he can kill the evolved werewolf with a sword in his hand alone.

On this continent, every town and village will have a vigilante group, and the status of the vigilante group can be said to be very high.
But the existence of an even higher status than that of the vigilantes is the Order.
Because the vigilantes are responsible for managing humans, while the Knights are responsible for protecting them, with a little more prestige and popular support.
And in the distribution power of the Order is also greater than the vigilante group.

In order to prevent the dominance of one group, the Order was divided into the White Knights and Black Knights.
Originally the two Orders have a mutually supportive relationship and mutual supervision.
However, with the passage of several hundred years, the two Orders inevitably have a competitive relationship.

Right now, between the two Orders, it was evident that the White Knights is more popular.
The number of people who wanted to join the White Knights was increasing each year, and the Black Knights seemed to have a tendency to lose and be suppressed by the White Knights.

The main reason was that the White Knights had been responsible for protecting Heron’s father before.
Heron’s father was the most powerful witch doctor on the continent, and the people respected him.
Therefore, they couldn’t help but favor the White Knights who protected him.
And after the death of Heron’s father, Bonia, who said he was a prophet, is also on the White Knights’ side, so the White Knights are naturally more popular.

As for the reason for the gradual decline of the Black Knights, it was because the former prophet, who was protected by the Black Knights when Antwin’s father was still the head, was killed by the former Wolf King.
It was a very serious dereliction of duty not to protect the only prophet of the time because the absence of the prophet was a huge blow to mankind.

Antwin’s father, as the head of the Black Knights at the time, could not escape the blame and could only apologize by committing suicide.
From that point on, compared to the White Knights who can still protect the most powerful witch doctors on the continent, the Black Knights have actually started to go down the drain.

Until Antwin grew up, with his amazing military talent, replacing his father to become the head of the Black Knights, only to redeem the Black Knights from being completely defeated or even disappearing.
Otherwise, the White Knight would now dominate the whole continent.

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