Priscilla’s beauty.

He’ll come to his senses when she’s gone.

The world is full of beautiful women.

“Ran, where are the order of knights to be deployed at this hunting festival other than the one directly under His Majesty?”

“This time the Knights of the Dukes Ezebel and Fabian are coming.”

When the hunting festival was held, the knights of each aristocratic family took turns to escort the nobles.

This is because the Imperial Knights only escorted the Imperial Family.

“If the two princes attend, the princesses will also come.”

“The only princess coming is from Ezebel.”

“Fabian’s isn’t coming?”

“Duke Fabian said the youngest Prince was coming.”

“The youngest Prince is coming?”


“That bastard is coming.
That’s great.”

Jestina smiled heavily.

The youngest Prince of the Ducal House of Fabian, he was a troublemaker.

He couldn’t get enough of pretty women.

So she used him a few times.
Of course, it was a great success.

‘I could easily get rid of things like a thorn in my eye.’

The Emperor did not forgive princesses for committing injustice, so he trampled not only her but also the country to which she belonged.

‘I’ll have to weave it well this time and get rid of Priscilla.’

Jestina, who made up her mind, left the greenhouse and headed for the study.

Jestina, who wrote a letter in her study, delivered it to Ran.

“Ran, pass this on to Prince Chris.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

Ran, with the letter in his arms, left the study.

‘Looks like she’s thinking of using Prince Chris again.’

Jestina had used Prince Chris several times.

It was because of the taste of Prince Chris, who liked pretty women.

Naturally, the subjects were the princesses in the Concubine Palace, and Jestina tied them together.

Of course, Prince Chris got away cleverly.

It was nothing to escape that much suspicion as a member of the Duke’s family in the empire.

‘Looks like I’m going to pay for a portrait again this time.’

It’s obvious if you don’t see it.

Obviously, she would say that Priscilla seduced him.

Prince Chris was happy to have fun with a pretty girl, and Jestina was happy to clear the way, so the two of them worked well together.


Ran secretly prayed for Priscilla’s soul, hung her letter on a telegram and sent it to Prince Chris.

Perhaps, Prince Chris who received the letter will die of joy.


A huge castle on the east side of the Frances Empire.

It is the site of the Duke of Fabian, which had a long history of 500 years.

Prince Chris, the youngest there, received a lot of love from a young age and grew up with nothing to envy.

There was no fate of the eldest son who had to inherit the family, and he could live as he wanted.

In addition, his face was fair, so many women followed him.

Even today, he was rolling around with a maid with his fair face.

The top of the bed was literally full of traces of promiscuity.

“W,here did these pretty things come from?”

He grabbed her maid’s nose lightly and twisted it.

“Prince, please…”

“Shall we see if it’s pretty here, too?”

Chris grabbed the maid’s leg like a wolf.

He looked as if he was going to eat her at any moment.

Underneath, the maid made a fuss.

“Gah, Prince, it tickles.”


*TN: Laughter


Something kept knocking on the window as he was rolling happily.

Pop, pop, pop.

Chris looked at the window with an annoyed face.

“It’s annoying.

A pigeon sat down at the window and pecked at the window with its beak.

Pop, pop.

Chris, who raised himself, swept his hair roughly.
Then he beckoned to the maid.

“Hey, get out of here.”


“Go ahead.”

“Oh, yes.”

The maid hurried out of the room with her clothes on.

Chris opened the window roughly in his gown.

“What is it this time?”

Chris took the letter out of the pigeon’s foot and read it.

He smoothed his chin with an interesting face.

“Oh, Priscilla…”

Priscilla, the beautiful princess of the Duchy of Oren.

A princess who was easily abandoned because she was not of pure blood.

She was coming to the hunting festival, even though she hides in the palace.

Chris ran his tongue over his lips.
His eyes were filled with taste.

“The hunting festival is not fun, but if Priscilla comes, the story will be different.”

His body has already heated up.

Thinking of something to soothe his overheated body, he left the room.


The day of the hunting festival had dawned.
Priscilla was attended by Rien* and Lili who focused on her dressing up.

*TN: It was spelling Riel but that hasn’t come up before so I think they meant Rien

“What do you mean, a dress for a hunting festival? I’ll wear comfortable clothes.”

“Usually, all women wear dresses to attend the hunting festival.
Only the women who directly participate in the hunt change into comfortable clothes in their own barracks.”

“Are the other women still wearing dresses?”

“Yes, they wait while enjoying refreshments until the hunt is over.”

“What is that, should I just make an excuse about being sick?”

“I don’t think it’s going to work?”

“Shall I try?”

“Of course it won’t work.”

Priscilla’s head turned at the sudden voice.

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