After a sleepless night, I woke up with serious headache. I thought to myself ” I need a secluded place for the System binding to occur, Naturally I knew the best place , abandoned construction area.

The construction of a 10 story building started around 3 year ago but the owner was caught in an illegal business deal so the construction was abandoned.

Now all thats left is a empty building, the building was part of a apartment complex of 10 buildings that was to be made by 2025 but since the very first construction was stopped the investors for the apartment complex pulled out and the project was shut down.

So naturally the area the building was situated was secluded. Since the place was decided, I just had to go there and start the binding. The problem was to somehow convince my parents to let me out of the house at 12am.I was 17 years old and I had strict parents so my every move was monitored by them. So I came up with an idea, that idea was to pretend I get a call from my friend about suprising someone with a party and rush out to that area.After completing everything,the night descended quickly and as planned I rush to my mom dressed well and say ”Hey mom I need to go out my friend marcus called me and said that we are suprising someone with a party and I need to pick him up ”

”Okay but when will you come back? ”

”Around 2 or 3 in morning ”

”What?!!, You better come home early or I won be able to save you from your father this time ” Sophia said with a worried expression

”Ohh mom you know my father adores you more then me , can you please convince my father one more time pleaseeeee ” I said with pleading eyes. Seeing my mom not answering, I got to her and say ”mom if you convince my father one more time I promise to bring good grades this year ”

” Are you sure that you will bring good grades because as far as I know, the only thing you do is play games and do nothing, and your friends Marcus hes just like you always playing games ”

Marcus was one of my online friends we used to play almost everyday and then in the recent days he hasn been online for reasons unknown, I was gonna talk to him yesterday but I accidentally discovered the System .

I said ”mom if i don bring good grades this year I will be willing to accept any punishment you offer ”

Atlast my mom gave up and sighed

she said ” Okay okay fine…. you can do but remember to be safe okay ”

” Yeah mom I know chillll ” as I rushed to the door I turned back to her and waved my hand she did the same and I went out.

I went directly to the abandoned construction area and into the building I went to the 3rd floor because the floor was supposed to be a event hall so the floor was completely empty I sat down at the middle of the floor and called the System.


”Host is required to bind with the System ”

I took a deep breath and said ”System Start the binding ”



”The System will bind with the Hosts Body in 10 seconds ”

9.. 8.. 7…

I looked at the timer patiently till the timer hit zero

”System binding has started ”

Right after the mechanical sound I felt a sharp pain in my head, it felt like million needles being poked in my head, I felt my brain being broken and rebuilt over a million times, I gritted my teeth and tried to resist but in the end the pain was too great and i started yelling.

The pain kept increasing every second and i felt like my consciousness fading every second but the pain kept me concious. This torture lasted for 20 mins until its calmed down.

The pain I felt was otherworldly, my whole body was covered in sweat and I felt my mind at ease and then I heard

”System binding with the hostes mind has completed, System will start binding with Hosts body in 10 seconds ”

I thought I heard wrong but as I was contemplating I felt as my body was being beaten by hundreds of millions of ants at the same time, I cursed ”Son of a gun Damn you you damn System DAMN YOU!! ”

I felt the pain reach my bones and my body was twitching like crazy, this continued for 10 mins and then I felt another sensation, my body started heating up , to the point where my skin was giving off steam and my body was covered in black ashs, as I was in pain I didn notice that my body started to glow, my skin started to emit a golden light so powerful that light pillar from my body reached the sky.

The commotion that I made was witnessed by a lot of people and they thought it was a hoax.

The golden light continued emitting from body for a long time until it calmed down

The whole process of binding lasted for 1


I felt that I was reborn, my new body was completely different even though I kept my previous appearce , I felt different, I felt that I could hit a mountain and it would explode, naturally that was only my thinking

After I got up the system sounded

”Congratulations, Host has Successfully Binded with the Supernatural Divine Godly System ”

Hosts name : Danial Crawford

Age : 17

Status : Superhuman

Cultivation: Mortal cultivation.

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