Chapter 1: I became Priscilla.

In a quiet coffee shop.
I waited with a nervous heart.
It was my boyfriend, Kim Dong-hyun

“ Sorry, I’m a bit late.”

Dong-hyun sat down across from me smiling.

“” You’re more pretty today.
Is it because you were the one that asked to meet up first? I was always the one to ask.””

I didn’t say anything.
I took a silent breath and spit out the words I had pushed down.

“” Let’s break up.
I can’t take it anymore.””

“” What are you talking about all of a sudden, you said something wrong right?”

“” It’s tiring now.
I get goosebumps and get scared.”

His expression became dangerous.

“” Who said we would break up? I can never break up with you.”

“” Everytime I see your face, I really hate it.”

Suddenly, Dong-hyun stared at me with intense eyes.

“” Are you seeing a new guy?”

“” What?”

“ So you are.
Who is it? Who is that bastard.”

I saw Dong-hyun with terrifying eyes.
It’s really tiring.
Especially, when he looks at me with those doubtful eyes, I get goosebumps around my entire body.

At first, I liked Dong-hyun’s pure feelings when he looked at me.But, as time went by, Dong-hyun’s feelings for me gradually turned into obsession and possessiveness .

Just looking at his face is torture

“ Stop doing this.
This is why I don’t like you.
It’s suffocating.”

“ It’s suffocating?”

 “Yeah, suffocating.
I should’ve broken up with you earlier.
I was stupid for foolishing enduring it.”

“ Soyeon….”

“ That’s a disease.
Go to a hospital and get treatment.”

Dong-hyun looked at me with an angry face.

“ Are you treating me like someone with a mental issue right now?”

“ How you think of it is your feelings but, it’s true there’s something wrong.
Let’s stop now.
Stop messing with me.” 

I grabbed my bag and stood from my seat.

“I’ll head out first.
Let’s not see each other again.”

Dong-hyun had an expression that he was shocked by my words.
But, there was no other way.
I should also be able to live without suffocating.
I left without turning back.

But, suddenly Dong-hyun stood from his seat and ran to take my wrist.

“” Where are you going? I can’t let go of you even if I die.”

“ I want to break up, I don’t like this! You’re extremely horrible!”

Dong-hyun laughed at me words like a maniac

“ Really? But what should I do, I can’t let go of you even if I die.”

Dong-hyun pulled on my wrist hard and ran out of the cafe. 

“ Why this, let go!”

Even if I tried my best to struggle out of his grip, Dong-hyun didn’t budge and dragged me.

“ Where are you going?”

“ You said let’s break up, but I’d rather choose to die together than break up.
Then you’re mine forever.”

“ What?”

Dong-hyun’s eyes shook with madness and fury.

“ Let’s die together on the same day and time of our promise.

“ Are you crazy?”

“ Yeah, I’m crazy over you.”

Dong-hyun dragged and carried me into the road

A big dump truck hit us as if it was waiting for us.

That was my last.

I Became Priscilla

Priscilla opened her eyes this morning.  She dreamt of the same dream.
The dream where a crazy bastard dragged her and killed her.
That man is the embodiment of obsession. 

Her wanting to break up suddenly became dying together.
In all, it turned out like that.

I’m going to have to live with a completely different face. 

“ That crazy bastard made me look like this.”

“ Who knew that I would enter a novel.”

Inside a novel.
Lee Seyeon from South Korea became a character inside of a novel due to a crazy man.
But the problem is.

“ Why an extra out of all people.”

’s bad luck princess, Priscilla, who dies in the early stages of the story.
She’s the princess of the Oren Duchy, but she was sold to a crazy emperor.
Her father offered Priscilla in a panic to live .

More importantly, I’m an extra that comes out a few times in the beginning and then dies.
Once I woke up as Priscilla, I thought it was a dream.

I thought I was seeing things since I died, or I got into heaven or another world.
After spending a week imagining all sorts of things, I now know it isn’t heaven, a dream, nor another world but it’s a novel.

How could this happen without someone turning crazy?

The novel that I’m in is the novel that I used to read whenever I got stressed by my boyfriend.
You have no idea

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