[TN: There is attempted sexual assault near the end of this chapter.]

It was ridiculous, but somehow he felt like it would make sense.

He was a lover of beautiful women.

‘We have to find Chris’s whereabouts right now.’

Robiche had some of them find Priscilla, and some of them find Chris.

But Chris was nowhere to be seen.

Anxiety struck again.

‘If Chris really caused an incident…’

Chris was a serious problem that he couldn’t care less about anything else when he saw a beautiful woman.

Therefore, the family had already given up partially on him.

No matter how hard he tried to stop him, Chris’s eccentricities with women weren’t fixed.

‘If he really touched Lady Priscilla…’

It would be a big incident.

It was a great sin to deceive the Emperor, to touch the woman he cared about.

The Emperor would not forgive even the fourth ducal family who had protected the empire for many years.

‘It’s terrible to think about.’

Robiche felt impatient.
He had to somehow prevent the worst.


Jestina was quietly drinking tea with the other princesses at the concubines’ barracks.

“There must have been some kind of disturbance outside.”

“I know.
The knights are moving a lot.”

The sound of the knights’ footsteps were heard all the way into the barracks.

“Don’t make a fuss.
It probably isn’t a big deal.”

“Well, it’s none of our business.
But I guess it’s not okay for Lady Jestina to get a private barrack?”

“That’s what happened.”

“Do you mind? You can stay with us in the same space.”

“It can’t be helped.”

The princesses thought Jestina looked very happy.

“What happened? You look very happy.”

“I know.
I feel very good now.
Come on, have some tea.
The tea tastes really good.”

“Is that so?”

The princesses looked at Jestina with grim faces.


“You still haven’t found her?”

“…I’m ashamed.”

Robiche bowed his head like a sinner, and Angel couldn’t raise her head either.

Michael clicked his tongue and got up from his seat.

“It’s annoying.
I’ll go myself.”

Robiche and Angel raised their heads with surprised faces.

“You mean Your Majesty will go there yourself?”

“Are you complaining?”

“If Your Majesty leaves, the nobles will be shaken.”

“So what?”

“What do you mean, shouldn’t you finish the hunting festival safely?”

“Are you telling me to watch them now?

“The hunting festival was created to promote friendship with the nobles.
Would you care if the hunting festival is ruined like this?”

The current empire was divided into imperial and aristocratic factions.

The imperialists wore loyalty only to the Emperor, but the nobles only moved for their own benefit.

The current meeting was to promote friendship between the imperialists and the aristocrats.

In such a situation, if the Emperor stepped forward because a woman was missing, he could become a laughing stock for the nobles.

Robiche was pointing that out.

“I hear your advice.
One cannot just wait with two hands left.
I want you to help me.”

It had already been a long time.

If anything happened to Priscilla, it would be problematic.
He still needed her presence.

Yeah, he needed it.

Why was he so nervous?

It was a nervousness that he had never felt before.

She was a woman who fought against him in an attempt to not to lose even once, and stood up against him and confidently made her point.

She was a bold, arrogant woman.

But strangely, he didn’t hate it.

It was annoying, but it was strangely fun to watch.

So it stimulated him more.

The expression that came out whenever she was in trouble was very impressive.

Even when hunting the sable tiger, was there a woman in the world who would watch with her eyes open.

She was an interesting woman in many ways.

“Are you sure you want to go there yourself?”

“I won’t say it twice.”

Robiche realized he could not stop him any longer.

“All right.
I’ll help you.”

Michael looked at Angel.

“You stay and guard this place.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Michael took his sword and came out of the barrack.

And he quietly left the scene of the barbeque party where nobles gathered and were enjoying themselves.

The remaining knights would take care of themselves.


Priscilla opened her eyes with a blank expression.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the ceiling full of cobwebs.

The floor was also damp.

In addition, her hands and feet were tied.

‘I was kidnapped.’

She had an unexpected incident.

She thought Jestina wouldn’t stay still, but she didn’t expect her to move so openly.

Priscilla turned her head and looked around.

It was like an old abandoned house.

The door opened with a squeak.

It was a masked man who opened the door.

He looked at Priscilla and approached quickly.

“You opened your eyes.”

His voice seemed to grin seeing what he liked so much.

“Your eyes are so pretty.”

“Who are you?”

“Oh, dear.
I didn’t introduce myself.
My name is Chris.
It’s a name that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life, so remember it well.”

“What does that mean?”

Chris spoke with shame.

“What do you mean.
It means that you and I will be one body in a little while.”

Priscilla’s red eyes widened.

Because she understood the meaning of the words.

‘Such a crazy guy.’

Chris caressed Priscilla on the cheek.

Priscilla then bit him on the wrist.


Chris, who pulled his hand out of Priscilla’s mouth, looked at her with disapproving eyes.

“….shit, that hurt.”

“Aren’t my teeth painful?”

“It’s sharp.
Wait a little bit, be patient.
I’ll love you a lot.

The mere thought to Priscilla was appalling.

“Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not crazy, I’m sane.”

Priscilla looked at him with a look of wonder.

“Do you think His Majesty would leave you alone if he knew?”

He picked his ears.

“I’ve heard that dozens of times.
But I’m still alive.”

Priscilla’s eyes shone the moment she heard it.

‘There’s something.’

Having heard it many times meant that he had done this a lot.

‘Is it Jestina?’

She had a hunch for some reason.
Then she remembered.

‘No way, Chris?’

Both words and behavior were exactly what she saw in the book.

‘Is it really Chris?’

Ha, that’s just incredible.

Who was Chris.

He was such a mess.

He was a man who tried to help Jestina do something about the heroine, but was ruined, ousted from the family, and deported.

Later, he returned with vindictiveness and died after being decapitated by the Emperor’s sword.

That Chris was in front of her now.

How much time had passed.

Chris looked out the window.
The sun was completely setting and the crescent moon floated in the sky.

He looked at Priscilla in her corner and smirked.

“It’s time.
Let’s spend a hot night together.

“At whose will?”


Chris threw off his mask.

He thrusted his handsome face close to Priscilla.

“I’m handsome, aren’t I? Everyone is dying for a piece of my face”

“In terms of handsomeness, His Majesty is a hundred times more handsome than you.”

“Well, I admit that.
But I’ll be better at nighttime technique.”

“You’re really crazy.”

“You’ll like this crazy guy.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“I will make it so.
Both body and mind.”

Priscilla felt so awful because of his insidious smile.
And she was mortified too.

‘What kind of extra’s life is like this! Writer, you can live it!’

‘If you won’t let me be the main character, let me live quietly, don’t let this happen.’

‘Aren’t you messing around too much because I’m an extra?’

Unfair, it was unfair!

Chris reached for Priscilla.

“You know what?”

Priscilla glared at Chris.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, so I am very excited.”

Yeah, she admitted that Priscilla was pretty.

On the subject of being an extra, Priscilla was prettier than the female lead.
That’s why she died in the beginning.

Chris trembled all over.

“To be able to embrace a beautiful woman like you… I’ll have no regrets if I die! I think I can love you forever.”

“You stone head* child.”

*TN: someone who doesn’t understand people

“Hmm, with such a pretty mouth, swearing doesn’t suit you.”

“I don’t look like I’m going to curse?”

“Then I have no choice but to make it stop.”

Chris grabbed Priscilla by her gown and knocked her down.

“I won’t let go of your limbs.
It will be hard to resist.
Expect it, you’ll soon melt at my touch.”

“If you touch me, I’ll kill you.”

“That’s a scary threat.”

Chris bowed his head to kiss Priscilla’s lips.

Priscilla glared with the intention of ripping off those lips.

But suddenly, she heard the door break with a bang, and Chris slumped over.

Someone had kicked Chris in the waist.

Priscilla opened her eyes wide, wondering what this was about.

An incredibly handsome black-haired man was looking down at Priscilla.

He took off his cloak and covered Priscilla with it.

Then he turned around and approached Chris and swung his sword.

Chris couldn’t avoid it and his arm was cut off by Michael’s sword.


Michael laughed brutally as Chris struggled in pain.

“Does it hurt?”

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