usband and wife.
I, Qiao Yingze, couldn’t guarantee that you will be prosperous in the future, but I dare to vow that if you have me in your heart, I will never let you down in this life…”

As Qiao Yingze pulled Gong Zhuoliang’s hand to the table, he held one glass in his hand, then raised the second glass on his other hand, stretching it out to the person in front of him, before he softly but firmly spoke those words.


Gong Zhuoliang was tongue-tied towards Qiao Yingze’s solemn and gallant pledge. 

Although he didn’t think that he himself was a kind person, he still found it hard to deceive a young man’s pure and lovely sincerity.
So the hand holding the glass of wine hesitated reaching out and couldn’t hook with the arm in front of him.

It was not until he saw the unease and wariness from the other’s eyes did Gong Zhuoliang linked his arm around his partner with a forced smile, then drank the glass of wine together with him.

“It has been a long day for you so you must be starving right now.
These foods could also fill you up, so please eat even if it’s only a little.
After that, let’s take a rest.”

After drinking the three glasses of wine, Qiao Yingze was slightly blushing while he pointed to the plate in front of them.
Right after a short moment, the fruits and cakes were all eaten by Gong Zhuoliang. 

Qiao Yingze stared at Gong Zhuoliang’s face as if he hadn’t seen enough of him, and then seemed to think of something.
He then looked over towards the bed, then his face turned even redder.


Gong Zhuoliang became a little irritable as soon as he landed his sight on the bed, and his mouth seemed also dry, so he reached for a bottle of wine from the table and immediately drank all the contents.
He was so quick that Qiao Yingze didn’t have time to stop him, while the rest of the half bottle of wine instantly entered Gong Zhuoliang’s mouth.

“My wife! Are you alright?” 

Qiao Yingze was taken aback and instantly snatched the empty bottle away from the other, throwing it on the other side.
He then hastily got up, and walked to Gong Zhuoliang to hold her shoulders, checking on her condition, only to see a pretty little face turning pink.
Qiao Yingze suddenly had the urge to kiss the little child in front of him.

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“No! I-I’m fine!”


Gong Zhuoliang closed his eyes then subconsciously buried his face on Qiao Yingze, without bothering about the arms that were hooked on his own waist.

He never thought that he― who used to drink baijiu as if it’s water in the past― had such a poor alcohol intake in this life. 

Just as soon as he drank one more time, he instantly felt like his body was floating.
His mind then started spiraling through different directions.
The two memories that kept resurfacing in his mind, one after another, instantly caused headache to Gong Zhuoliang.

….He really wanted to scream out loud to vent his complaints.

Laozi never wished to come here! How could Laozi be so unlucky as to have gotten caught with this kind of mess?! Why would he have to risk his own life so he could cover other’s mistakes?!

He didn’t want to deceive this beautiful young man! He didn’t want to take the place of this girly kid! He didn’t want to be vigilant towards every human being around him! 

“Are you sleepy? Then we’ll take a rest after we tie our hair….

Qiao Ying could detect Gong Zhuoliang’s unease and thought that ‘she’ was worrying about her future, so gently embraced her and comforted her with some few words.
He dragged ‘her’ towards the side of the bed so they could sit together, then thought in his mind― As I expected, she’s still too young for this, so we should just go to bed and sleep.
It’s still inappropriate for her to do the things between Husband and Wife with him….
At least the future is still long…

“Hair knotting…” 

The wine made Gong Zhuoliang’s emotions surge for a while.
He saw Qiao Yingze happily cutting their hair, then tied them with a red rope, before he placed it inside a box and then put it away.

Seeing what the other was doing, Gong Zhuoliang’s heart started beating fast…..

He couldn’t bear to look at Qiao Yingze’s expression….

His hopes and expectations had long been crushed! His marriage is already ruined! Because his bride is a guy! 

“My wife? What’s wrong?”

Qiao Yingze, who had already placed the box down, noticed something wrong with Gong Zhuoliang.
The rims of the other’s eyes were red and she seemed very sad.

He then hurriedly sat down beside Gong Zhuoliang, and was about to touch Gong Zhuoliang’s face, but was shoved onto the bed at the next moment.

“Do not call me ‘Wife’ again… I’m not your Wife….! This Young Master is a guy just like you! Why can’t you see it clearly?!” 

Gong Zhuoliang’s emotions finally flared out due to him constantly hearing the word ‘Wife, wife‘.
He leaned over to press on Qiao Yingze’s body, grabbed the other’s hand and led it in between his thighs, to prove the other that he’s indeed a guy, and also to tell himself that he’s a man to the core.



Qiao Yingze was completely stunned as soon as he felt the mass of meat through the layers of fabric.
He stared straight at Gong Zhuoliang’s small face, then his mind turned blank, completely confused towards the situation…..

“I-I was forced to marry to replace my Elder Sister.
My Elder Sister was actually the one who’s supposed to marry you but….
She eloped with someone.
The Gong Family was afraid that your family would blame them, so they insisted on using me as the substitute for the Bride… But I couldn’t stand this….
I’m a boy, this is too ridiculous! ….Just how are you….” 

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Qiao Yingze’s reaction had immediately brought Gong Zhuoliang’s reasoning back.
So he hurriedly let go of Qiao Yingze’s hand, not knowing whether to get up or keep pressing him with his body while he demandingly explained everything, talking about the key points of the situation, but before he could finish talking, he was pushed away by Qiao Yingze.
This caused him to hit his legs on the bedpost, making him shiver with pain.


Qiao Yingze furiously pushed Gong Zhuoliang away, abruptly standing up staggeringly.

When he thought of his heartfelt affections that had only ended up becoming a joke tonight, he felt so ashamed and enraged that he just wanted to leave this place and run faraway. 

“Hey! Watch out!”

Seeing that Qiao Yingze was about to stumble on the ground, Gong Zhuoliang couldn’t care about his leg pain anymore, and instantly got up from the bed to catch Qiao Yingze.
But then they ended up falling together on the ground due to the other’s heavy weight on his small body.

“A-Aren’t you dizzy, ah?”

Gong Zhuoliang struggled to assist Qiao Yingze to the bed again before managing to lay him down.
The other’s pale face and tightly closed eyes made him feel even more anxious that he instantly thought of calling out for help, but after thinking it through, he thought that things would only become chaotic even more, so he could only pat the other’s chest to calm him down and pinched his philtrum.

He shouldn’t be vexed at this moment.
He knows that the other is not in good health, so why did this guy still acted impulsively?

….Fortunately, the two of them didn’t really cause that much of a ruckus, so they didn’t startle the maidservants outside.
Only, who knows how long they will stay….
But he certainly doesn’t intend to make his escape in the dark tonight, ah!



Luckily the footnotes for this chapter weren’t that many this time.
At the beginning, it had been fun for me to place tons of pop-out translations, but right now, I only wished that the chapters would have fewer vague Chinese words in the future… Because guess what, it’s 2 am right now as I posted this, that’s why I’m rushing to post this 

Well, honestly this isn’t what I wanted to talk about right now.
I wanted to clarify some things with you guys, and that is about the bed position of Gong Zhuoliang.
(You guys can ignore this if you want XD)

First of all, about Gong Zhuoliang’s surname, the Gong in Chinese was “宫”- as in “palace”
So in case you guys thought that it is 攻 which meant “to attack” (Gong in chinese)… well, it is not XD 

Secondly, Gong Zhuoliang might not be the Gong, however I had assumed before that Gong Zhuoliang was the ‘Gong’.
But then the other day, one commenter had confirmed themselves that Gong Zhuoliang was the ‘shou’ instead, and they found this info from JJWXC site (where the raws in this novel were located)
And to tell you the truth, I had not really finished reading all the raws.
But the smut scenes still made it hard for me to discern who’s the Gong or Shou.
As I had said from my Lisha’s notes before, these two had never did thw deeds yet aside from intimate touching and such, so it’s hard to discern about their bed position.
Well on the other hand, Gong Zhuoliang tend to tease Qiao Yingze, which made me think that he could be the Gong… But since Wei Wuxian is also a teaser, does this mean that he had to be the Gong while Lan Wangji was the Shou? Lolll 

There’s a 50% possibility that Gong Zhuoliang might be the Gong, while the rest of the percent was him being a Shou.
Perhaps I really should proceed checking JJWXC through the novel’s comment section to look for more cluesෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ


I’m sorry if this TL/N kinda took a long time, I swear that next time there won’t be an another long note (unless necessary) (• ▽ •;)

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