us, the corners of Jian Luozhi’s mouth moved upwards, and he couldn’t help but chuckle, “Yes, it’s for you, just swipe it.”

    After thinking about it, Jian Luozhi added one more sentence.

    “After all, you were also wronged this time.”

    When he said that Qiao Mo was wronged, his expression was a little unpredictable.

    Qiao Mo blinked, reached out and took the black card.
She didn’t bother to guess what Jian Luozhi said.
Anyway, the black card in her hand was real, and nothing else was important.

    Touching the black card, Qiao Mo rejoiced in her heart, and said with extra sincerity, “Thank you boss.”

    Jian Luozhi stopped smiling, but nodded indifferently, got up and went back to the room.

    Although he likes Qiao Mo’s face and the fresh breath brought by the other party, and is willing to indulge the other party’s innocuous little temperament, he also doesn’t like the other party stepping over the line.

   He will not condone the other party’s temperament and means to create trouble for him.

    Today’s Qiao Mo seems more sensible than before, which is not bad.

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    Jian Luozhi lives in the most expensive villa area in Xicheng.
The location of the community is very good.
It is only one stop away from the most prosperous commercial district, which can be reached just after taking a left turn.
Not far away is the Xicheng University.

    Qiao Mo was wearing a denim skirt and white sneakers, carrying a schoolbag and looking around.

    This place was very similar to the earth before the Zerg invasion.
In Qiao Mo’s very distant memory, she also once walked in the bustling commercial street, holding hands with countless students, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.

    It seems that she has been reborn back to the earth’s human era.
She didn’t know if there will be a zerg invasion this time.
She will keep in mind to flip through the calendar to see the current date and year.

    Qiao Mo thought about it as she walked, only to see a few gangster like men in the corner of the alley maliciously molesting a female student.

    Qiao Mo walked over immediately with a cold face, while scolding them in her heart.
She hated this kind of bullying of women the most.

    She originally thought that she would have to use force to expel the other party, but just as she released the mental power in her mind, the faces of those men immediately changed.

   Qiao Mo blinked.
Has her mental power become so powerful that she can deter these hooligans just by standing here?

    Before Qiao Mo could check her mental strength, the female student came over with a blushing face, “Thank you for helping me.
My name is Su Shu.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Hearing Qiao Mo’s words, Su Shu’s face turned even redder .

    Qiao Mo thought that, this girl was too shy and introverted, no wonder she looked so easy bully.

    However, when she first arrived, Qiao Mo also wanted to find a best friend to play with, so she reached out to Su Shu, smiled lightly, revealing cute dimples on her cheeks, “Qiao Mo, it’s nice to meet you.
I’m going to the pedestrian street to buy a few things, do you want to go together.
Are you free to go shopping?”


    Su Shu was a little dazed, and her expression was a little subtle and vigilant.
She looked at Qiao Mo up and down, and found that Qiao Mo’s smile was sweet and harmless, and her hair was still tied with a fluffy white fur ball rubber band.
She quickly made a judgment in her heart and nodded, “Okay.”

    Qiao Mo wanted to hold hands with her, but the other party kept a small distance between them.
Thinking that the other person is feeling shy, she kept quite and continue on the way to shop.

    Su Shu’s eyesight is very good, and the hair accessories that she choose are all Qiao Mo’s favorite, which satisfies Qiao Mo’s girlish heart very well.

    When the two parted, Su Shu said, “I’m going back to school.
I’m studying at Xicheng University.”

    Qiao Mo thought back and found that the original body was also studying at Xicheng University, but she was just a student at the bottom of the crowd.

    The two exchanged contact information and said goodbye.

    After seeing Su Shu away, Qiao Mo found a quiet coffee shop to drink coffee.
She wanted to watch a video, but she heard a ding-dong on the phone, which indicated a incoming text message.

    ‘Qiao Mo, you are living quite well now.
After becoming rich, have you forgotten to invite us few brothers to dinner.’

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    Qiao Mo frowned, “Who are you?”

    The other party immediately replied: “Why, after climbing onto a rich man, you are not willing to recognize the old friends.
Look out of the window.”

    Qiao Mo turned her head alertly and looked at the bustling crowd outside the window.

    She keenly caught on a man standing behind an omelet shop in the diagonal corner, a man wearing a sullen look.

    The man noticed Qiao Mo’s sight, grinned, and as the green light turned on the next second, he disappeared into the crowd.

    Qiao Mo’s mobile phone received a text message again, “Prepare 100,000 yuan, or I will tell your good secret to your sponsor.
You probably don’t want to see it happen.”

    What secret?

    But after the other party finished sending this text message, no matter how Qiao Mo asked, he didn’t reply any more.

    Qiao Mo could only throw this matter to the back of her head.

        It seems that if there is a chance, she should check the original owner’s relationship network.

    But she didn’t know if the system knows about this.

    The system looked bewildered: “Ah, what’s the matter? The original owner is a vicious female supporter character, besides using all means to frame the female lead, what other secrets can she have?”

    It seems that this system is a hopeless waste, and she still has to check it herself.

    As if the system heard it’s host’s thoughts, it huddled in a corner, biting the handkerchief while crying.

    Today is another day when Xiaotong was disliked by the host.

    At this moment, another person came over to stand in front of Qiao Mo.
It was an elegantly dressed woman, with a temperament like the bright moon in the night sky.

    The other party pulled out the chair and sat down with a slight smile on her face, “Miss Qiao, when I came in just now, I felt that the person sitting here was a little familiar, so I came over and saw that it was really you.
It’s a coincidence that you are also out for a walk.
Are you preparing clothes for the Jian family’s banquet?”

    A sharp red alarm was sounded by the system in her mind, “The female protagonist, the female protagonist, the female protagonist is here.
The host should cheer up, counterattack and slap her face, and let the female protagonist know who you are.
The transmigrated female supporting character is the most powerful.”

    Qiao Mo’s brain starting hurting from the system’s noise, so she raised her hand and rubbed her forehead, “Shut up!”

    Bai Yueguang was stunned, unable to believe that Qiao Mo would be so rude.

    At this time, a light flashed, and a person hiding in the corner took a picture of the scene.

    The next second, Jian Luozhi, who was sitting in the office on the top floor of the building, received the photo, and he frowned fiercely.


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