’t make sense to be able to buy and sell people, but the price is only one hundred gold.

Of course, one hundred gold is a lot of money for the common people, but for the nobles sitting there, it was the price of gum.

There weren’t many people who wanted to buy Priscilla because it was the first sale.

Maybe it’s because Priscilla was not very pretty now.

“We have 200 gold.
200 gold, any more?”

No one was shouting the amount.

Not bad for a first start, the slave trader was about to shout out for a successful bid.

Then suddenly something surprising happened.

Light began to circulate throughout Priscilla’s entire body.

Starting with that, Priscilla’s appearance began to change.

Priscilla closed her eyes tightly.

She couldn’t believe that magic would end here.

Oh well, she couldn’t have known.

Priscilla’s dull chestnut hair turned pale pink.

And her freckled face turned into a white jade.

Many people in their seats were fascinated by the view.

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It was the same with slave traders.

At last the light disappeared.
And Priscilla’s original appearance was revealed.

Then exclamations flowed from here and there.

Because Priscilla was so beautiful.

‘T, this is, jackpot!’

What surprised her was the same with the slave trader.
His face was filled with a smile of surprise and joy.

The slave traders looked at the people standing up.
They were shouting.

“I’ll buy her!”

“No! I’ll buy her!”

They shouted at each other everywhere to buy Priscilla.

Priscilla’s ransom began to soar.

Priscilla opened her closed eyes slightly and saw a number of eyes pouring toward her.

They were shouting at each other to buy her themselves.

Priscilla smiled wryly.

It was funny that people who didn’t even look at her when she was ugly suddenly did that.

But she felt a particularly harsh gaze.

Priscilla faced that gaze.

Their eyes met, and he gave her goosebumps; turning her into ice.

She couldn’t move as if she was tied to something.

‘They look familiar.
Who is it?’

The man’s eyes were ripe for the day.

He was a man wearing a hood, and he looked compliant at first glance.

‘Who is it?’

She couldn’t figure it out.

He raised his hand.

And cried out a ridiculous amount.

“One hundred thousand gold.”

The attendance was silenced by the enormous sum.

The slave traders, on the other hand, had an expression that they would die from joy.

“We’ve got 100,000 gold.
100,000 gold! Is there anything else?”

No one raised their hands.

They all coveted Priscilla, but they didn’t seem to have enough money to pay 100,000 gold.

“The first prize was sold for 100,000 gold!”

The slave trader banged with a hammer and shouted that he had won the bid.

Priscilla was taken by a slave trader subordinate and led to a new owner.

As soon as he saw Priscilla, he grabbed Priscilla by the arm, drew him, drew a sword, and cut off the slave trader’s subordinate’s head.


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Starting with that, lurking knights came in.

“K, knights!”

In an instant, the slave auction house became a mess.

Priscilla was taken by a man.

He felt strangely familiar.

He dragged Priscilla into the cabin and growled.

“Why are you here?”


“I mean, why are you here.”

Priscilla shook her head.

She couldn’t understand what he was saying.

He clicked his tongue softly and took off the hat he was wearing.

Then his shiny black hair was revealed.

And at the same time she saw his blue eyes that she could never forget.

“Your Majesty?”

Priscilla’s face turned pale.

Michael stared at her with a look of astonishment.

He never thought Priscilla was being sold as a slave.

He didn’t know the woman on the auction table would suddenly turn into Priscilla.

“I asked why you are here.”


Priscilla closed her mouth and sighed.

She never thought he’d show up here.

And now was not the time to explain it.

Because there were people who needed to be saved first.

“I don’t think now is the time to talk about it.”


“There’s someone I need to save.”

“Who needs to be saved?”

“Yes, the women who have been captured here.
We have to save them.”

“That’s up to me and my knights.
It’s none of your business.”

It doesn’t matter.

He had to save her.

The heroine.

Although the heroine was caught here and the story went wrong, Michael had to meet her.

So they can get to know each other and fall in love.

Then she could leave quietly.

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