Ch3 – Tolerable or Intolerable

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Gong Zhuoliang didn’t know how long he slept again when he was suddenly woken up by a quiet sobbing sound.
He was dazed for a moment before he felt frightened.
He secretly narrowed his eyes to look for the source of that sobbing sound only to see a woman sitting beside his bed beneath the dim lights.
Turning to face the woman’s slender figure, he determined that the suppressed sobs was from her.
Gong Zhuoliang suddenly roared in his heart- Big sister, are you trying to scare me to death!

“Liang-er, are you awake?” The sobbing woman immediately noticed Gong Zhuoliang’s movement and hurriedly got up to light up the candle as she sat back by the bed again while observing Gong Zhuoliang’s pale face.
Seeing the boy’s appearance, her tears started falling again and rolling down in her cheeks. 

“That… That… Mother..
please don’t cry, ah…..”

Gong Zhuoliang just saw the woman’s face clearly and slowly realized that this person must be his current mother.
He sat up immediately, a little overwhelmed, but then the next moment he was held tightly in a warm embrace.



“My son… My son….”

When Concubine Wu hugged her son tightly, she couldn’t help crying again in grief and anger.
She had been enduring silently within the household of the Gong Family for more than ten years but never did she dare to complain so that her son could grow up safely and marry a wife to live a good life in the future.
But now she really had the urge to beat those ruthless people to death! If those people ever harmed her dear son again, even if it’s a single wound, she will not dare to live in her next life without having a chance to retaliate at all! 

“Don’t- don’t cry Mother…..”


Gong Zhuoliang was almost out of breath when he was hugged but when he felt the sudden wetness on his shoulders, he did not dare to move again and then also wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist, patting her back to soothe her.

His real parents divorced when he was a child, and from them on Gong Zhuoliang started living independently, that’s why he has already forgotten the feeling of a parents’ familial and warm embrace.

“Mother, why are you here? If Madam got a word about this….”

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With Concubine Wu hugging him and crying non-stop on his shoulders, Gong Zhuoliang imitated the movements from his memory and took the handkerchief in her hand and voluntarily wiped her mother’s tears.

By the candlelight, he carefully looked at his own mother in this lifetime.

Concubine Wu’s appearance is not like the shrewdness of a southern woman.
She’s a kind of a cold beauty that had a heroic spirit, but when such a beauty cries, it would make others feel distressed for her.


Gong Zhuoliang vaguely remembered that in his mother’s childhood, she was abducted from the north and was sold to the south.
Thinking of this, Gong Zhuoliang’s thoughts got a little lively.
Since he has half the blood of the northerners, then there should be still some hope for his height to grow up in the future, right? And perhaps, once he grows up, he won’t look girly anymore, right? 

“Don’t worry… She was the one who ordered me to visit you for fear that you will start thinking about doing things that would trouble them again…”

Thinking that she and her son were only allowed to meet with each other during weekends, Concubine Wu couldn’t help her eyes reddening again.
Ever since the day she gave birth to her son, she can’t help but feel miserable for both of them.
She hasn’t been able to hug her own son ever since the day they were separated.
If she wants them to talk in private, she has to offer money to the servants just so she can meet her son.
Right now, they can finally see each other without having to pay money, but it’s only because of such a thing.

“Mother.” Gong Zhuoliang looked at the woman in front of him who seemed to be in her twenties and was confused as to what to say to comfort her.

“Son, ah, it’s pointless now.
Just tell your mother all of your grievances so you won’t have to overthink them anymore.
You are my precious son… So if you dare do something as worrisome as that again… Mother, may not have the desire to live anymore”

Concubine Wu touched Gong Zhuoliang with tears rolling down her face, hoping that this could still persuade him.
As one of the servants of the Gong household, if they dare to hinder the whole family, it would definitely lead to their doom! 

However, if they stayed and obeyed the family’s words, there’s still a hope for the mother and son to survive together, and as for leaving home… Concubine Wu has no such rebellious thoughts at all.

“I understand now, mother, so rest assured.
I won’t do stupid things again.”


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Gong Zhuoliang had to reassure her again and again that after his tearful mother finally left, he slumped back into the bed as if he had lost his strength.

Well, the Matron of the Household had probably already employed someone to make a move, and he can’t tell yet that if something happens to him, his birth mother would be the next target. 

Gong Zhuoliang suddenly visualized running away together with Concubine Wu.
But disregarding the possibility of this idea, he should consider how they would live after they left.
In this case, they will be both orphaned and widowed.
Well at least both of them are really good-looking so at least they could…..
No, No! Gong Zhuoliang rationally ceased from continuing these thoughts.
Compared with the impending hardships he would encounter if he left the Gong household, Gong Zhuoliang felt that it’s still a good idea to marry into the Qiao family first.
By then, he would have his own dowry money in his hands and he would be able to survive on his own in the future.
And if he ever considered the idea of escaping again, the possibility of it will be much higher.

As for Concubine Wu… Gong Zhuoliang is not a holy mother.
He would have already taken the life of every family member of the Gong household, but he couldn’t take the lives of these people by his own hands yet so he could only try to find some help.

Temporarily accepting the fate of marrying for his own sake, Gong Zhuoliang noticed the scroll of portraits beneath the quilt and stared at it once again while thinking inside his mind that the happiness he had for the latter half of his life…… is in the hands of this little boy ah!


On the day before the wedding, as soon as Gong Zhuoliang woke up, he was immediately dragged out of the bed by the maids, got dolled up in a red wedding dress, before he started doing various kinds of social etiquette practices again and again.
After that, our poor little Gong was led in front of the table that was filled with delicacies and looking at it had already made him feel dizzy and his tummy to rumble due to hunger.

Gong Zhuoliang badly wished he could immediately drink the hot broth down to his stomach… or perhaps just splash it right on the face of that woman in front of him to vent his anger!!

“Why are you still standing there? How many times have I told you that when you’re in front of your mother-in-law, you should know how to act the etiquette customs properly! I remind you that the other side is a wealthy and influential family who works under His Majesty! If a foolish brat like you appears in front of them, you’ll only disgust them!”

The feather duster twitched in the woman’s hands that was laying on the hand-rest of the chair, and a beautiful middle-aged woman is sitting on the Main Wife’s seat who currently is wearing a fierce face as she glared down at Gong Zhuoliang’s eyes, wanting to lash on the kid in front of her so she could relieve her anger. 

Her own daughter had just done a scandal.
Although Gong Zhuoliang had concealed it to most of the servants and outsiders, but the inner maids serving within the mansion and accompanying him all knew about the situation which caused Madam Gong to lose her face.
Her husband’s accusations and her fear of provoking the Qiao Family instantly turned into anger that she immediately took it out on Gong Zhuoliang.

Otherwise, this timid child would not have been so frightened to the point of commiting suicide.
If it were not for the bride falling ill, who knows how many times would Gong Zhuoliang receive strikes from her? While on the other hand, she's currently holding back from taking actions, but right now she just couldn’t suppress her overbearing temperament, and thus our poor little Gong was ruthlessly abused by her….


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Seeing Ruo Lan behind Madam Gong and looking at him worriedly, Gong Zhuoliang suppressed his impending violent schemes and lowered his eyes to hide the anger that he could barely hold back as he acted even more timidly and cowardly while he quietly served Madam Gong the dishes.

“If we marry you over there, you will be a person with your tails tucked within your legs! Don’t you start regarding yourself as a lady-of-praise because you’re no more than a bastard son from a prostitute.
I dare you to anger me again, you little slut!”

Madam Gong couldn’t stop increasingly fuming as she proceeded to scold him.
Whenever she remembered the dowry she had long been preparing for her own daughter that is now going to be wasted on Gong Zhuoliang, her heart couldn’t help but feel bitter.
However, Gong Zhuoliang was married to the Qiao Family in the stead of the Gong Family’s Eldest Lady.
But still, the dowry was her own that was supposedly given to her daughter, so how could Madam Gong not be mad about it? To the point that she had to destroy the noble face she had been maintaining in the past.
In the end, she’s just a shrew woman from a businessman’s family.

Gong Zhuoliang had grown up believing that decorum is one of the most important things in one’s life foundation, so when had he ever been scolded and pointed at his nose like this? If he kept idle without standing up for himself, he wouldn’t be called a Man! 

A bright look flashed in his black eyes and Gong Zhuoliang no longer suppressed his anger.
He then started showing hints of hunger, feigning to struggle but stood firm on the table.
Then afterwards, he fell weakly right in front of Madam Gong without forgetting to pull on the red tablecloth along with him, then instantly, some delicacies on the table rushed towards Madam Gong and spilled on her.

While Madam Gong shrieked and everyone started rushing to her, Gong Zhuoliang, who was also showered with soup, dropped on the ground and pretended to be dazed.


Hearing Madam Gong’s screams, Ruo Lan tugged at Madam and persuaded her not to make a huge deal of this situation anymore.
Gong Zhuoliang whose face was still buried on the floor had the corners of his mouth curling up proudly.
Thinking that this Young Master is now the prospective daughter-in-law of the Qiao family, he’s determined that this vixen bitch shouldn’t dare to harm a hair on him anymore.
Otherwise, this Young Master will pretend to faint again tomorrow during the wedding ceremony! Let’s see if you still dare to provoke him!

“Madam ah, please don’t fuss about it anymore.
If something goes wrong on the wedding tomorrow…ー” 

Ruo Lan suppressed her astonishment and whispered to the ear of the furious Madam Gong, mentioning the name of the Qiao Family from time to time in order to make her quiet.
Right now, Gong Zhuoliang must be sent away to the Qiao family in a smooth and proper way.

Madam Gong still shivered angrily with the feather duster and she pushed away Ruo Zi who was now busy cleaning her clothes.
She badly wanted to kick down on Gong Zhuoliang.
But in the end, the one holding her back was these two girls, even Ruo Zi, who disliked Gong Zhuoliang, is trying to stop her.
Literally, everyone here is aware that this person must not be harmed!

Right after Madam Gong was placated by these two girls, she gradually returned to her senses, clearly aware that she couldn’t do anything with the situation anymore.
If this brat wrecked the wedding, his little life would not only be ruined but it would also cause befall to the Gong Family!

“Whatever went wrong, you have always cleaned up after him! Pay attention to both of your own dignity!” 

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Throwing away the feather duster, Madam Gong stomped back to her room to take a shower, without forgetting to throw a glare at the ‘passed out’ Gong Zhuoliang.

Ruo Zi made a disgusted look as she twitched her small mouth while Ruo Lan carried Gong Zhuoliang without avoiding the other’s stained clothes and helped him back to the Young Lady’s boudoir.

Ruo Lan asked the reluctant Ruo Zi to rest first, then she ordered the other servants to prepare something to eat and a basin of hot water for bathing before walking to Gong Zhuoliang, who was lying dead on the table, continuing to feign dizziness.
She then poked the back of his head.

“Come on, you must wash and change your clothes.
Your body is greasy.” 

If it wasn’t for the slyness that just flashed across Gong Zhuoliang’s face right from this angle, Ruo Lan still couldn’t believe that this little man actually dared to cause such a scene today.
Such an act of revenge.
Recalling the Madam being sprinkled with vegetable soup while she was still holding the roast chicken in her hands, Ruo Lan couldn’t help but snicker behind the handkerchief covering her mouth.

The Madam’s fear was losing face in front of others.
Today’s incident would surely annoy her for many days.

“Ruo Lan, I’m hungry…”

Gong Zhuoliang mumbled and raised his head, looking at Ruo Lan with shining eyes.
And then he suddenly couldn’t help but laugh out loud, his happiness appearing on his face without the suffering that he just acted out recently. 

“The food should be delivered soon.
You almost fainted, surely no one will dare to starve you again”

While helping Gong Zhuoliang to take off his dirty robes and then washing the other’s face and hands with a towel, Ruo Lan’s heart was now at ease.
This child used to be so timid and shy who won’t even dare to lift up his head.
Now that he had taken revenge on the Madam, is it possible that he had finally woken up right after this disaster? At the moment, this clever look is much better than before.

“Mn… Feeling comfortable….”

Finally having the chance to eat a meal with two dishes and a soup, the full and satisfied Gong Zhuoliang now elegantly soaked in the tub.
Ruo Lan had left the bathroom due to shyness, allowing him to be alone so he could freely stretch his body and spread out in the tub. 

However, Gong Zhuoliang only had a short moment to relax.
His good mood was instantly disturbed by a call from a girl outside.
He didn’t want to let Ruo Lan wait any longer so he hurriedly washed his irritable long long hair.

While Gong Zhuoliang was hurriedly washing his hair, he kept wondering what would happen tomorrow.
Thinking about it now, he couldn’t help but feel troubled in his heart.
After all, this is his first ever marriage.
An arranged marriage for him.
How would he act like a proper young master tomorrow?

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