“I did.
Tell the Imperial Palace Medical Center to give you medicine.
Because you have to be healthy.”

Priscilla frowned.

“Are you going to use me again if I’m healthy?”

“You’re smart.”

She knew it.

“The medicine is done, please take care of the compensation for hunting.”


“Did you forget? You signed a contract with me.”

“You must be talking about the money, don’t worry about it.
I already brought it.”

Michael beckoned, and the servants brought a heavy box.

“It’s a reward for the hard work at this hunting festival.
I brought a lot.
Open it.”

A smile appeared on Priscilla’s face when she opened the box.

The box was full of gold coins.

“Oh my God, how much is this.”

The inside of the box sparkled with gold.
Priscilla quickly closed her box.

“I’ll take the money well.”

At that, Michael laughed.

“You seem to really like money, seeing as you smiled like that.”

“Hohoho, there is no woman in the world who hates money.”

“Really? Then what about power?”

Priscilla shook her hand.

“I hate politics.”

“You hate it?”

“Yes, it gives me a bad headache.
And I really don’t like that.”

Whenever she saw politicians fighting in Korea, she often wondered why they were like that.

She didn’t even understand it.

So politics were no good.

“But why do you ask that?”

Michael smiled.

“Because I intend to welcome you as the Queen.”

Priscilla’s mouth opened.


“I said I would make you the Queen.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Are you insane? To say something like that to me, the Emperor?”

“It seems to me that Your Majesty is out of his mind.”

“I’m fine.”

“Suddenly, what do you mean a Queen.”

Priscilla was absolutely dumbfounded.

“You don’t like it?”

“Yes, I don’t like it.”

“Why don’t you like it?”

“Why don’t I like it, of course I don’t like it.
Who likes the position.”

“Everyone likes it.”

“I don’t? And when I become Queen, I officially become your wife, right?”

“It’s the same now, isn’t it?”

“It’s different.”

“It’s different?”

“Activity expenses are officially acknowledged, but it’s not now.”

The Queen officially informs many people that she is indeed the Emperor’s wife.

It meant forming the bond as a couple.

In addition, the owner of the seat next to the Emperor was different.

But she didn’t like that she had to be involved in it.
She didn’t like it at all.

She didn’t want to be trapped in the palace for the rest of her life as a Queen.

In dramas and movies, unloved concubines all ended up in the backroom; living and dying alone.

Priscilla never wanted to live like that.

It is a life that you live once, you should meet someone you love and live with them.

‘Am I crazy? To be the wife of the Emperor.
No, never.’

She wished she hadn’t put herself there.

“I absolutely hate it.
Absolutely hate it.”

“I can’t help it even if you don’t like it.
I’ve already written an edict to do so.”

Priscilla was dumbfounded.

“Without my permission?”

“Why do I need your permission? The imperial family only works on my orders.
Your permission is not important.”

‘Ah, right.’

She forgot this was the damned imperial court and was set in ancient times.

Priscilla decided.

She must run away.

‘Queen? I don’t want to be one.’

She would be a free woman.
Therefore, she wasn’t interested in being Queen. 

Priscilla fiercely decided.

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