Shortly after the Emperor left, Priscilla kicked the blanket and made a fuss.

“Did I really sleep with the Emperor? Is that so?”

Priscilla rolled on the bed, covering her face with both hands.

“Lee Seyeon, you’re really crazy.
You’re crazy.
You’re so bold, and you don’t even remember that? I’m stumped when I think about it.”

So how incredible must the Emperor have been?

Priscilla tore her hair.

Then she heard a knock.

“Lady Priscilla, this is Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting.
May I come in?”

Priscilla quickly came to her senses and wrapped herself in a blanket.

“C, come in.”

The door opened, and Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting, brought the maids in.

“Did you sleep comfortably last night?”

“Oh, yes.”

“I’ll get ready for a bath.”

“Is Rien okay?”

“She was treated on time and got better.”

Priscilla swept her chest as if she were relieved.

After a while, Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting, left the bathroom.

“I’m ready.
Let’s go in.” 

As Priscilla lowered the blanket, Marilyn’s eyes touched her neck.

Priscilla, who noticed it, quickly hid her neck with her hand.

Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, held out her gown as if it were insignificant.

Priscilla put on her gown and went into the bathroom.

The large bathtub was full of rose petals.

She thought the bathtub was big.

Besides, she didn’t expect to enjoy such luxury.

Priscilla bathed under the care of the maids.

It felt good to soak in warm water.

When she left the bathroom after a bath, the maid was waiting with a dress and accessories ready.

“It’s a dress and accessories from His Majesty.”

An ivory dress decorated with pearls and a flower-shaped headdress with rubies looked expensive initially.


“Lady Priscilla is the only one who spent the night with Her Majesty.
It is only natural that His Majesty would do this much.”

Priscilla recalled last night once again.

All she could do was sigh.

She did not remember.

Still, she didn’t mean to say no.

If she sold it later, she thought it’d make some money.

Priscilla didn’t refuse.
She wore the dress and ruby ornament in her hair.

“You look great.”

“Is that so?”

Priscilla gave a forced smile.

“Should I go back to the palace now?”

“You have somewhere to go before that.”

“Where do I have to go?”

“His Majesty has invited Priscilla to a luncheon.”


‘What luncheon?’

“You can follow the chamberlain.”

Just in time, the chamberlain was waiting for her outside the door.

Priscilla was forced to head to the restaurant under the guidance of the chamberlain.

As she headed to the restaurant, the chamberlain said.

“Lady Priscilla, don’t be too nervous.”

“I’m nervous without realizing it.”

Alfred, the chamberlain, laughed kindly.

“Nothing will happen.
Don’t worry.”

“Do you truly think so?”

“Of course.
Here we are.”

The chamberlain opened the door to the restaurant.

“Go in.
He’s waiting.”

Priscilla nodded and went inside.

The restaurant had a long table and chairs for 20 people, and the delicious food was prepared just by looking at it.

The Emperor came first and sat down.

Priscilla approached him and greeted him.

“I see, Your Majesty, the sun of the Empire.”

“The dress looks good on you.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Let’s sit down.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Priscilla moved to sit far away from the Emperor.


“Not there, sit here.”

Michael pointed to the seat next to him.

Priscilla was uncomfortable and refused.

“How can I sit next to Your Majesty? I shall sit here.”

“I hate to say it twice.”

The chamberlain nodded and gave her a look to follow.

Priscilla was forced to sit next to Michael.

Priscilla sat down, and he offered a meal.

“Take it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Priscilla cut the meat with a fork and knife.


“You still don’t remember?”

“Yes, I don’t remember.”

“I see.”

Michael smiled sinisterly.

“I told the lady-in-waiting to move your palace.”


What Priscilla ate almost popped out of her mouth.

Then Michael smiled sinisterly.

“You’re the only princess I’ve spent a night with, so I’ll have to treat you like that.”

Priscilla quickly chewed the meat, swallowed it, and looked at Michael.

“Why are you moving the palace all of a sudden?”

“You have to pay the price.”

“The price?”

“Yes, the price for what you did to me.”

‘Oh, you intend to kill me.’

“Well, where did I move to?”

Priscilla swallowed her dry saliva and looked only at Michael’s lips.

At last, his lips opened.

“You will go to Lilith Palace.”

“Li, Lilith Palace?

Michael nodded.

Priscilla was speechless.

Lilith Palace.

It was a palace that was beautiful enough to touch Rosemary Palace.

It was also a palace where the heroine would stay for a while later.

“If you refuse…”

“Of course not.”

“I suppose not.”

He just laughed for no reason.

Eventually, Priscilla put down her fork.
She finished her meal.

“Aren’t you going to eat more?”

“My appetite suddenly dropped.”

“That’s weird.
It just tastes good.”

‘Yes, you must like the taste.’

To go to Lilith Palace is tantamount to facing Jestina.

‘You want me to die at the hands of a wicked woman.’

If Priscilla went to Lilith Palace, Jestina wouldn’t stand still.

She might try to kill with all her might.

What a mad Emperor.


The Concubine Palace turned upside down.

Because the owner of Lilith Palace appeared. 

The Lilith Palace has long been empty.

The appearance of the owner there means that there is finally an opponent comparable to Jestina.

Naturally, Jestina, Rosemary Palace’s owner, was surprised.

“The owner showed up at the Lilith Palace?”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

“Who is that?”

The owner of the enormous and beautiful Lilith Palace is decided overnight.

The lady-in-waiting opened her lips with difficulty.

As soon as she spoke, she expected her master’s reaction, so it was challenging to say it willingly.

But she had to talk.

Jestina’s eyes were urging.

“The owner is said to be Lady Priscilla.”

As expected, Jestina looked at Ran with a surprised face.

“What? Who, Priscilla?”


“Why is Priscilla coming out of your mouth?” 

When Ran made a serious face, Jestina was dumbfounded.

“Priscilla has Lilith Palace? Ha.
It’s amazing.”

Priscilla, what a ridiculous situation this was.

Jestina grabbed Ran by the collar as if she was angry.

“What happened? Why did Priscilla become the master of Lilith Palace?”

Ran broke out in a cold sweat.

“I don’t know, Lady Jestina.”

“You don’t know? You’re saying that right now! You’re my exclusive lady-in-waiting, don’t you know that?”

“…I’m sorry.”

Jestina frowned.

“Go out and get Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting, right away.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

When Ran left, Jestina threw a vase on the table.

“How dare you!”

Lilith Palace was the only palace comparable to Rosemary Palace.

But Priscilla was the owner?

“How do I stop you, Priscilla?”

Jestina has been thoroughly managing the Concubine Palace to prevent the owner of Lilith Palace from appearing.

But the humble Priscilla became the master.
It was unacceptable.

Jestina sat on the sofa in a bad temper.

And she ordered another maid to bring wine and drank it.

She couldn’t possibly be sober.


Jestina barely calmed down with a deep breath and waited only for Ran to return. 

She needed to know what trick Priscilla had done to become the owner of Lilith Palace overnight.
She would find out for sure.

“Fox-like bitch.”

Jestina hated Priscilla.

Her beautiful appearance was the first thing she did wrong, and Jestina hated that cheeky look in her eyes.

The subject of being a humble princess of the duchy, she did not bow to her like any other princess.
So she had always been a thorn in her side.

It was annoying to pretend to be arrogant about the unfortunate situation where she had nothing.

“I’m annoyed.”


After a while, Ran returned.

“Lady Jestina, I brought Lady Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting.”

“Come on in.”

Jestina sat cross-legged on the sofa and greeted her.

Marilyn bowed her head.

“What’s going on? Why did Priscilla become the owner of Lilith Palace overnight?”

Marilyn said with a calm face.

“His Majesty has favored Priscilla.”

Something broke in Jestina’s head when she heard it.

“What, what did you just say?”

“I told you that Priscilla was favored by His Majesty.”

“Favored? If it’s favor, no way…”

“That’s precisely what Lady Jestina thinks.”

Jestina threw a glass of wine in her hand.

Wine gin passed by the side of Marilyn’s face.

“Stop talking now! Did she sleep with His Majesty? Do you want me to believe that? His Majesty didn’t sleep with anyone.
Even me.
And he did it with Priscilla?”

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