Ch1 – Gong Zhuoliang

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So uncomfortable… I can’t breathe… help…


Gong Zhuoliang knew that he was coughing so much to the point where his facial features distorted that he must be looking very ugly right now, but he only chose to ignore his image problem for now and kept coughing until his chest ached so much while he breathed heavily in order to absorb enough oxygen as much as possible so he could live.

Gong Zhuoliang cursed in his heart.
What kind of lifeguard was that guy from the luxury cruise ship who really resembled a model and looked extremely useful! He fell into the sea for a long time and no one even came to save him! He just easily sunk after such a long flop!



He wants to complain! He must really complain!

“I lived!” 

“Miss, what’s wrong ah!”


“Oh my god…”

Mi… Miss?

Gong Zhuoliang, who had finally regained his breath slowly returned to his consciousness.
As his vision became clearer, he finally saw the women who exclaimed behind him.
At this moment, Gong Zhuoliang was horrified—he didn’t fall into the sea? What about the cruise ships? Could anybody tell him who these burly old aunts are?


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“Just what is going on here? What are you all doing here, why don’t you carry the eldest mistress back to the room?!”

Suddenly, a sharp and high-pitched female voice came up that made all the maids surrounding Gong Zhuoliang and carrying him move in a hurry.
Gong Zhuoliang almost couldn’t help but groan in pain, but he didn’t want to bother about the pain anymore.
He just stared blankly at what was happening in front of him.

There’s a courtyard, a pond, maids in their ancient costumes and a middle-aged beautiful woman with a voice comparable to He Dong Shi…..
also the ‘eldest young lady’…. 

Gong Zhuoliang only felt the darkness swarming before his eyes before he fell unconscious again.

When he regained consciousness once again, Gong Zhuoliang was already lying on a warm bed.
He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the wooden bed posts and bed curtains in his sight. 

As a novelist in late 80’s, YY genre is one of his commonly used themes in his novels.
But unfortunately, the genre he’s only good at is ‘Fantasy Magic’, while he sucked at ‘Martial Historical’.
Don’t even talk about the historical harem style, he really sucked at that.
But now, in front of Gong Zhuoliang, everything caused an adrenaline in his whole being, especially when he heard the names of the servants who echoed in his mind…

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Lf kjr ralii cba mbcnlcmfv bo tlr rajaf rb tf kjcafv ab mbwqifafis mbcolgw atf rlaejalbc yfibk tlw, yea atfc tf rbbc vlrmbnfgfv atja tf mbeivc’a wbnf yfmjerf tf lr jmaejiis alfv ilxf j yegglab klat j klvf mibat yfia! 

Gong Zhuoliang twisted and tried to get out of the quilt, but the sounds of grunts he made only alarmed the people who were guarding him.
Gong Zhuoliang heard heavy footsteps who quickly approached the bed then the pink bed curtain in front of him was raised.
As he got up, a big round face comparable to a pancake came over to him.

“Hey my eldest mistress.
It’s impossible, don’t bother anymore and I’d rather you save your energy.
You did not pity us servants and shamed us, not even considering the situation of your mother.
If you caused trouble to the old Lord and the Madam, it would only create a big trouble, then how could Concubine Wu live in this house in the future?” 


The fat maid looked down at Gong Zhuoliang, her voice was acerbic and her expression was full of disdain.
This appearance completely made Gong Zhuoliang feel angry, but he cannot offend the behemoth in front of him so Gong Zhuoliang simply closed his eyes and ignored her rambling, only wondering in his mind how this all happened. 

After the initial panic passed, Gong Zhuoliang’s brain recovered.
He remembered that he went to S City to do an autograph promotion for the publication of his new book.
A sponsor gave him a ticket for a luxury cruise so he didn’t have to take the plane and experience being alone.
But he didn’t expected to be swayed into the sea as he was watching a scenery on the deck, and then only when he woke up, he was now a ‘young miss’ who jumped into a pond to commit suicide… Could it be that he really drowned in that way??? 

“Miss Li-er, is the eldest mistress awake?”

A soft and somewhat immature female voice came.
Gong Zhuoliang’s heart trembled violently, but he also felt that the voice was quite familiar, however he’s sure that there could be no such a little loli among the people he knew so Gong Zhuoliang couldn’t help but be curious as he opened his eyes again to look at the person approaching his bed.

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“Ruo Lan…” 

The slightly soft and weak voice of a child sounded in his ears and Gong Zhuoliang was once again terrified.
Was this baby voice that sounded like Jiangnan water actually came from his voice box? He  honestly hadn’t had a chance to see his own body and appearance right after falling unconscious then waking up twice, and he was only fully awake now.
Could it be that he has actually become a child? 

Wait, more importantly, why did he just suddenly call out the name of this beautiful young lady? He remembered that she was not only an experienced maid who always follows after the Madam, but was only fourteen this year.
This young lady was also one of the few people in this mansion who was kind to him.

“It’s Miss Ruolan, ah! Wake up, wake up!”

As soon as the fat woman looked at the person who came, she immediately stepped back a few steps to make way for her by the bed with a sudden warm smile on her face that was completely different from recently.

“The Madam has something to convey to the eldest lady.
My sister-in-law must’ve been tired after being busy for a long time.
Go back first.
I will be watching over the eldest mistress.” 

Ruo Lan did not greet the servant girl, but only gave a light expression.
After talking and the maid left the room, she carefully closed the door again and then walked to Gong Zhuoliang’s bedside with a somewhat forlorn expression on her face.

“Second Young Master… Eldest Mistress, what is bothering you? Even if you had to neglect your own self, just please think about Concubine Wu.
Right after knowing that something happened to you, Concubine Wu cried.”

After solving the cloth straps tied on Gong Zhuoliang, Ruo Lan helped him sit against the pillow then sat on the edge of the bed and held Gong Zhuoliang’s numb arm, kneading it gently for him. 

“How is my mother?”

Another word that he uttered out of nowhere.
Gong Zhuoliang instantly pinched the center of his forehead with his other hand as both unfamiliar and familiar images gradually showed up in his mind.
Although some memories are vague, it is enough for Gong Zhuoliang to sort out the life experience of this poor child that he’s currently possessing… and it was really an old-fashioned, dog blood plot. 

This child’s name is magically exactly the same as his own.
In view of what happened to him today, Gong Zhuoliang temporarily classified himself as someone who possesses this fate to be in this bizarre world.

According to this child’s memory, Gong Zhuoliang had been completely aware

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