t week of filming.


Anyway, this stage will be uploaded on WeTube, so let’s not make any mistakes with the choreography.


* * *


I heard someone shouting at me as soon as I finished the stage of 〈It’s Me〉  and left.




Were they calling Park Moondae?


I turned around to see who it was, and it was one of the people with cameras.


When I turned around, the woman in the hoodie constantly pressed the camera’s shutter button.


—Is she only taking a picture of me? The woman shouted again as I unconsciously pointed my hand to my face.


“Moondae-ya! Heart please!”




I never thought the day would come when I heard those words.


But the opportunity was an opportunity, so I made a heart with my fingers and lifted it.


It’s a little…embarrassing.


“Poke your cheek! Poke your cheek too!”


From the side, Seon Ahyun is trying to sneak out to the other side.


He seems to have already been bothered by a camera calling him before the stage. 


I glanced at him. 


‘You do it too.’


Even if just one person joined me, it would be less embarrassing.


Whether he got the signal properly or not, Seon Ahyun creaked and came back.
Then Keun Sejin came between them.


“What are you two doing? Ah, a picture~”


He put up his spoon really well.


I don’t like it when people put their arms on other people’s shoulders, but since there was a camera, I decided to let it go. 


And then, all of a sudden, the three of us put our arms around each other’s shoulders and took a picture.


‘In the end, the three of us are taking pictures even before the first episode.’


It’s been a while since we opened up the group messenger room.


It was a bit uncomfortable, but the water had already spilled from the first team match, so I decided not to avoid it.

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Anyway, I could see the face of a woman who hardly took her eyes off the camera, as if she had gotten a good shot.




She was the one that bought some data from me.


When the schedule made it hard to shoot an event directly, many homepage masters bought it, edited it, and uploaded it as if it was taken by themselves.


Yeah, that person was also in demand.


Let’s see, I remember that she was being sarcastic when she said that as a data seller, I have no conscience when I raise the price. 


…Still, I’ve never taken a picture of them in their private life, like when they’re leaving an airport.


And if the data didn’t sell, it was shared for free on the fan community or on WeTube.


‘Well…Anyway I have nothing to say even if I get cursed at.’


Even if the company is leaving it alone for business reasons, they are indeed ignoring other people’s right to do business there.


Anyway, I don’t know if that crime is why I didn’t make my debut and will be killed suddenly.


Maybe to understand how an idol feels when they are being photographed.


“Park Moondae is really cute!!”




Wow… I really can’t get used to it.


Come to think of it, the male idol I was filming was involved in a drunk driving accident at the end of last year.


‘That guy, his position is the main vocalist—’


Maybe because of Park Moondae…I guess that will change.


I felt a strange feeling and waved my hand. 


Anyway, the data for the production presentation is precious, so I hope they take it well. 


‘It would be better if they upload the photos before Friday.’


Just this Friday, ‘Relisting! Idol Inc.’ started airing for the first broadcast.


* * *


Tnet Headquarters.
The editing room located in the corner of the 9th floor was full of office workers who stayed up all night. 


Ryu Seorin, who cast Park Moondae, was one of them. 


“Seorin-ah, your eyes are red.
Have some coffee.”


“I don’t have time.
Just give me coffee, please.”


It was her 7th cup today.


All of the faces that were looking at the video data and drinking coffee like it was water were tired. 


Ryu Seorin’s former senior sighed.


“Editing the first episode is important.”


You can see the direction of the program.”


What to show and what to cut.


“Yeah, everything needs a story to be fun.” 


“It’s fun when people can immerse themselves in it even if they don’t think about it.”


It’s fun to have a narrative in an audition program.
And the viewer is interested only when the narrative is easy to see. 


This was almost considered a widely-accepted theory.


“Right, so—I’ll think up to the 4th episode and build up to it from the 1st episode.”


“That’s right.
The result of the first team match is the end of the episode—we have to catch the flow of the story and capture the characters of the kids.”

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Of course.
Neither Writer Ryu Seorin nor her former senior had a strong authority to decide that.


‘In the end, it’s important what the main PD thinks.’


She took her hand off the video for a moment.


“Are you going to rest?”


“…I’d like to make a suggestion.”


“Oh, editing?”




 “Well~ That’s fine.
Even in season 1… Was it Lee Goyoon? PD Jung accepted what you said about editing the story of that ordinary participant.”


Should I try? Ryu Seorin snorted inwardly at her former senior’ words.


‘I did it because I was aiming for good timing.’


This was just the time.


Because of their comradeship, people who were exhausted sometimes forgot their sense of authority.


“This time it’s… well, there’s no one to push for, and it’s a good suggestion.”


“Yes, we just need to think about the ratings.”


Since the last season ended early because of a scandal, there were not many requests from big agencies.


If so, what kind of participants should be shown so that viewers will feel catharsis when the team match is aired?


There were hidden meanings in the playful words.
Ryu Seorin shrugged.


“Ey, where do the production crew make all those things? Originally people will be like that.
They want to keep liking the kids they like, and they want to keep hating the kids they hate.”




Her former senior kept silent when she tied it up with the production crew. 


“We’re just making it easier for viewers to immerse themselves in it, well.”


“That’s true.”


Her former senior gently lowered the words.
This is because Ryu Seorin definitely had a sense.


So, she changed the subject and did it again as if she knew everything.


“So this time you chose the underdog? That’s because the editor has a lot to touch on.”




Underdog effect.


Just like David beat Goliath, when the weak beat the strong, it was a thrilling turn of events that made the weak go crazy.


And it was one of the most fun narratives an audition program could show.


Of course, the editor had to do a lot of work to make the right effect happen.
Because it has to be well put together.


“Are you going to suggest that kid? You kept looking back.”


“Well…I see it.” 


Ryu Seorin split roughly, but in reality, she was positive.


‘No matter what I think…I have to give it to that kid.’


Recalling from the video that she was turning around Ryu Seorin, she has already decided.




She responded appropriately to her former senior’ unintentional words and visited the main PD to talk to him.


“Excuse me, PD.”


And she was half sure that the main PD was thinking the same thing as her

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