it must be.
It looks like Jiang Luozhi wanted to keep his face and hence he did not scream, so in the end it was she, who underestimated her own strength.

    It’s over, it seems that just a table of dishes can’t make up for her mistakes.

    Jian Luozhi was stunned by Qiao Mo’s reaction, and then followed Qiao Mo’s gaze to see his wrist.

    His skin was naturally pale and white, and it was easy to leave marks.
It was probably misunderstood by Qiao Mo.

    Jian Luozhi lowered his eyes, raised his hand and lowered his cuff, looked at Qiao Mo and said lightly, “It’s alright.”

    “How is it alright, Mr.
Jian? Wait a minute.”

    Qiao Mo didn’t care about anything else, quickly got up and turned around to go inside.
But, she suddenly looked up and asked, “Mr.
Jian, do you still remember where the medicine kit is?”

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    “How can it not matter.” Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi and disagreed, “The injury is on your wrist.
If you don’t apply medicine, it will take at least a month for it to heal.
Are you planning to not show your wrists for a month?”

    Jian Luozhi: “…”

    Jian Luozhi was completely subdued by Qiao Mo, so he could only raise his finger and point towards the location of the medicine kit.

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   After Qiao Mo found the medicated oil, she read the instructions for use, and found that although the time and space were not the same, the effect of the medicated oil was the same.
She took the medicated oil and walked up to Jian Luozhi, “Mr.
Jian, trouble you to roll up your cuffs.”

    Jian Luozhi looked up at Qiao Mo, and found out that Qiao Mo’s attention was all on his wrist, and her face was full of anxiety.

    He silently rolled up his sleeves and stretched out his hand in front of Qiao Mo.

    Qiao Mo poured the medicated oil on her palms and rubbed them against each other.
Holding Jian Luozhi’s wrist, she gently massaged his wrist, “If it hurts, just tell me.
I didn’t hurt your wrist bone yesterday, you can move it around a bit later.
Let me see if there is anything wrong.”

    The warm sunlight shone in from the window and fell on the glass vase kept on the table, reflecting the light rays, giving the peaceful face of the girl in front of him a dreamlike golden color.

    Her long eyelashes seemed to be sprinkled with golden powder, as she carefully rubbed Jian Luozhi’s wrist with her eyes down, while patiently asking him whether it was hurting.

    The girl’s palm was fair and small, warm but powerful, her fingers tightly clasped his wrist, and the warmth seemed to penetrate his skin and flowed all the way into Jian Luozhi’s heart.

    Jian Luozhi’s slender fingers curled up, and the tip of his little finger happened to poke Qiao Mo’s palm.

    Qiao Mo suddenly stopped and looked at Jian Luozhi nervously, “Mr.
Jian, does it hurt? Should I use less strength?”

    “Qiao Mo, is your strength innate?”

    Jian Luozhi lowered his eyes, staring at Qiao Mo.

    Qiao Mo thought that Jian Luozhi was asking about the situation last night, and she smiled apologetically, “It doesn’t count as innate.
After I grew up, I started exercising.
My parents said that I need to learn to protect myself, so they got me to learn some boxing and kung fu in order to protect myself.”

    Qiao Mo was talking about her past, when the Zergs hadn’t invaded yet.
At that time, Qiao Mo was just a happy little girl growing up in an ordinary family, her parents regarded her as a pearl in their hands, and for fear of her being bullied, they forced her to learn how to defend herself with two-handed technique [2].

    Maybe Qiao Mo was a little talented, she was quite good in them.
Later, when she joined the army, she was very popular with the instructors and they taught her a few more tricks.

    Therefore, even if she was a civilian who did not leave the laboratory, her physical strength and force was enough to barely pass the test.

   But she didn’t dare to say these words, for fear that Jian Luozhi will feel that she was mocking his lack of physical strength.

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    But she also didn’t expect that even though original owner looked so delicate and fragile, her strength is not small, or did she not only brought her mental power after transmigrating, but also strength?

    Jian Luozhi looked at Qiao Mo’s face, the girl smiled innocently, softly and defenselessly, as beautiful as a fragile flower branch placed in a vase.

    Qiao Mo’s parents were right.
Beautiful female omegas should indeed learn to protect themselves so that they won’t be powerless to resist when they suffer.

    “Hey, there’s even one on your other wrist!”

    Jian Luozhi stared at Qiao Mo’s face, lost in thoughts.
Here, Qiao Mo had already rolled up the sleeve of Jian Luozhi’s other wrist and checked it out.
She was surprised to find that this wrist was worse than the other, and her five fingerprints could be clearly seen.
The are had turned almost blue-purple, as if Jian Luozhi was very badly abused by someone.

    Qiao Mo’s expression suddenly collapsed, and the guilt in her heart deepened, she looked at Jian Luozhi and said with a pitiful tone, “Mr.
Jian, why don’t you deduct my salary, this time I really went too far and ended up hurt my employer so badly.
I should have clearly seen who it was before doing anything.

    Jian Luozhi smiled.

    Like the spring breeze melting away the frozen lake into a pool of clear water.

    He curved his lips and smiled, causing his eyes to bent and making him seem gentle.

    Qiao Mo was stunned.


    Even if Qiao Mo was showing her teeth and claws in front of outsiders, there was no need for her to be so humble.

     Since Qiao Mo likes to play around, he just have to take care of the aftermath for her.
He doesn’t have to force Qiao Mo to suppress her innate nature.

    The smile on Jian Luozhi’s face disappeared in an instant like a flash of light.
After he said that word, he got up, tucked back his clothes and left, he did not talk about anything that happened last night to Qiao Mo.

    Seeing the back of Jian Luozhi leaving, Qiao Mo was moved to tears.

    She almost wanted to kneel down and worship him.

    Boss Jian is really Bodhisattva, a capitalist with conscience.

    Wuwuwu [3], she will definitely work hard to bring Jian Luozhi and the female protagonist together, and then leave in time, so that the two of them will have less twists and turns.

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