ss to order another table for you later.”

      Ouyang Ming & others: “…”

      Is she really trying to marry someone from a wealthy family, isn’t it just a joke?

     Qiao Mo was packing food under other people’s strange eyes, while Jian Luozhi stood in front of the bathroom and watched the cigar at his fingertips go out.

      He had just washed his face, with water droplets donning his temples and the tip of his nose, eyebrows looking as black as coal, like a lonely ice lotus exuding a faint coldness in the dark night.

      The scent of the cigar soothed Jian Luozhi and calmed his irritable mood a bit.

      It seems that the doctor is right.
After forcibly using the pheromone modifier many times, his pheromone has been disordered to the point of hopelessness.

      From sixteen to twenty-eight years old, for more than ten years, his body has already reached the state of collapse.
Unless he chooses to gouge out the glands immediately, there will be irreversible consequences.

      However, the bad thing is that the gland removal operation will not be performed until next month.
During the preparation time of more than a month, he has to recuperate his body, lessen the use of pheromone modifiers and the susceptible period medicines.

      The messy pheromone mixed together just now had already affected his fragile body.

      He was about to send a message to Qiao Mo, asking Qiao Mo to leave with him, but a voice with a bit of sadness came from behind him, “Ah luo, you don’t want to see me, is it because I rejected you back then?”

      Jian Luozhi’s hand paused, and a slight irritability arose in his heart.

      He snuffed out the cigar in his hand, turned around, and looked at Bai Yueguang with an indifferent expression, “Bai Yueguang, you and I were misunderstood back then.
It was also my fault, that I didn’t stop the rumors in time, but it’s impossible for me and you.”

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      However, Bai Yueguang mistakenly thought that Jian Luozhi was arrogant and wanted to save face.
Her ruthless refusal at that time give rise to the current resentment in his heart, so now he is treating her coldly.

      She bit her lower lip, and suddenly pounced on Jian Luozhi, while crying, “Ah luo, I regret it.
I have been abroad these years, and I understood a lot of things.
In fact, I also like you.”

      Jian Luozhi’s body froze instantly, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes, the cigar in his hand fell to the ground uncontrollably, and a warm feeling began to fill his lower abdomen.

      In order to prove her intentions, Bai Yueguang released her omega pheromone in order to tempt him, trying to affect his emotions.

      However, this pheromone used by an omega to seduce, to Jian Luozhi, is tantamount to the poison capable of detonating the hidden bomb in his body.

      Jian Luozhi’s breathing suddenly became heavy, his body trembled involuntarily, and his forehead was instantly covered with fine cold sweat.

      Bai Yueguang was overjoyed, after she thought that she succeeded in the seduction, and her pheromone resonated with Jian Luozhi’s alpha pheromone, she was about to cry out her grievances and love for him.

      At this moment, Qiao Mo, who wanted to say goodbye to Jian Luozhi secretly, happened to pass by and bumped into such an exciting scene.

     Wow! Oh!

     Qiao Mo raised her hands high, looking very innocent, “I’m sorry, I was just passing by, you can continue, I didn’t see anything.”

      It is worthy of being a romance novel, worthy of the tags tyrant and goddesses.
How sweet and loving is this scene, this is really the plot of a romance drama.

      She had said that her appearance was just there to stimulated the emotional changes of the male and female protagonists, and now that the male and female protagonists are expressing their affection to each other, it is time for her as a cannon fodder to leave the stage.

      Seeing Qiao Mo’s appearance, Bai Yueguang’s expression was a little flustered at first, because for an omega who was also born as the part of the high society, it was extremely shameless to use pheromones to lure an alpha, but then Bai Yueguang secretly became happy.

      Qiao Mo is her biggest competitor, and it is only good and nothing bad for her, that Qiao Mo saw this scene.

      So instead of letting go of her hand, Bai Yueguang lowered her eyes shyly, getting closer and closer to Jian Luozhi.

      But an unexpected scene happened.

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      Jian Luozhi actually pushed Bai Yueguang away, stumbled towards Qiao Mo, slammed into her, and was unconsciously hugged by Qiao Mo.

      Bai Yueguang staggered back, fell to the ground and covered her face, crying aggrievedly.

      Qiao Mo looked towards Bai Yueguang, who was crying on the ground, and at Jian Luozhi, whose face was as cold as ice in her arms.
For a while, she couldn’t react.

      At this time, Bai Yueguang’s companions also chased after the three people, but they arrived a little late.
Even they were stunned when they saw this scene.

      It was Ouyang Ming who rushed over and helped Bai Yueguang up, as the expressions of several people became a little ugly.

      Jian Luozhi panted and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go.”

      Qiao Mo was still a little hesitant, wanting to explain.
If she really left with Jian Luozhi in this situation, the misunderstanding between the male and female protagonists would become more serious.

      However, Jian Luozhi is her boss, and it seems that she should listen to Jian Luozhi’s words.

      Just as Qiao Mo hesitated for a while, Jian Luozhi’s breathing became heavier and deeper, his body became weak, putting his entire weight on Qiao Mo.

      Qiao Mo felt that something was wrong and turned her head to look, and found that Jian Luozhi’s eyes were half closed.

      Did Jian Luozhi suddenly became ill?

      Without any hesitation, Qiao Mo quickly left the restaurant with Jian Luozhi, who was feeling weak all over.



↑1 Fortunately or unfortunately I just realised that the literal translation of Bai Yueguang is white moonlight/ first love which one couldn’t get.
But since we have already come a bit ahead in the story, I’ll keep the name as it is and not change it.
↑2 Like how the women in palace dramas/ novels fight in the backyard against each other for the favor of the emperor/ their husband.

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