Early in the morning, Lu Jingqian stood on the corridor outside his house, took a deep breath, and let the slightly cool and refreshing air entered his lungs, instantly making him feel refreshed.
Indeed, no matter which era it was, the air in the mountains was always better than the air in the city.
The fragrance of plants and the scent of earth involuntarily relaxed his mood.

Lu Jingqian thought to himself since he was now the master of this mountain, he planned to inspect his mountain.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly turned back and went back into the room.

He picked out a set of white silk clothes from the wardrobe.
The fabric was smooth and comfortable, and the outer garment had a side-tied rope, while the pants were loose.
The sleeves were wrapped with long cloth, making it not only comfortable to wear but also convenient to move around.
It resembled a modified version of ancient warrior attire.

Lu Jingqian stood in front of a tall dressing mirror and found that although the outfit looked simple, it gave him a somewhat heroic appearance when worn.
In fact, the original host designed this clothing for the purpose of being comfortable and convenient while cooking and practicing martial arts.

The original host’s practice was not like the martial arts depicted in TV shows or movies, nor was it a sci-fi superpower.
It was a practical foundation for long hours of cooking.
For example, knife skills and carving required arm strength and palm dexterity, while standing for long periods of time demanded a stable lower body stance.
The training process was tiring and difficult, but the original host enjoyed it and it made his grandfather happy.
So, he persisted in his practice for more than ten years without interruption.

The original host’s talent, perseverance, and ability to endure hardships brought great joy to his grandfather, so he didn’t demand much in other aspects and simply followed the original host’s wishes.

In fact, not only in the current era but even hundreds of years ago, since the explosion of the technology industry, there was no longer such a need for chefs to spend time and effort practicing basic skills.
Even the most dedicated chefs focused on researching new dishes and improving their taste, as other tasks could be handled by machines.
They believed it was the natural progression of the times.

However, in the Lan family’s recipe book, many of the skillful dishes could be completed with the assistance of machines, but they lacked the traditional essence of Lan family cuisine.
Therefore, the original host’s grandfather was extremely delighted to see his talent and perseverance.
He wholeheartedly taught him, hoping that one day he would carry forward the most authentic Lan family recipes.

Lu Jingqian searched through the cabinet for a while before finding a camera.
It was left behind by the original host a few years ago, and now this model of camera was outdated and no longer available for purchase.
However, compared to modern photography equipment, this camera was much more advanced.

Although this camera captured clear images and could even be used for self-broadcasting, it couldn’t satisfy him.
It could also be said that even the latest models of the camera in this world didn’t meet Lu Jingqian’s standards for his upcoming plans.
Therefore, he took out his phone, and placed an order to purchase several different models and types of cameras, intending to rewrite the programs and modify them himself once he received them.

Holding the camera, Lu Jingqian didn’t leave the villa directly.
Instead, he went to a courtyard at the back of the villa and brought out a large black cow from the cowshed.
He was ready to ride the cow to patrol the mountains.

This black cow can be said to have been raised by the original host.
Whenever the original host arrived at the villa, he would feed it and then ride it to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables.

The black cow would always approach the original host on its own, but this time, when it saw Lu Jingqian, its big copper eyes blinked and it turned its head to the side.

Lu Jingqian was taken aback for a moment, then walked over with a smile, patted its head, and said, “You recognize that I’m not him, right? In this world, perhaps only you can recognize him.
But don’t worry, I’m here to avenge him, not to take over his body.
Once I avenge him, his soul will be able to reunite and reincarnate.
He will definitely find happiness in the next life.
So, let’s work together to reunite his soul.”

The big black cow lowered its head.
Lu Jingqian could see the sadness in its eyes, thinking that this cow was quite intelligent.
Originally, this black cow was raised as food, but as time went on, the original host developed a pet-like attachment to it and no longer intended to slaughter it for meat.

Although the big black cow was saddened by the loss of its owner, when Lu Jingqian mounted it, it didn’t shy away.
Instead, it headed towards the vegetable garden in the back mountains, a place they had visited many times before, like before.
Perhaps it understood Lu Jingqian’s words and could sense that he had come to avenge its owner.

Lu Jingqian turned on the camera and switched to selfie mode.
Then he started a live stream, broadcasting the footage he captured to the internet.

The Lanjing Villa was not considered large compared to the villas and vacation resorts of the wealthy.
It consisted of seven courtyards, three pavilions, two ponds, and a total of fifty-six rooms.
Although it couldn’t be considered large in comparison, every aspect of the villa was meticulously designed and arranged by the original host’s grandfather, who personally selected every single piece.

The original host’s grandfather even hired people to take turns caring for and maintaining the villa.
It could be said that every beam was beautifully crafted and the tiles were exquisitely chosen.
Since the villa was so well-maintained, Lu Jingqian didn’t plan to publicly share the interior footage for now.

In this world, especially among the wealthy, people typically bought private islands and built vacation villas on them.
Even those who chose to build vacation villas in the mountains usually preferred mountains near the city.
Although the land price was higher, it was more convenient.

In the upper class where buying islands was popular, it was rare for someone to choose to build a villa in a remote mountain area.
However, the original host’s grandfather was an exception.
He liked the seclusion of the mountains and the feeling of owning an entire mountain.
Islands and beaches were not within his preferences.

There was a reason why the original host’s grandfather chose to buy this mountain among the surrounding mountains.
He had searched for many years before finally finding this mountain that satisfied him in every aspect.
This mountain had many indescribable benefits that could only be felt.
It was Lu Jingqian’s biggest capital for his transformation.
In the future, he would gradually showcase the advantages of this mountain.
But now, he just wanted to see the most simple image of this mountain, which is the vegetable field and the livestock breeding unit.

In today’s society, almost all the ingredients such as vegetables and meat that people can buy are produced through technology and nutrient cultivation.
Although this ensures the safety and nutrition of food and allows for the quick acquisition of mature ingredients.
However, the taste… well, it’s actually quite good.
Once people get used to it, they don’t find it inferior to those grown in traditional soil.
Moreover, most people believe that the taste of a dish primarily depends on the chef’s skill and cooking methods.

However, the original host’s grandfather loved gardening.
He believed that the process of growing vegetables was a form of self-cultivation.
In this fast-paced and efficient era driven by technology, perseverance, and patience are the most effective ways to temper one’s will.

As the live stream opened by Lu Jingqian gained popularity rapidly, most of the viewers were fans of Lan Mingze.
When they learned about the live stream, they informed each other and specifically came to berate him.

In the previous competition, Lan Mingze intentionally injured himself, claiming that the original host had harmed him, and continued to compete despite his injury, ultimately defeating the original host.
This act made his fans both sympathetic and admire him more.
Lan Mingze received great praise and sympathy from his fans, while the original host faced a deluge of insults and criticism.
Lan Mingze’s fans had their sights set on him and tried every possible means to insult him.
Therefore, in the eyes of those fans, Lu Jingqian’s live stream was equivalent to actively seeking criticism.

Lu Jingqian rode on the back of the cow, patrolling the vegetable garden and livestock farm.
Although these places were maintained regularly, they still gave a sense of dirtiness and disorder.
In the eyes of those fans, the scenes appeared to resemble primitive living conditions, leading to various mocking and sarcastic comments.

[Aren’t you ashamed to hide in the mountains because you can’t face people? Then you should live in seclusion in the deep mountains for the rest of your life, preferably never appearing in front of anyone again.]

[What’s the point of your existence? If the mountain you’re on is high enough, please livestream yourself jumping off it.]

[As they say, you reap what you sow.
It serves you right for your current predicament.
The Lan family’s recipes should be inherited by Lan Mingze.
If it were left to you, it would definitely go bankrupt soon.
Your grandfather was truly visionary.]

[I feel sorry for those chickens and ducks that will be eaten by someone like you.
I think you should become a vegetarian from now on, consider it atonement for your actions.]

[Do you think revealing the poor conditions of your current life through the live stream will make people sympathize with you? You’re a despicable person who tries to win a competition by hurting others.
Even if you act pitiful, you won’t receive any sympathy.]

[The more miserable you are, the happier we are.
I hope you continue to live stream, so we can see even more miserable scenes and continue to enjoy ourselves.]

[I don’t want to insult you, but I hope you reflect on your actions in your difficult life and truly repent.]

[You should know that your current situation is well-deserved.
You, a person like this, are just occupying social resources by being alive.
It’s better for you to disappear forever.]

[Seeing you in such a pathetic state puts my mind at ease.]

[I don’t know where you got the courage to live stream, but since you’ve started it, don’t blame me for berating you.
You’re a despicable person, a ********.
It serves you right to be in such a miserable state.
If you hadn’t hidden in the mountain, I would have found you and ******** you.]

“What are you watching?” Yan Bin sat next to Lan Mingze, embraced him, and looked at the computer screen in his hand.
However, all he saw was a large piece of vegetable fields with various crops and dirty soil.
He didn’t understand what was so interesting about them.

“Lan Shaoxuan is live-streaming.
It seems he went to live in the mountains, so he’s broadcasting his vegetable fields and the poultry he’s raising,” Lan Mingze explained.

“Hmph.” Yan Bin sarcastically snorted and said, “Is he trying to gain sympathy? Does he think netizens will feel sorry for him? How naive.”

“When my grandfather was alive, he used to disappear for a few days every month, and now it seems he took him to the mountains to grow vegetables.
This vegetable field is likely the one he and my grandfather cultivated together, so he returned to the mountains to reminisce,” Lan Mingze said.

“Your grandfather’s mind is really… a bit different from normal people.
It’s been hundreds of years since anyone grew their own vegetables, yet he went into the mountains to do so.
If he were still alive, I would really suggest him to get his brain checked.
The most evident proof that he’s different from normal people is that he completely disregarded you, his excellent grandson, and favored that waste Lan Shaoxuan, leaving all the assets to him.
He’s indeed muddle-headed.
What ability does Lan Shaoxuan have to inherit the Lan family’s recipes? It’s better to let the Lan family’s recipes close down rather than entrust them to him and ruin the good reputation the Lan family has built over the years.”

Lan Mingze felt a deep hatred in his heart whenever he thought of his grandfather’s favoritism towards Lan Shaoxuan and his indifference towards him.
However, when he considered that he had already taken possession of everything in the Lan family, while Lan Shaoxuan, who was once loved by his grandfather, was now reduced to hiding in the deep mountains, he felt a sense of relief.

“I heard that our grandfather purchased a secluded mountain a long time ago and transferred it to Lan Shaoxuan’s name.
I think Lan Shaoxuan is probably on that mountain now,” Lan Mingze said.

“That’s why I’m saying, while others buy islands, your grandfather bought a remote mountain.
It’s… hard to describe,” Yan Bin pursed his lips, looking quite speechless.
“Even if Lan Shaoxuan gets that mountain, so what? He’d better hide in that mountain for the rest of his life, or else I’ll find ways to kill him.
How dare he injure your hand.
He won’t have a place in the culinary world.”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
Fortunately, I have you, or else I wouldn’t have obtained anything,” Lan Mingze leaned against Yan Bin’s embrace.

Yan Bin hugged him and said, “You don’t need to thank me.
Everything I do for you is what I should do.
After all, I love you so much.”

In Lan Mingze’s heart, gaining everything in the Lan family was not the end, because he knew that Lan Shaoxuan’s culinary skills far surpassed his own.
To prevent Lan Shaoxuan from making a comeback with his cooking, he had to find a way to eliminate him completely.
He wanted to obtain everything in the Lan family, even if it was a mountain of little value and use.
As long as it was something originally intended for Lan Shaoxuan by his grandfather, he would seize it.
This was his revenge for his grandfather’s disregard for him.

The live stream has been continuously capturing those vegetable fields, livestock pens, and muddy soil, giving people a completely nostalgic feeling of rural life from centuries ago.
Such scenes were usually only seen in history textbooks before and were impossible to witness in a live stream.

After leisurely strolling around for a whole morning, Lu Jingqian felt that people online must be tired of cursing, and he himself felt a bit tired too.
So, he turned the camera towards his own face and spoke, “The first day of recording my miserable life ends here.
I will continue live-streaming my miserable life, so if you want to watch, you can continue to follow my future live broadcasts.”

Seeing the screen go dark as the live stream ended, Lan Mingze frowned and asked, “What is he trying to do? Finding joy in suffering?”

Based on Lan Mingze’s understanding of Lan Shaoxuan, he certainly was not the type to showcase his wounds and difficulties to others, acting carefree and content.
But his behavior in today’s live stream was clearly abnormal.

“Who knows what he’s thinking,” Yan Bin said.
“Maybe the blow he received was too much, and he lost his sanity.”

In Lan Mingze’s mind, he thought, it would be great if Lan Shaoxuan really had lost his sanity.

“Let’s not bother whether he’s really finding joy in suffering or not.
In any case, he won’t be able to turn the tables on us,” Yan Bin took the computer from Lan Mingze’s hands and lifted him in his arms.
“Let’s go and find some joy ourselves.”

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