Chapter One:

Fall of the Country (I)

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” De Qing[1] took small steps, and swayed every few steps while running inside from the door.
The hat he was wearing also loosened up, revealed a few white hairs, adding an extra ten years to him.

He originally had a horsetail whisk in his right hand, but within the panic, he clipped it underneath his armpit, and tottered and slightly tripped over an accessory box someone left in the palace, then bluntly knelt in front of Xiao Zuo[2].
He was typically dignified, but at this point, he could not care for those things for appearance’s sake.
His eyes were all red, and he used the gold-threaded sleeves to recklessly wipe his snot, then said with a sob, “Your Majesty! It’s not good, it’s not good, the Jin army has already reached outside the Meridian gate!”

The Meridian gate was the final gate of the imperial city, and past the Meridian gates, would be the Xuan Zheng Palace that Xiao Zuo was sitting in right now.
The time right now was the afternoon of an autumn day, the sun outside the palace hall had already passed, while the layers of eaves and palaces blocked that remaining sliver of evening light tightly, without letting a bit of daylight in.

The inside of the palace was dim, the candles on each of the pedestals long already burned out, and the palace maids who took care of the lights probably long already tied their fine fabrics and escaped from a side gate, only leaving a pool of wax connect with the pedestal, like the damp and cold lichen at the bottom of a well.

The inside of the palace was only left with a personal maid of Xiao Zuo’s and two guards in front of the palace.
The rest all spread and ran off.
The surface of the shining gold tiles were scattered all over with jewels and accessories, gold bracelets, hanging ornaments, reflecting with a gloomy cold light.

Xiao Zuo was wearing a bright-gold dragon robe- the surface was embroidered with a gold dragon with five claws majestically glaring with its eyes, but compared with the gold dragons on the four Pan dragon pillars within the palace, it bore a slight comical taste to it.
Within the spacious Xuan Zheng Palace, once these words of De Qing’s came out, faint echoes resounded from all around, scaring his fragmented heart again.
De Qing put a hand over to stroke his chest, and limped in front of the royal throne and gasped with crude breaths.

De Qing was an elder beside Xiao Zuo, and followed him since Xiao Zuo was born, though normally, he would take his identity as Ji Le Palace’s main eunuch to pressure the bunch of small eunuchs following behind him to each call him De gong’gong, but frankly was always very loyal, Xiao Zuo ignored those petty actions of his, and always had one eye open with one eye closed.

“Have Mother Consort and the princesses in the back palace been sent off yet?”

De Qing let out an aye, “Commander Xu personally sent them off from a side gate, they should be safe already.”

Xiao Zuo nodded his head, then after a long time, he stood up from the imperial throne like he used all the power in his body, and suddenly felt a wave of dizziness.
The pale face swayed, the maid from the side hurriedly helped him up.
Xiao Zuo waved his hand, “Why are you still here?”

Zi Wan[3] took out a handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat on his head, and even had the strength to smile, “Zi Wan originally took care of your Majesty, if your Majesty is still here, how can Zi Wan leave?”

Xiao Zuo opened his mouth, but in the end, did not say anything.
He lightly patted Zi Wan’s hand, like he threw out all the many words along with this light pat.

“Help mezhen[4] over to the door to look.”

The front of the Xuan Zheng Palace was planted with two big and tall parasol trees[5], with the meaning of having phoenixes rest with grace.
At this time, a half of the phoenix tree’s leaves were laid on the ground, while the bright yellow colour was just like the dragon robe on Xiao Zuo’s body.
A gust of wind blew by, and the yellow leaves dispersed along with the wind in a drifting manner.
Xiao Zuo’s heart suddenly was like it was fiercely pierced by an awl, he immediately grasped Zi Wan’s hand tight, and abruptly started coughing.

“Your Majesty, the Jin army has already passed by the Qin Zheng Palace, and are heading towards the Xuan Zheng Palace now.” The guard the Xiao Zuo just sent out to check entered the hall, and in an instant, the inside of the palace seemed to go a bit colder, unknown if it was because of the frosty air he brought in from outside the palace, or if it was the despair and woes inside people’s hearts.

“Iz understand.”

De Qing at this time already climbed from the floor.
The two legs were already soft and could not stand up, so he used both his hands and legs to move towards Xiao Zuo- after all, the tiles of the Xuan Zheng Palace were ornamental, even crawling on it was very suitable.

De Qing pulled at the lower hem of Xiao Zuo’s robe, and spoke with a cracked voice, “Li Nu[6], please escape, if you do not escape now, it will be too late!”

Xiao Zuo shook a bit.
when Queen Mother gave birth to him, it was not a full term yet, and he was all wrinkly when he just born, just like a small cat.
The former emperor very intimately called him Li Nu, and only the elder who always followed him knew of this.

Xiao Zuo let out a long sight, and crudely sewed back the heart that had a crack in it, and at first glance, seemed like he returned to that impenetrable look.
He knelt down, separated De Qing’s hand one finger at a time, then shook his head, “Li Nu can leave, but Iz cannot.”

Xiao Zuo sighed, “If you are scared, you can first leave. Iz will not stop you.”

“Scared? That year, the former emperor and empress left your Majesty in this old servant’s care, how could this old servant betray the former emperor and empress, and betray your Majesty?”

De Qing wiped his face, recklessly hit his legs, then fixed his headpiece, and barely stood up with a totter.
The pair of rough big hands helped Xiao Zuo flatten the wrinkles on his robes, then he lifted his head up, “Just let this old servant accompany your Majesty into the next journey.”

Xiao Zuo’s eyes turned hot, and just as he wanted to say something, he heard a bunch of bumbling noises outside the palace, and could still hear the orderly and stern sounds of the Jin army’s cavalry’s iron heels stepping over the white jade bridge within the palace as well as the noisy sounds of wind with the autumn breezes scraping over the flags.

At this time, he seemed to have su

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