through the red veil covering his face, Gong Zhuoliang felt as if he could hear the other person’s voice saying: I’ll yield to everything you say in the future….

For some reason, Gong Zhuoliang’s heart tightened.
Although this was such a little detail for him to notice, Gong Zhuoliang could still sense the genuine gentleness of the person who’s kneeling in front of him.
If he were to actually marry a real woman, that would’ve been really good.
What a pity.

Gong Zhuoliang wasn’t given a long time to fall into a deep trance.
As soon as the choir finished singing, the audiences’ blessings instantly exploded within the hall.
Don’t even think about rushing to your bridal chambers and getting a good night’s sleep, in fact, Gong Zhuoliang’s headache was only about to begin. 

The next thing the newlyweds will have to do is to bow down to one elder and to another in accord to the list provided by the Celebrant…

Although the Qiao Family’s relatives did not stay over in the city for long, the relatives that the old Maser Qiao called over had already moved in for the past few years as a palace official while only a few defected.
And so they kept kneeling all the way to the end until Gong Zhuoliang started getting a little dizzy.
Subconsciously, Gong Zhuoliang looked over at Qiao Yingze from under the red veil and noticed that his figure was somehow a little shaky.
Out of reflex, Gong Zhuoliang hurriedly supported the other’s arm.
Because he didn’t want some trouble to happen today, even after they knelt down and already stood up, he kept supporting him in order to give him some more power to hold on.


Observing Gong Zhuoliang’s small actions from the eyes of the audiences, it naturally caused a burst of laughter to them.
But it was unknown whether the laughter was out of provocation or jealousy.
In a deprecatory way, the Groom today is somehow more ‘delicate‘ than the Bride.

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Gong Zhuoliang is not the type of person who took seriously what cheap people say, but when he noticed that Qiao Yingze’s body suddenly froze upon hearing those words, he subconsciously patted the hand holding his arm.
And then he sensed that the other party seemed to take a look at him.
Right after a moment, the other party suddenly grasped his hands and then pulled him in to continue kneeling down in front of an another elder. 


Guessing that the other seemed unwilling to let go of his hand, Gong Zhuoliang felt quite awkward, but he couldn’t free himself from the other so he had no choice but to let the other keep holding him.
They kept this posture the whole time right until the worshipping ended and then they’re finally approaching the bridal chamber.

As they approached their bridal chamber, there was an another particular ritual that they must act out.

Five sacks were laid on the ground, and the Groom will have to lead the Bride to walk over it with the silk fabric, then they would take turns to use those five sacks to pave their way.
This ritual actually meant ‘Inheriting the Ancestral Lineage‘ and ‘To Encounter the Five Generations‘, or something…. 

Right when Gong Zhuoliang saw those five stacks, it instantly caused him to mentally make a face of: 囧….
After all, he really couldn’t fulfill this task at all…..

Finally, they safely arrived at their bridal chamber.
Gong Zhuoliang sat firmly beside the bed and the Chaperone immediately came over with a weighing pole, then asked the Groom to lift his red veil.
Gong Zhuoliang instantly adjusted his expression, relaxed his brows and made a genuine gaze to put on an honest expression.

After a moment, the top of his crown was lightly tapped, and what immediately appeared in front of Gong Zhuoliang was a face that was elegant and handsome, like a crown jade.

….What a beautiful young man ah… 

The person in front of him could be sixteen or seventeen years old, and although his face was already quite mature, his facial features still had the kind of childishness of a teenager.
It was unknown whether it was due to his recovery from a serious illness or his nurturing height, but Qiao Yingze’s figure looked very thin.
His face is pale and a bit haggard, but it’s this weak temperament that shone his delicateness, giving people an urge to protect and take care of this pale beauty from the bottom of their hearts.
At least for Gong Zhuoliang― who is a grown man to some extent― towards Qiao Yingze who he met for the first time, a sudden small fleeting desire to protect the person in front of him has started to grow in his heart.

Under the gaze of the other’s eyes, Gong Zhuoliang noticed that the young handsome man on the opposite side of him was blushing while those eyes that were originally gazing at him had already slightly moved away.
Gong Zhuoliang blinked, realizing that he must’ve been staring too brazenly and quickly lowered his eyes, sighing in his heart.
This person is more pleasing to the eye than he’d expected, and his nature seems to be good, so he must be easier to deceive….Communication! It’s good to start off with communication, ah!

After taking off the red veil and going through the process of sprinkling lotus seeds and longans, a bunch of relatives and friends immediately rushed into the bridal chamber.
Seeing Gong Zhuoliang’s appearance, they were full of admiration and praise while they lamented how enviable Qiao Yingze is for marrying such a beautiful girl which made him a little embarrassed.
The Groom’s face also turned even redder than his. 

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But even so, Qiao Yingze still didn’t forget to protect his little wife, and did his best to stop everyone’s teasing and blocked those who created trouble for Gong Zhuoliang.
At first, Gong Zhuoliang only responded to them with an awkward polite smile, but as they became more of a nuisance, he really couldn’t care less anymore and started acting flirty and touchy with Qiao Yingze, while in secret, Gong Zhuoliang frowned at them.

Although he was told before that during the wedding night would be the most chaotic time, as a bride, he was repeatedly warned that he shouldn’t be angered easily, otherwise he would lose his image of generosity and be mocked at, and so on and so on.

However Gong Zhuoliang was really not used to shrunk down whenever people started speaking obscene words at him, especially when some of them would pull wicked tricks on him, and lastly when their claws tried to touch Qiao Yingze.

As Gong Zhuoliang rolled his eyes, he embraced Qiao Yingze’s waist and started snuggling into his arms.
He was using his body to block those hovering claws that were about to touch them, and then he gave them a bright smile, causing those guests who hadn’t yet laid a finger to the Bride to leave with regret. 

When everyone finally dispersed and had now crowded at the front hall for the drinks and feasts, the room finally had some more space and everything quieted down.
Qiao Yingze instantly sat by the bed when he finally couldn’t endure it anymore and huffed softly as a string of sweat flowed down his forehead.

Originally, after the wedding was over, the Bride and the Groom had to go out of the chamber to toast with the guests, keeping each other company throughout the whole banquet, them they could come back again for a drink, finally finishing the ceremony.
But Qiao Yingze’s body couldn’t hold it anymore, so the only choice left for them to make is to ask for the younger brother be the one to entertain the guest to take their place.
Qiao Yingze has been able to hold on until now, and this is already much better than everyone had expected.


“Are you okay?”

Qiao Yingze’s pale face made Gong Zhuoliang a little worried.
He was hesitating whether to help him to lean over the bed or not but the next moment, he was awakened by the two words that the other man said and almost twitched. 

It was a voice that was extremely gentle, filled with indulgence: “My wife…”

My heart literally raced two times for Qiao Yingze!! He’s so sweet aaaa! ♡(> ਊ <)♡

And we'll finally get to read Qiao Yingze's dialogues and thoughts by next chapter~~
Please look forward to it~ ♡(ӦvӦ。)

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