Trucker, welcome to another world.

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TL/ED: Bogdi

“Koo, hoo, ………”

I, Kota Azuma, now 26 years old and currently working for a shipping company that is on the verge of going bankrupt, was driving while trying to stay awake. 

It’s been four years since I got my large-size truck driver’s license.
I’ve gotten used to it and I’m driving the same delivery route I always do, but I’m tired and very sleepy every day.

“Ahhhh …..!”

I’m really sleepy.

I try to stay awake by shouting and opening the window for ventilation.

I don’t drink coffee because my stomach is upset from all the drinking.
I distract myself by chewing mint-flavored gum or drinking some kind of drink to help me stay awake.

Fortunately, tomorrow is my day off.
After I finish my delivery, I’ll go straight home and have a good sleep.

I, Kota Azuma, am a single man living alone.

My face is ordinary, I’m a common mob character, I’m of a medium build, I drink alcohol but don’t smoke.
My hobbies are napping and playing pachinko (Japanese pinball), and my parents work full-time at their home, so I’m a normal person with no special characteristics.

There was no particular reason for me to get a large-sized truck license.

However, I won 500,000 yen in a lottery and since I had no other use for the money, I decided to get a license.
I had a regular driver’s license, so there was no complicated test.
The only thing I needed was driving skills, so I got it anyway, along with the special license.

I was a freelancer until I was 22 and then I was able to get a full-time job at a shipping company. 

Well, it’s a shipping company on the edge of bankruptcy, but I can’t be extravagant.
It’s a good thing that I have a full-time job in this day and age.

 “……………… Huh!?”

I was about to fall asleep.

It’s really dangerous.
I should probably stop somewhere and take a half hour nap.
If I crash here, I’ll be in trouble with the company and I’ll get fired.


In front of me, a tunnel.

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My truck is pulled out of the lane and a concrete wall is in front of me.

“Oh, shit.

My vision went completely dark along with the impact.


Am I dead?

My vision is blurry, I feel as if I’m in lukewarm water.
And most of all, I can’t move my body at all.
Oh, so this is death.

“Congratulations!!! You are the 77,777th person to die in a truck accident, and as a bonus, you will be reincarnated into another world and given special abilities.”

I don’t know what it is, but I hear something.

It’s a bonus, it’s another world and it’s a truck accident.

I was in a truck accident and crashed into the entrance of a tunnel.

“The ability you will be given is the ability to customize your favorite truck.”

Wait a minute, I don’t love trucks that much.
It’s just a dream.
Will I wake up in a hospital, or what?

“I’ll give your truck non-artificial, but divine intelligence to accompany you on your journey, and if you have any questions, please ask your truck.”

I’m starting to get annoyed.

What’s that, not artificial, but divine intelligence? Does that mean it’s not a person, but a god? Anyway, let me sleep now.

“The world you’ll be transported to is a fantasy world of swords and sorcery, where you’ll be a trucker from another world, traveling around the world with your partner.”

This person seems to be a bit crazy.

A world of swords and sorcery is something out of fairy tales and novels.

“Well, have a good day!”

Oh, it’s getting dark.

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Maybe I can finally sleep.
—— Is this death?<

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