02 The Female Protagonist Returns Home?

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   Qiao Mo slept for a long time.
She reluctantly woke up from her sleep only when the sun went down.

    In fact, if she wasn’t in this body, and the body’s biological clock forced her to wake up, she would have continued to sleep for a while longer.

    After all, God knows, she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for more than 40 years, as she was worrying everyday that if the pineal gland jammer didn’t work, and the Zerg King rushed into the Human Alliance with his troops.

    If the pineal gland jammer made did not work, and as a result, the Zerg King had already wiped out the everyone, or if the humans were killed by the Zergs.

    These are the shadows that have been lingering in Qiao Mo’s heart for decades.
Now that she had let go of everything, and her heart is relaxed, Qiao Mo just wants to become a brainless salted fish and wander quietly in the dark river.

    Seeing that Qiao Mo finally woke up, the system immediately burst into tears of joy, and began to encourage Qiao Mo in her head, “Go on, host, Bai Yueguang has returned to China, and the male protagonist is waiting downstairs, we might as well strike it first.
Host, try to impress the male protagonist before Bai Yueguang meets the male protagonist, and pave the way for the next step of the host’s successful career.
If the host delays any longer and let the male protagonist see Bai Yueguang before the host, then the host will fall behind.
It’s not good for the host.”

    Qiao Mo waved her hand irritably, as if swatting a fly away.

    However, the system is something that exists in her brain, and Qiao Mo’s dismissal is meaningless, in the end, she just raised the quilt to cover her head again, “ You are so annoying, I said that I’m not interested.
Don’t disturb me.
I just want to be a salted fish.”

    The system’s smile froze.

    After Qiao Mo finished speaking, she continued to lie on the bed.

   The system waited quietly for a while, and finally it muttered, “Host, why are you lying on the bed even when you are awake? Won’t you get out of bed to walk around?”

    So Qiao Mo moved, she just turned from the left side to the right side and said, “I moved.”

    System: “…”

    The system cried, muttering to himself, “Xiaotong [1] feels that Xiaotong and the host are going to be finished.”

    Downstairs, Jian Luozhi was still drinking coffee.
Even when he was sitting on the sofa, he was upright, as if he was sitting in the top-floor office of his business empire.

    The night sky outside the window gradually darkened, and the sky was soon full of stars.

    Jian Luozhi put down the coffee and processed a few more documents before looking down at the time on the watch.

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    He frowned when he saw it, it was already 1:00 in the morning and Qiao Mo still hadn’t come downstairs yet, so the conversation that he was going to have with the other party could only be left for another time.

    At this time, Jian Luozhi also recalled a little bit of the past during his high school.

    In fact, Bai Yueguang is not Jian Luozhi’s first love or the goddess in his heart.
Specifically, the relationship between Bai Yueguang and Jian Luozhi is just a big misunderstanding.

    After all, given the situation of the two people, there can’t be any sparks between them at all.

    He was in high school at that time, when he had just differentiated his gender.
He differentiated into a gender that his mother didn’t want to see, an useless omega.

    Whether it was his mother or Jian Luozhi, they had always felt that he could only be differentiated into the best of the best alpha.

    When he suddenly differentiated into an omega, Jian Luozhi just felt at a loss.

    For a while, Jian Luozhi was at a loss, so he unconsciously watched how the omega next to him lived.

    Bai Yueguang was the best and the most famous omega during their high school years, and Jian Luozhi unconsciously chased behind her for two to three days.

    Until the school spread rumors, Jian Luozhi’s mother scolded Jian Luozhi fiercely, and Jian Luozhi also woke up.
He concealed his identity as an omega, and continued to live as an alpha.
He calmed down.

    He still remembers that at that time, Bai Yueguang had once called him aside and politely rejected him.

    There must be a reason why the rumors were so intense.

    Later, no one believed Jian Luozhi’s explanations, when he tried to clear the misunderstanding several times.
Everyone felt that Jian Luozhi wanted to save face and was feeling embarrassed that he was rejected, so he simply said that it was a misunderstanding.

    Later, Jian Luozhi wanted to confirm his identity as an alpha, and finally stopped bothering to clear the rumors.

    He raised Qiao Mo for this reason.

    Qiao Mo is beautiful enough to save him a lot of trouble, and to convince others that he is a powerful and excellent alpha.

    The only trouble is that Qiao Mo easily gets jealous, and at the same time loves vanity.
He was afraid that she will target Bai Yueguang.

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    Just like what the butler said, now Qiao Mo had already started showing her presence in front of Bai Yueguang.

    Jian Luozhi was not afraid of offending Bai Yueguang or the Bai family, but felt that it was unnecessary and somewhat troublesome.

   He quickly went through this matter in his head, but now that it was so late at night, he can only talk about it next time.

    Jian Luozhi put away the documents, got up and walked towards the bedroom on the first floor.

    The villa was deserted, except for a housework robot, there was no one else.

    However, Jian Luozhi was already used to being alone.
He put on his pajamas, lay upright on the bed, crossed his hands on his chest, and closed his eyes to sleep.

    The next day, Jian Luozhi received a call from a friend.
On the phone, Ouyang Ming urged him, “Old Jian, if you postpone the dinner appointment today, I will not forgive you.”

    “I know.”

    “Don’t worry.
I promise to give you a surprise this time.”

    Jian Luozhi frowned slightly, feeling that there was something amiss in his friend’s words, and his tone seemed rather low.

   The call from the company also came immediately after.
The secretary said that there was a project that he needed to look over.
Jian Luozhi could only put aside his friend’s affairs, get up and go to the garage to drive a car out and deal with the things in the company.

    Before leaving, he couldn’t help but glance upstairs.

    Qiao Mo didn’t come down since yesterday, and it’s already nine o’clock in the morning.
Usually at this time, Qiao Mo would already be sitting at the breakfast table and waiting for him.
At the same time, she will make a few small requests, usually related to buying clothes and jewelry.
As a result, she has still not come down, is she not hungry?

    But as a busy boss, Jian Luozhi didn’t have much time to think about this issue, so he could only rush to the company under his secretary’s urging.

    This project is a big one.
It took Jian Luozhi a day and a night to barely follow up to the end.
Ouyang Ming’s calls were coming one after another.
Jian Luozhi rubbed his sore eyes and told his secretary to call for a driver, as he rushed to the appointment.

    The place where these people made an appointment was a bar, and the environment was relatively quiet.
When Jian Luozhi came, Ouyang Ming was looking towards the door.

    Seeing Jian Luozhi coming over, Ouyang Ming immediately waved to him, “Oh, my old buddy, my boss Jian, my busy man, you are finally here.”

    Ouyang Ming said, and hooked up Jian Luozhi’s shoulders affectionately.

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    Jian Luozhi frowned slightly.

    However, Ouyang Ming is a non-threatening Beta, and the taste of the other party’s pheromone is simple and acceptable.

    Entering the box, the smell of messy pheromones mixed together, rushed towards Jian Luozhi.
Jian Luozhi tilted his face around a bit, feeling a little uncomfortable.

    Although the modern society does not pay much attention to gender differences, and at the same time invented restraint stickers, so that people of each gender can live in a narrow room in harmony, but restraint stickers cannot completely isolate all the pheromones.

    For some reason, Jian Luozhi is particularly sensitive to this smell, and he can’t stand the various pheromones being mixed together.

    There were seven to eight people sitting in the box, some familiar and some unfamiliar, probably all from their circle.

    When those people saw Jian Luozhi, most of them looked a little cautious.

    After all, both Xicheng’s Jian family and Jian Luozhi are famous personals.
Jian Luozhi is the child of someone else’s family who lives in the mouth of the elders.
For them, they naturally feel cautious in front of Jian Luozhi.

    Ouyang Ming led Jian Luozhi to a seat and started introducing each other.

    Jian Luozhi sat in the arranged position with a light and unsmiling expression.
Even if the person next to him was close to him under Ouyang Ming introduction, he was frozen stiff by Jian Luozhi’s expression.

    Ou Yangming patted Jian Luozhi’s shoulder and uttered a sigh, “I say buddy, we agreed to come out and play together, can you please show a happy expression.”

    “I’m already sitting here.”

    Ouyang Ming choked, “Sure, your majesty condescended to come here, it’s my honor to wait upon you.”

    Jian Luozhi ignored Ouyang Ming’s sarcastic words.

    After a while, the atmosphere gradually became lively, but they still dared not speak to Jian Luozhi, thus a empty space was formed in front of Jian Luozhi.

    At this moment, a gentle laughter came from behind Jian Luozhi.
A beautiful female omega wearing an elegant white dress, showing a bit of maturity and grace, came over, and said with a bit of playfulness, “Aluo, you are still the same…”

    Jian Luozhi was stunned, “Bai Yueguang, when did you come back?” The person who came was Bai Yueguang, the first love and goddess of Jian Luozhi and the third daughter of the Bai family in Xicheng.

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    Everyone present obviously thought of this rumor, and they all quieted down, looking at the man and woman with obvious wish to hear some gossip.

    Ouyang Ming even winked and said, “How is it old Jian, the surprise, hehe, I also only found out that Young Miss Bai had returned to China yesterday.
Young Miss Bai told me that she wanted to see you, so I arranged this party.
You two haven’t seen each other for many years.
Now you should take time and talk.


    The group of people gradually dispersed, Jian Luozhi sent Bai Yueguang away, and Ouyang Ming whispered in his ear, “I heard that, recently the one you raised at home is being very noisy, and now, Young Miss Bai is back.
Isn’t this the case of, when the new flame meets the old flame, sparks fly everywhere.
Lao Jian, your backyard is on fire, what are you going to do?”

    Jian Luozhi didn’t expect Bai Yueguang to come back suddenly, he lit a cigar, holding it between his slender fingers.
As the flames flickered on his fingertips, “You misunderstood, I have nothing to do with Bai Yueguang, the so-called romances are rumors.”

    Ouyang Ming sneered, “Just with your performance in high school, who would believe it.”

    Jian Luozhi didn’t reply to Ouyang Ming, he suddenly remembered Qiao Mo whom he hadn’t seen for two to three days.

    Bai Yueguang suddenly returned to China, and the conversation between them should be put on the agenda again.

    After all, Jian Luozhi just wanted to buy peace, and didn’t want to be tossed about with messy things.

    Thinking like this, Jian Luozhi drove back to the villa.

    Unexpectedly, the lights in the villa were on, the home theater on the first floor was running, and there was a voice laughing in the room, “Hahaha, hahaha…” and it sounded like Qiao Mo’s voice, sweet and cheerful.

    Jian Luozhi frowned slightly and opened the main door.

   The large TV in the living room was playing “Tom and Jerry” on the wall.
On the sofa, a girl was sitting cross-legged, with jet black ink-like hair casually draped on her head, and the shoulders under the silk pajamas are thin and round.
The warm yellow light came down, covering the other’s face in warmth, looking bright and gentle.

    When Jian Luozhi walked in, the other party was slapping the sofa wildly, and fell down with a smile.

    Hearing Jian Luozhi came in, the other party turned her head and looked over, revealing a bright and beautiful face, a pair of watery pupils shimmering with light, the bridge of the nose as beautiful as a jade mountain, the lips as small as a cherry, and the skin was smooth and soft, as if glowing with light, it was Qiao Mo who had disappeared for two to three days.

    Seeing Jian Luozhi, Qiao Mo smiled, revealing shallow dimples and white teeth, “You’re back.”

    Jian Luozhi was stunned by Qiao Mo’s smile.

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