Priscilla took Eren’s hand and moved on.

She took Eren to a warehouse behind the Lilith Palace.

It was a place where cleaning tools were stored, so it was suitable to avoid rain.

“It’s raining a lot.”

The sound of rain hitting the ceiling was loud.

“That’s true.”

“Let’s stay here until the rain stops.”

“Will it be okay?”

“It’s all right.
It’s not going to be raining long.
But Eren.
I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Where did you hide Heidi when it rained?”

“I hid her secretly in my palace, and when the rain stopped, I brought her out again.”

Priscilla clicked her tongue.

She thought it was a lot of trouble.

“But, you raise her with so much difficulty.
Why don’t you just get permission and raise her?”

“He would never allow it?”

“Is that so?”

“My brother is scary.”

“He must be scary.”

Eren asked with a curious look.

“Are you scared of my brother, too?”

“He’s scary.”

Sure, she feared him.

However, when she encountered him strangely, she felt more familiarity than fear.

Maybe it was because he was the male lead of her favorite novel, but he didn’t come as scary as expected.

As the Emperor said, her liver must be big.

Priscilla turned her head and looked at Eren.

Eren’s expression was dark as if he was deep in thought.

“I’m really afraid of my brother.”

Even though it was a small murmur, Priscilla heard it clearly.

Priscilla turned her head again.

The sound of rain was abating.

It seemed that it was about to stop.
As expected, the rain soon stopped.

“I think the rain has stopped.
Let’s get out of here.”

Priscilla left the warehouse with Eren.

Fortunately, there was no one watching, so they didn’t get caught.

Priscilla took Heidi from Eren.

“I’m begging you, sister.”

“I get it.
Just have a safe trip.”

“I’ll bring a present when I come back.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

Eren made a request to Priscilla and left.

And Priscilla snuck into the bedroom with Heidi in her arms.

Heidi was fast asleep in Priscilla’s arms.

Priscilla put Heidi down on the cushion and pushed her under the bed.

She was afraid she would get caught, but fortunately, she didn’t.

She heard a knock as she came out safely hiding Heidi under her bed.

Knock knock-

“Lady Priscilla, it’s Rien.
May I come in?”

Priscilla opened the door quickly for fear that Heidi might wake up and cry.

“What’s the matter?”

Rien looked surprised when she saw Priscilla.

Because Priscilla’s clothes were wet.

“Why are you so wet? Did you get rained on?”

“Huh? Oh.
I went for a walk and it suddenly rained.”

“In case you catch a cold, I’ll have to prepare the bath water right away.”

Rien hurried into the bathroom and got the bath ready.

Lili then brought the maids to attend her bath.

Then Priscilla saw a familiar maid.

That face.
No way.

‘It’s not Mary, is it?’

While reading the novel, the character Priscilla cursed after Jestina was a maid named Mary.

Mary bullied the heroine by acting as a stickler for Jestina.

Her curly chestnut hair and her freckled face were the descriptions of Mary she had seen so often.

However, in front of her, there was a maid who fit that description perfectly.

Priscilla approached her with suspicious eyes and asked.

“What’s your name?”

When Priscilla pointed at her, Mary replied in a jolt.

“My name is Mary.”

Priscilla was also surprised.

‘You mean that Mary?’

Priscilla’s eyes narrowed.

‘Why is she here?’

According to the novel, Mary was not yet at the point of appearance.

Because Mary appeared after the heroine appeared.

But now it’s before the heroine appears.

‘What Jestina was trying to do by taking the ladies-in-waiting list was bringing Mary in.’

Priscilla thought over and over again.

‘What did Mary do when she first appeared to the heroine?’

Priscilla racked her brain to remember the content of the novel.

What Mary did to the heroine for the first time.


That’s when she remembered.

‘Mary sprayed something while washing her hair.
And the heroine’s hair almost melted away and made her bald.’

But the heroine didn’t go bald.

Because Mary dropped the bottle because she was nervous.

Eventually, only half of the heroine’s hair melted away.

It became bobbed hair.

Priscilla squinted at Mary.

‘It’s weird.
Don’t tell me, could it be?’

Could she herself suffer what the heroine should have suffered?

But it was a bit uncomfortable.

Besides, she’s a bath attendant.

‘There’s nothing wrong with being careful.’

Priscilla examined Mary closely.

Mary shrank her shoulders and lowered her head as if she were very nervous.

‘As expected, she’s suspicious.’

As Priscilla stared at Mary only, Lili looked puzzled.

“What’s wrong, Lady Priscilla?”


“You’re only glaring at Mary.”

Priscilla turned her head in horror.

She guessed she was too explicit.

“I was just thinking about something else for a second.”

Priscilla looked at Mary.

It didn’t seem bad to be careful, either.

“Did you say Mary?”

“What? Yes.”

“You go out now.”




Mary went out with a very perplexed face.

Then Lili wondered and asked Priscilla.

“Lady Priscilla, you don’t like sister* Mary?”

*TN: Similar to Eren, Lili uses Unnie here, Mary isn’t actually related to her

Priscilla whispered a little in Lili’s ear.

“Because she’s suspicious.”

“Sister Mary?”


“I don’t really get it.”

“I think so.
Let’s take a bath first.”


Priscilla went into the bathroom with Lili.

When she undressed and soaked herself in the bathtub, the ladies-in-waiting approached and began to wash her.

Priscilla leaned her head in the bathtub in a drowsy state.

It was quiet, so it was perfect to think about and she could concentrate well.

‘Wait, now that I think about it, Mary has gotten better at doing bad things.’

The first time she made mistakes, the second and third she made fewer mistakes too.

‘At the last minute, she destroyed the evidence and even fabricated it, right?’

So the heroine had a hard time.

‘I shouldn’t leave it like this.’

If she didn’t deal with it in the beginning, she thought it would hurt more later.

Of course, not her, but the heroine.

Wasn’t it a good thing to do something good for the heroine?

Priscilla, who had organized her thoughts, looked at Lili.

“Lily, go get Mary.”

“Bring Mary back?”

Lili made an expression that she couldn’t understand.

When you let them go, you can always bring them back.

“It’s because I have something to check.”

“What are you going to check?”

“I’ll have Mary wash my hair.
Then you’ll keep an eye on Mary and…”

Priscilla gave Lili instructions.

Upon hearing the instructions, Lili answered with a firm will, and went out to get Mary.

Meanwhile, Mary, who was kicked out, looked embarrassed.

“What should I do?”

She didn’t expect Priscilla to kick her out.

It was a completely unexpected situation.

“Lady Jestina told me to succeed.”

So, she received a lot of money for her hard work.

She said she would also give compensation if she handled the work properly.
So Mary was nervous.

It occurred to her that Priscilla might not let her in like this.

“I must succeed…”

Then suddenly the door opened and Lili called her.

“Mary, are you still there?”

“I was about to go.”

“You don’t have to.”


“Lady Priscilla is calling again.”


“Yes, come on.”

“Oh, all right.”

Mary thought it was a chance, so she quickly went into the bathroom where Priscilla was.

Priscilla gave Lili a look, and Lili said to Mary.

“Sister, you wash Lady Priscilla’s hair.”


Mary barely kept the corners of her mouth from rising as she moved on.

Then she ran a careful hand through Priscilla’s hair.

Priscilla closed her eyes, feeling Mary’s touch on her.

‘I didn’t intend to take an adventure, but I’ll have to pull out the roots in the beginning.’

Rather than for the heroine, it can be said that she was a master of punishment for bullying the heroine in the novel and feeding her sweet potatoes*.

*TN: Something frustrating and annoying

‘Yes, this is a retribution for feeding me sweet potatoes.’

Priscilla rationalized and entrusted her head to Mary.

Mary ran her fingers between her hair and massaged her scalp.

It felt like she was cooling her head.

‘Oh, it’s cool.’

Mary put Priscilla’s hair together and took out the bottle she had received from Jestina from her arms.

‘She said you can just pour it in.’

Mary, wary of her surroundings, opened the lid of the bottle and prepared to pour it pretending to apply the ointment.

But Lili suddenly snatched the bottle from Mary’s hand.

Mary looked at Lili with a surprised look on her face.

Priscilla then reached out to Lili.

The bottle naturally fell into Priscilla’s hands.

Priscilla looked at the bottle and came out of the bathtub.

Then she roughly wiped the water and put on a gown.

‘Oh, what do I do.’

Mary didn’t know what to do.

Priscilla poured the contents of the bottle over Mary’s head, who was kneeling on the bathroom floor.


Then Mary screamed and grabbed her head.
Her head was burning hot.

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