Eren smiled.

“That sounds interesting.”

“Are you going with me?”

“Of course.”

“Of course not.
Eren, go back.”


“It stands out when we go around together.
People will recognize you.”

Eren was a prince, so if he walked the streets with her, there would be many people that would recognize them.

It was right to break up with Eren at this point.

“Look over there.
Everyone is glancing at Eren.”

Eren turned her head.

People in the restaurant were talking about Eren.

“Because I want to be alone.
Eren, you can go back today.”

“Will you be all right alone?”

Eren looked worried.

Priscilla smiled, saying there was no problem.

“It’s all right.
I dressed like this.”

At Priscilla’s words, Eren nodded countless times.

“Okay, give me your arm instead.”


“Hurry up.”

As Priscilla extended her arm, Eren injected magic into Priscilla’s bracelet on her wrist.

“I increased the time.
You’ll be able to stay that way for the day.
But by tomorrow morning, be careful because you’ll be back to your old self.”

“Thank you, Eren.”

Priscilla parted ways with Eren like that and was alone.


Half a day has passed since Priscilla disappeared.

At that time, Michael was meeting Elain.

“It is said that a slave trader has been lurking in the capital lately.”

“Their liver is big, they dare to hide where they are.
Find them all and dry the seeds.”

“All right.”

“No, I’d better do it myself.”

“Are you going to go out yourself?”

“It’s better to go out to warm up after a long time.
I’ve been in the palace for too long.”

As he said so, Michael took out his sword.

“It’s time to feed this guy blood, too.”

“The sword that eats blood, it’s creepy whenever I see it.”

“Thanks to this guy, the territory of the empire was able to expand.
Say thank you.”

“Yes, yes.”

Michael handled the sword like a baby.

“Report when you find the location.”

“All right.”


Priscilla, who parted ways with Eren and was alone, wandered around the street and looked around.

There were many interesting things in the city.

Musicians played in the streets, and painters painted people.

Children ran around carrying snacks one by one, and the elderly were sitting in the shade and relaxing.

It was a peaceful sight.

Priscilla revered people by eating snacks at the stall.

It was amazing.

She couldn’t believe she could see the scenery that she only read in the book with her two eyes.

What a surprise.

She thought it was a good thing that she left.

She was worried about Rien and Lili, but she left a note and promised that Eren would take care of them, so it should be fine.

Before she parted with Eren, Priscilla asked him to take care of her two maids, and Eren readily agreed.

“It’s already dinner time.”

She thought she had to find a place to sleep now.

Priscilla visited an inn.

And someone followed her carefully.

Priscilla frowned at the familiar sticky feeling.

“What is this unpleasant feeling.”

Priscilla, who stopped walking, turned her head.

She kept feeling the gaze.

This was something that only a person who had been stalked for many years knew, but it was clear that someone had picked her.

Priscilla walked again.
And she walked fast and hid in the alley.


Someone covered Priscilla’s mouth from behind.


Surprised, Priscilla struggled and bit their hand.

“Oh! Don’t go…”

Before he could even speak, Priscilla jumped out of his arms.

But two suspicious men stood in her way.

“Where did you go, were you here?”

“Who are you guys?”

“What do you mean? It’s a ghost that came to catch you.”

A cold sweat broke out on Priscilla’s forehead.

When you leave home, you go through a lot, so what was the point of going through hardships from the get-go?

Priscilla ran away.

“Hold it!”

Two men followed Priscilla furiously.

“Shit! There’s nowhere to go!”

Wasn’t the author too mean?

Why were they so harsh on the extras, but the run was over.
Another group appeared and blocked her.

There was nowhere to run.


With a sound, a man’s fist struck Priscilla in the stomach.

Her breath seemed to be choking her throat, and the food she ate was going to come out.

“Tsk, what trouble.”

A man approached Priscilla, who collapsed while holding her stomach, and put a bag over her.
Then he left the place at ease.

Looking at the figure, the red-haired man kicked his tongue in regret.

“Oh my…”

The number of them was too high for him to help her.

“That’s right, listen to people until the end.
Oh well.”

The man smiled meaningfully as he looked at the captured Priscilla.

“Pay your debt properly, lady.”

He disappeared from the spot after leaving the unknown words.


Her vision was dark.

And soon, her vision suddenly opened up.
Priscilla looked around.

“Are you awake?”

The man, who had a disgusting impression just by looking at him, laughed viciously.

“Who are you?”

“Anyway, you’re going to find your master from now on.”


“Yes, you will be sold as a slave.”

Priscilla’s eyes widened.

“A slave?”

“Yes, slave.
You won’t get a lot for that face, but I’ll sell it for you.”

The man laughed and pushed Priscilla into the cage.

“There’s a bunch of your friends there, so be friendly, and I’ll put this to good use.”

Priscilla’s eyes widened.

“That’s my money.”

“Now it’s my money.”

“This day robber!”

She screamed, but the man ignored her and walked away.

Priscilla sat down.
It was like the sky was falling apart.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be a slave…”

It was terrible just to think about it.

What the hell is going on here.

Priscilla didn’t understand why she was kidnapped if she was disguised as an ordinary maid.

Priscilla tore her hair.

Kidnapped again, just after running away from home!

You’re so mean, author!

“Don’t be so discouraged.”

Someone’s warm hand touched Priscilla’s shoulder.

Priscilla turned her head absentmindedly.

And she was startled.

“No, that’s nonsense…”

“What’s wrong?”

“H, how can you?”

“Do you know me?”

She knew, you’re the heroine.

Why are you here?

Priscilla’s head was spinning.

Although she felt her grasp, Priscilla was so surprised that she couldn’t bring herself to her senses.

And then she fainted.

Priscilla came to her senses a few hours later.

She was resting her head on somebody’s knee.

When she lifted her eyelids, they laughed.

“Are you awake?”


“You collapsed when you saw me earlier.
Do you remember?”

Oh, right.
I was so shocked.

She asked again.

“Do you know me?”

Priscilla shook her head.

I was mistaken because you looked like someone I knew.
I’m sorry.”

“I see.
My name is Siena.”

“P, no, it’s Rien.”

“Nice to meet you, Rien.”

Priscilla, who sprang up, asked her.

“But why are you here?”

Was there a story in the original that the heroine was kidnapped?

“I followed my distant relative to the capital and was kidnapped.”

“I see.”

Siena was a good-looking woman with blonde hair and emerald eyes, as the novel suggested.

‘She’s really pretty, as the novel says.’

A lovely woman with a pure and bright image.

She was right in front of her, who was loved so much in the novel that men paid tribute to her.

‘What a relief.’

Priscilla did not know how the story would go in the future, because she was not supposed to be here.

However, there was no story in the original story that the heroine was enslaved, so if she was with her, someone would definitely show up and save her.

‘I need to stick close to her.’

That’s how she’d be rescued with the heroine.

Priscilla looked as pitiful as she could.

“What will happen to us now?”

“Don’t worry.
We can all be rescued.”

Priscilla seemed to feel a halo from her.

‘Is there any way?’

Strangely, every word she said gave her strength.

“Is that so?”

“Of course.
Let’s believe together.”

She encouraged not only Priscilla, but every woman who had been caught.

‘But, it’s a big deal.
I’ll run out of magic after tonight.’

The bracelet was hidden deep in her sleeve, so it wasn’t taken away by them.

It was fortunate, if anything.

Priscilla sighed deeply.

She came out because she didn’t want to be Queen, but she didn’t know this would happen.

It was really unexpected.

Siena held Priscilla’s hand as if she had seen Priscilla’s worried face.

“I’ll be there for you.
Let’s hang in there together.”

Priscilla nodded.


Ah yes, she trusted her unconditionally.

Because you are the heroine.

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