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After leaving Wuhan city G.C told C.Y that after coming from there you have meet some one for guidance at that time you can see that if you want to tell that person your secret.Now let talk about ”Star Dou Great Forest can be a place for noisily playing around, there are numerous spirit beasts inside, and also extremely aggressive, towards us humans they don have any good impression. After entering the forest, you must even more maintain good order like this, staying alert at all times.

You lucky that you have person like me so you do not have to worry about in beginning of the forest or upto intermediate level but in advanced zone there are also some soul beast that have to care because I also have to pay some price before killing them and we just can kill a soulbeast like this do you understand.Like travelling you also try to experience the culture of the village and others,this why we just donot flying but take the cart with it we can go to the destination at minimum 1 month time so busy your self with cultivation. okay…

Like cultivation and enjoying culture both G.C and C.Y come to beginning of the great Star deo forest in which air was purer than any other place Chen Yang was refresh and G.C paid the driver and said him to wait outside at most 3 day we can make it by looking at Chen Yang age driver assume for its first soul ring because many not able to gain there first soul ring upto age 8 not because there family didn want but first they not able to cultivate to rank 10 upto age of 8 only some genius able to it and Chen Yang was one of them,as driver smile and left After which G.C say to Yanger First find the spirit beast after that you fight with it I only help you if you are in danger ok it will help you to understand the nature of soul beast in Wuhan hall you already fight with 1000 year soul beat so lets start with Human shaped demon spider you want and lets train with it after you can also kill him if you find suitable one not only that if have search for under 3000 years old HSDS because They have very strong power compare to there age wait a second,okay good let go.

After next movement they come to near plain lands that have very tall trees and also starting of intermediate region of forest with cold and evil atmosphere in air .

G.C speak after you go down Start your practiced ok always remain vigilant,now go…

The gasps for breath gradually steadying, Chen Yang didn dare cultivate, because nobody knew when he might encounter a spirit beast.

Suddenly, a burst of unusual sound attracted Chen Yangs attention.

A rustling sound as if from a person changing clothes, also like tree leaves rustling. Suddenly alerted, Chen Yang slowly stood up, cautiously looking in the direction of the sound.

Immediately after, he saw that sound was the origin of evil.

Black, making Chen Yang full of loathing, this suddenly appearing animal , its body appearing black. But compared to its own kind, it was still extraordinarily big.

Appearing before Chen Yang was a spider, a monstrously big spider with the diameter of its bulk exceeding one metre fifty, eight spear-like legs exceeding three metres. Entirely covered by a glossy black carapace, the tip of the long legs were slender, and from each step forward noiselessly thrusting into the ground, it could clearly be seen how sharp they were.

As Chen Yang discovered it, it seemed to also discover Chen Yang, the eight long legs moving rhythmically at great speed, even leaving behind a string of mirages, in an eyeblink it already arrived before Chen Yang .The two forelegs lifted in a flash, directly stinging towards Chen Yang s head.

Raising the forelegs, it unavoidably also drove its body to rise above, just enough to let Chen Yang see its abdomen. This glance, let Chen Yang recognize its kind.

Chen Yang practically without hesitation dropped to the ground rolling, getting out of the way of the long legged spiders attack, drawing an unexpected breath, he had not expected he would encounter it in this place.

Under that spiders belly was a white veined pattern, forming a clear contrast to its black body, and these vein lines formed the shape of a fierce looking human face. Altogether eight flickering faintly bright little eyes sat close together under its abdomen. However among them two eyes had apparently been smashed by something, badly mangled and mutilated, even the carapace under its abdomen had several cracks.

Right now was night, if Chen Yang didn see with his spritual eye his third soul so he didn even able to see it, he still truly would have been unable to see these.

Seeing that fierce looking man face, Chen Yang called to mind the name of this spider before him.

The nightmare of small scale spirit beasts, the eater of living prey, the target of all spirit beasts hatred, the terrifyingly evil butcher.

These names were all used to describe this long legged spider before him. It was known as the Man Faced Demon Spider. Among spirit beasts, it was categorized as a terrifying existence. Of course, compared to the Titan Giant Ape, it clearly wasn on the same level. But, this kind of Man Faced Demon Spider was an organism even feared by spirit beasts.

It possessed a solid carapace, a strange incomparable speed, eight long legs possessing powerful piercing power and additionally extreme poison, but most dreadful was its spider web.

Common spiders all formed their webs by spinning it, but it was different, its spiderweb was directly spit out. Not only was it extremely sticky, moreover it was incomparably durable, in addition to its terrifying neurological venom. A spirit beast like Datura Snake, facing this Man Faced Demon Spider before him could only be reduced to food, nothing more.

At the same time, this Man Faced Demon Spider was also one of the top goals Chen Yang had directed himself for his second spirit ring. he read in a book , Man Faced Demon Spider was the most difficult to obtain, and he must not by any means try to look for it. Because meeting a Man Faced Demon Spider, even if he had the assistance of formidably strong Spirit Masters at his side to subdue it, he would still very easily meet danger.

The Man Faced Demon Spider did not only spit out its spider web in an eyeblink, but was also able to cover an area ten times itself, practically impossible to dodge. Even if it was trapped by formidable Spirit Masters, it still required time to be able to struggle free. But this time was enough for it to be very eventful.

From looking at its figure, it clearly exceeded thousand years of cultivation. The Man Faced Demon Spider could spit its web three times in one day. Generally speaking, on seeing prey its first action would be to spit its web. But, right now it was relying on its long legs to attack. In addition to the injuries on its abdomen, this let Chen Yang think of a possibility: this Man Faced Demon Spider had already used up its spider web for today.

Confronting a normal condition Man Faced Demon Spider, Chen Yang knew that this chance was given him buy his master, it was an injured Man Faced Demon Spider, that was certain for him to practice. After all, he clearly understood the Man Faced Demon Spiders weak points, precisely its eight eyes. How could it still possibly compare to that a soul beast that he train with and never able to know his own weakness because he always win be on fire type soul beast and flying type with suppression. So, he never try to find his own weakness during the fight.

Today he plan to try his own strength and and know his own weakness and generate his potential, which was great help for him.

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