he hell did you come from now?]


Oh, my ranking evaluation has passed.
This has reduced the worries of editing the whole thing.
Only then did my shoulders drop a little. 


It was my first mass media exposure, so I think I overreacted. 


No matter how early it is, the battle usually doesn’t happen until episode 4, so let’s not be nervous and calmly add to my strategy.


Unlike me, who had regained peace of mind, the judges, who had hardened their faces, said harsh things without warning.


[Now this is… I can’t even call it a stage.]


[You know that’s an excuse, right?]


[It seems you just lacked preparation.]


[Aren’t you embarrassed?] 


And the faces of the participants, who were all showing serious faces and biting their lips, overlapped and passed one another.


…Looking at the background, it seems that they even use the expression they made since they were having a hard time practicing.


In the end, the cut made it look like something unexpected had happened.


[(Beep—) -ssi,  (Beep—) -ssi, wait, wait—!]


[(The participant suddenly leaves the seat.)]


The face of the child actor Lee Sejin, who was crying, was shown up close.



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[(The whole story?)]


As the screen went dark, the logo of Idol Joint-Stock Company came up magnificently. 


The logo went off at the end of the changed theme song, and the MC’s voice could be heard.


[The re-listing of the new Idol Joint-Stock Company! The first gateway to—(Beep—) evaluation!]




The trailer ended with the participants covering their mouths as if they were shocked.




Comments kept pouring in as soon as I lowered my head.


It was understandable.


That evening, the Internet entertainment news comment box was turned upside down.


* * *


After finishing my workout, I warmed up my meal and accessed the portal website.


First of all, these were the titles of the articles that were shown on the main page.


[〈Idol Joint-Stock Company〉 who beg for forgiveness from the ‘shareholders,’ the new stock? ‘Male Idol’.]


[Unveiled 〈Re-listed! Idol Joint-Stock Company〉, ‘Shining Star’ first release!]


[‘Please invest, shareholders!’, the stage of 77 participants in the new season of 〈Idol Joint-Stock Company〉 ]


The title alone was moderately neutral, but public opinion can be seen by clicking on the article and looking at the response. 


It’s been a while since the comments section on entertainment news was blocked, and if you look at the emoticons that are visible, at least—.


‘Frustrated’ has exceeded 12,000.
Obviously, they pressed this option instead because there was no ‘Mad’ expression, which meant that public opinion was going crazy. 


There were also many columns.


[Idol Joint-Stock Company, adopting slogan for freedom]


[‘Buy me!’, children who have become stocks.]


Let’s click on one.


[It’s not even ‘Please pick me’ anymore.
Participants are no longer treated humanely in the program shouting to buy your idol stocks.
A sadistic way of handing over the right to escape from life to death—.]


Well, I don’t need to see more. 


Because most of the comments about the program on the Internet and SNS were negative.


– These bastards have no real reflection. 


– Fuck, from the first season, they said it was stock with all kinds of things, and they sold our voting rights and came back without dying.
Do you like the money you make from selling kids? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


But the production crew will be delighted because it’s not like the participants are criticized.


Season 2 was disappointing because the popular participant and the content were both messed up.


However, due to the program’s sadism, they suppressed the image this season, and the production crew turned off the pointless behavior.

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Anyway, the survival program was always hard, no matter how harsh or arrogant it was. 


Even from the participant’s point of view, catching people’s attention might be better.


Because thanks to the popularity of the program, there are comments like this.




[This IJC 3 Platinum Grade Summary.]


: I captured the ‘Music Night’ stage.
It’s because I feel sorry for the kids who are good at this, so please refrain from cursing in the comments.




Most of the comments were about handsome participants or had good facial expressions, but I also noticed a few people talking about Park Moondae, which made me feel weird. 


It was mainly about being cute or popular.


– Park Moondae is cute, so I watched the stage again, but the camera didn’t do a good job of catching him.
ᅲᅲ But after seeing the trailer, I think he did well on the ranking stage, so I’m thinking about watching it.




It felt weird.
It was the first time in my life that I had read an article that expressed open interest in me. 


I felt it when I was selling data in college, but I was surprised that people would give their time and money just because they were likable, even though they didn’t know them well.


I’m not sure if it’s because I live a life without time or money.


But when I became the person involved, it felt even weirder.


However, it wasn’t a bad feeling.


‘…What else should I do next?’


I suddenly wanted to move.


I carefully looked over the people’s responses to the participants and then made a list of the priorities for future stat distribution.


It was then.


[The beginning of fame!]

1,000 people remembered your existence!

: Draw General Characteristics ☜ Click!


I got a notification for this, too.


I read the pop-up contents.
The ‘draw’ below felt like the one that popped up on the stage last time.


I immediately click, and a slot machine pops up. 


Again, the gray box and the copper box were mixed together this time.


This time, I hope there will be characteristics that help me quickly improve my looks or skills.


I waited for the slot to stop with more anticipation than last time.


And the moment the slot was about to stop, suddenly another pop-up appeared.


[Slot machine is a great success!]

: You draw hero characteristics!

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