nued to shower him with praise.


Mudie, a female solo singer who appeared as a vocal coach, praised him with shining eyes in particular.


“First of all, your voice is very refreshing.
And I can hear it better because you have good vocalization.”


“I know, right? It’s like someone talking right next to your ear—”


“Right, that’s right.” 


Their voices of agreement are overwhelming.
Mudie then nodded and continued in a quick voice.


“Again, I don’t think your voice suits the genre well, but this is an extremely important part for an idol, you know? You don’t have any bad singing habits, and I’m looking forward to the future.


“Thank you.” 


“Moondae-ssi, you’ve never joined an agency before, right? You said you don’t have any experience before, but looking at it here, you really don’t have a lot of experience.”


Not yet…”



Then a young male judge comes in.
He’s a famous boy group member that lost two members during the contract renewal time.


“Then did you never take any special lessons?”

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“Not at all? In the academy?”


Park Moondae silently shook his head.


The judge who asked the question was impressed with a somewhat doubtful expression.
Mudie then smiled brightly and opened her mouth once again.


“Yeah, it might be better to wait for the best one than to just do it with a random entertainment company.
I’m sure the offer will come from a good place! “


“Thank you for your kind words.”


The Writer suddenly remembered that Mudie’s agency was preparing to launch a male idol.


‘Now that I think about it, she had a share in her entertainment company.’


And she looked at the participant, who was still politely nodding his head, but it looked like she didn’t get any amazing impression.


Then, when she saw the judges’ seats, which were covered with praise, she was overwhelmed with a strange feeling.


It’s like… something had shattered.


Obviously, finding talented participants for the broadcast would have been advantageous, but she feels unpleasant.


After seeing Park Moondae’s hand microphone while resting her chin on her hand, the Writer immediately remembered.


‘He didn’t dance properly after all!’


Of course, Park Moondae also did the same choreography.


However, because this song wasn’t made for a promotion, the movement was limited to simple dance moves.


When the dancers surrounding them performed the proper choreography, their hands were set to stretch out in time with the beat and move their legs a few times.


However, the original stage, which included dancers, stayed in people’s minds as an afterimage.


The dancers surrounding him can be filled in at random with the thought, “Because that’s how it was on the original stage,” and moving on is easy even with those poor hand and foot movements.


Especially if the person sings really well! 


Furthermore, because he did a conceptual song of a top tier idol, he can avoid questions like “Is it true that Moondae-ssi wants to be an idol?” relying almost entirely on his vocal skills.


In the end, it was the best option that could have been chosen in Park Moondae’s situation.


‘It’s more than just having a good sense; he’s got more experience—’


The Writer felt tricked in some way and looked through Park Moondae with dissatisfied eyes.


And, as if reading the Writer’s mind, a judge who had been silently watching the other judges’ positive comments lifted the microphone.


She was Youngrin of ‘SaintU,’ a female idol group that achieved success with a fancam showing her doing acrobatics while smiling during the rainy season when she was unknown.


“Right now, the choreography you did wasn’t really difficult; can we see more of your dance?”


The Writer wanted to clap.




‘It’s done.’


It was useful to focus on the level-up by only singing this song till I got tired of it these days.

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Because I spent all of my points on improving my vocal abilities, the ‘Vocal’ in my current status window has now changed to an A-.


It was a natural choice.
First of all, a singer who can’t sing in Korea, as well as idols, will be out. 


If you can’t dance, you can cover it with practice, but if you can’t sing, the trace will show when you play the pre-recording.


Furthermore, there were usually fewer aspiring main vocalists than aspiring main dancers in the pool of aspiring idols. 


So, if the position of the main vocalist is imprinted from the start, the chances of getting a position in the debut group are also increased.


Next is how the evaluation songs are selected.


I think my approach was correct, as there was much less negative feedback.


In other words, it is a filtering method that predicts the criticism that the judges will throw at me based on my weaknesses, and then removes all songs that could provoke a response from the judges.


‘What’s wrong with your dance?’

– Remove any songs that include full choreography.


‘You don’t even dance?’

– Remove ballads.


‘You sing well.
But you don’t exude an idol-like aura?’

– Remove everything from the list except for idol songs.


‘Wasn’t it too much for you to sing this song by yourself?’

– Remove all of the songs that had three or more people sing them since I can’t rearrange them and take that risk.


‘You’ll be compared to the original singer at every opportunity!’

– Removed all songs that were released in the last three years.


And from the remaining songs, I choose the one with the best music chart record.


Hmm, it was a good strategy, now that I think about it.


But there was at least one person who didn’t get swept away by the atmosphere when I thought I could get away with it as it is right now.


Then I made eye contact with the judge holding the microphone.


That was a face I knew.


She was the first idol who made me realize that filming an idol may be profitable.
Thanks to her, I was able to pay for the first and second semesters of tuition.


‘Since she gained the reputation of being a hard worker with that acrobatic fancam, it seemed to be a win-win situation.’


However, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to meet at this moment.


“I understand you haven’t received any formal training.
But since this is the first evaluation, shouldn’t we at least check the basic status? If you participated in an audition program, I think you would have prepared at least one song.”


It’s crazy to say, ‘I didn’t prepare anything’ here.
It could be said that it’s better to remain silent than to say anything like that. 


Then is this song possible?”


One of the staff quickly came closer to the stage and beckoned to me.
I approached him and said the song I had in mind. 


After that, the camera follows and even shoots the staff who are flinching in response.


Looking at this, I think I can avoid full editing.
It’s worth the effort.


And immediately, a cheerful accompaniment filled the set.



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