Michael called for the chamberlain.

“Get the tea out.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Michael offered Priscilla tea when the chamberlain came out.

Priscilla didn’t understand the situation at all.

Drinking tea out of nowhere.

‘What are you thinking?’

As Priscilla fiddled with the teacup, Michael frowned.

“Why aren’t you drinking?”

“I don’t understand.”

Priscilla put the cup down.

“If you punish me, please do so now.”

“Aren’t you afraid of what you’ll punish with?”

“I’m ready for whatever punishment it may be, but…”

Michael suddenly reached out and grabbed Priscilla’s face.

It seems to be a habit of holding her face in his hand.

What could she do? She had no choice but to stay still as he did because she was the underdog.

Still, this is terrible taste.
Michael pushed his handsome face closer.

It’s so attractive that she can’t help but drool.

He opened his red lips.

“You’re so weird.”

Priscilla stared him in the eye, still.

“Your eyes are not afraid of me.
Why do you come to me when you know I will punish you for a little maid?”

“I can’t just watch her die.”

Michael took his hand off Priscilla’s face.

And said with a meaningful smile.

“Sleep in the Emperor’s Palace tonight.
This is the punishment I give you.”

Priscilla’s eyes grew bigger.

She never thought he’d punish her like that.

Of course, she thought that corporal punishment would be imposed.

Priscilla looked at Michael’s back, leaving the drawing room with a blank face.

Then the servant approached her.

“Follow me.”

Priscilla followed the chamberlain in a daze.

The chamberlain ordered that Priscilla be washed clean and changed into a strange nightgown.

It was a thin dress that almost reflected underwear.

Priscilla was led into the Emperor’s bedroom in embarrassing clothes.

Everything was done so quickly that Priscilla couldn’t come to her senses.

In the bedroom, there was food and wine on the table.

Priscilla sighed deeply as she sat in front of the table.

“Is this the annexation you’ve only heard about?”

Haha, all she could do was laugh.

She was angry.

“Why should I spend the night with the Emperor? Why would I?”

She was angry but couldn’t sneak away and was going crazy.

Then an empty wine glass came into Priscilla’s eyes.

Her eyes glistened dimly.

“Let’s drink and get out of it.
Will you touch a drunk woman and get out of her mind?”

But Priscilla gave up.

“The Emperor is a madman, so it’s possible.
He might treat me harshly, who is drunk and absent-minded.”

That’s quite a possibility because the Emperor was a madman.

“Oh, but I can’t do it sober.”

Priscilla drank a glass of wine, thinking she didn’t know what to do.

“It’s good.
Was wine originally this sweet?”

Priscilla forgot about her situation and drank wine.

After drinking a glass or two like that, she already had a bottle.

“Oh? I drank it all.”

Priscilla put down her glass, picked up the bottle, and poured the remaining drop.

She was starting to get drunk.

Priscilla stared at the door with a red face.

“Why isn’t this Emperor coming after making people wait?”

Priscilla looked at her empty bottle with her hazy face.

She wanted more, but there was only one bottle of wine.

“Should I ask for more?”

My head was spinning.

Priscilla gently pressed her temples with her index finger.

Then she heard the door open.

Someone must have come in.

It must be the Emperor.

Who else would come in here other than the owner of the room?

Priscilla wrapped her red cheeks in her hands.

Her face was hot.

“Hehe, you’re here.
Your Majesty?”

“Did you finish this?”

Priscilla looked up at Michael with one hand on her face and shook an empty bottle.

“It’s good.
Do you have any more?”

“I think you already drank a lot.”

“I can drink more.”

Michael looked at Priscilla with an amazed face.

He thought she would be waiting patiently, but Priscilla staggered to her feet and stood before Michael after she drank an entire bottle of wine.

“I’m a good drinker.
But this is a little strong.”

“Did you drink without knowing?”

A stupid woman is drinking a bottle of wine.

Suddenly Priscilla shoved her face forward.

“Your Majesty.”


“You’re so handsome.”

Michael was a little embarrassed by the words that suddenly jumped out.

And he watched Lady Priscilla as if she was interesting.

Priscilla’s eyes were half-closed.

She suddenly began to grumble.

“Oh, it’s unfair.”


“Yes, it’s not fair.”

“What’s unfair?”

“That I’m not the heroine.”


She uttered a word that was utterly incomprehensible to him.

“Why am I an extra? Fuck, it’s not fair!”

No matter how much she thought about it, she was angry.

It’s unfair to die, but why must she be an extra here?

She didn’t mean to fuck anyone.
She just thought it was a little too much.

Besides, why should this handsome, condescending man be the hero?

It’s not fair.

She was jealous.

Then what’s the point? It’s not her man.

Priscilla laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s just, it’s funny.
Can’t I even laugh on my own?”

Michael looked at her with an astonished face.

Priscilla grabbed Michael by the collar.


“Oh, god!”

Priscilla spewed a waterfall on Michael’s face.
Then she fainted.

It was unthinkable, so Michael fell to the ground with Priscilla in a stiff posture.


The morning was bright.

Priscilla opened her eyes to a warm feeling.

She had a splitting headache.

“Oh, my head.”

When she woke up with a sore head, she felt empty somewhere.


When she lowered her head, she was wearing only her underwear.

“…why am I only wearing underwear?”

Priscilla tore her hair out.

“I drank yesterday, drank…”

She remembered drinking.

But she didn’t remember the next part.

Her head was foggy as if a fog was blocking it.

What’s certain is that there was someone.

“Did the Emperor come?”

The Emperor was the only one who would enter the room.

Since she drank while waiting for the Emperor, the person who entered must be the Emperor.

“Why can’t I remember? It’s driving me crazy.”

She was complaining for a long time and heard a low-pitched voice.

“It’s a sight to behold.”

Priscilla’s head twisted like a machine.

On the chair next to the bed, a man was sitting in a gown arrogantly.

“Your Majesty?”

“Fortunately, you didn’t forget me.”

His gaze overtly swept Priscilla’s body.

Priscilla, startled, quickly covered herself with a blanket.

“Where are you looking?”

“I’ve already seen it all.”

Priscilla’s face flushed.

“By the way, do you know what you did to me yesterday?”

“What have I done?”

“Don’t you remember?”

Michael’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“It was really disgraceful.
You did such a thing to me.”

“Whatever I did wrong…”

Michael’s brow narrowed further.

“You must not remember.
It’s just incredible.”

“First of all, I’m sorry.”

She must have made some mistake after drinking yesterday.

So the Emperor came out in that manner.

What kind of mistake did she make?

“You’re sorry?”

Michael grabbed Priscilla by the neck and laid her on the bed, laying himself on top of her.

Priscilla swallowed as she hugged her blanket tightly.

“You’re amazing.
I’ll compliment you on that.”

Michael twisted his lips and laughed.

“Yesterday, you attacked me.”

Priscilla was so surprised that her heart popped out at the words.

“I attacked Your Majesty?”

“Yes, it was very dirty.”

Oh, my God.
Then he’s gonna…

She didn’t want to think anymore.

“So you’ll pay for it.”

Price, what was it?

He lowered his lips and went to kiss Priscilla’s neck, then bit her, leaving marks on her.

“This is the punishment since you can’t remember.
It’s very nice.”

He laughed and got up, and left the room.


The chamberlain followed Michael out of the room.

“Are you all right, Your Majesty?”

“It’s not okay at all.”

The chamberlain knew what had happened yesterday.

He was the man who handled what Priscilla did to the Emperor.

“Don’t laugh, Alfred.”

“But do you truly intend to do that?”


“I asked if you were going to throw Lady Priscilla as a target for Lady Jestina.”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because you can’t.”

Michael, who stopped walking, looked sharply at Alfred.

“Cut out your sympathy.
Since when did you become such a sentimental person?”

“I guess it’s because I’m getting older.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.
Prepare a luncheon.”


“Yes, I’m having a luncheon with Priscilla.”

“All right.”

“And do what I ordered as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Alfred, the chamberlain, sighed with a sad face.

Then, he turned his head, looked at Priscilla’s room for a while, and followed Michael again.

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