It was just as the oceanographer had said.
The earthquake didn’t originate from the underground epicenter, but the vibration caused by a siege machine crashing in to break the door.
The huge siege machine revealed a majestic fortress flag after it was smashed. 






In the midst of all this, the tactician and the weapon maker gaped their mouths in admiration.
After the siege machine that broke the door stepped back completing its mission, 


“Sh-show it to us a little longer!”


“I designed it! Ooh, I didn’t know you’d really use that.
Let me touch it just o-once! Don’t go!” 


Crawl, he even crawled towards the siege machine.
Scholars who were rolling next to them held them back, and through the broken door, knights and soldiers poured in like rainwater. 


“100 cavalry, 450 infantry? 65?” 


Mathematicians counted them.
As the large number of troops split open on both sides, a man riding a sturdy brown horse walked out.


“Who is it?”


“He looks handsome.”


“He has a good and well-trained body.”


The scholars wondered who the man riding the horse was even though they couldn’t get up because they were too dizzy.
They were practically corpses except that they were alive due to their curiosity. 




Louismond knew something they didn’t know. 


This was the first time since he entered the House of the Scholars, and he knows what other scholars don’t.
But there was no time to brag or be happy about it.
As soon as Louismond recognized him, he grabbed his neck with both his hands. 


“This, I’m sorry that I greeted you in an aggressive way this early morning.” 


A voice that wasn’t sorry at all.


“I am Her Majesty’s loyal subject Rudante, Duke Dominent.
You can comfortably call me Duke Dominent.
You’re very polite.”


An attitude that pretends to be polite but does not consider others at all.


“The reason why such a busy person like me is here is because Her Majesty needs some of you – scholars – no, reserve civil servants for Her Majesty.”


He even had his habit of saying ‘Her Majesty, Her Majesty’ at the end of every sentence.
Rudante was still there in his eighth life. 


‘Am I going to be decapitated by that Duke in this life?’


Louismond contemplated his bleak future.
Anyway, his throat was feeling dry. 


“Reserve civil servants?”


“No, the Emperor?”


“Will we have somewhere in the Empire to live in?”


Scholars were perplexed.
Rudante laughed as he saw these unlucky scholars rolling on the floor – or more accurately to say, reserve civil servants of the Empire. 


“You can go to the Imperial Palace to hear more about it.”


The soldiers rushed to the scholars as soon as he finished speaking – one scholar for one soldier.
They carried the scholars beside them as if they were carrying logs of wood.
Louismond was also caught by one soldier.
He didn’t dare rebel, and he wobbled and was moved like a half-full sack of wheat. 




Rudante beckoned to a passing soldier holding a Louismond. 




Louismond held his breath.
The soldier carrying him stood in front of Rudante. 


“Silver hair.”


When he flipped away his hood using the tip of his sword, his shiny silver hair poured down. 


‘D**n it.
Am I going to die this time?’


Louismond closed his eyes tightly.
He felt a pressure towards his neck all of a sudden.
He was well aware that this would be over soon if he relaxed his neck, from his past experiences of having his neck cut off several times.
But it wasn’t as easy as he thought. 


‘I won’t be cut only once at this rate.’


The pain of being cut in half and being stabbed was something only those who had experienced it could understand. 


As Louismond bowed his head and nodded, Rudante brought his sword to his chin.
He had no choice but to raise his head being pushed by the cold and sharp touch.
He opened his eyes and looked at Rudante.
He was getting annoyed and seemed to be jealous of something. 


‘Why? What?’


Dubious bird. 


“You’re pretty, that it’s making me feel bad.” Rudante clicked his tongue.
“Why does Her Majesty want this? Should I just say that I killed him accidentally?”


Rudante naturally poked Louismond’s throat.
It wasn’t to the point that his sword bled – just a little. 


But it was still his neck.
No matter how slight it was, he still stabbed his neck.
A person who had been decapitated seven times couldn’t bear even that much. 


Keeeuk, Louismond gasped before passing out. 


“Oh? This, what is this so weak about?”


It’s not that I am weak, but because you were ignorant and strong.
Do you know how many times you cut my throat already? Was that because you’re a Duke and all that? 


… Yes, that was everything. 


He even had to be wary of what he was muttering inside.
His timid self was so ridiculous it was making him laugh.
Is he smiling on the outside? 


“Oh? You are laughing because of this, Duke?” A bewildered voice was heard in the distance. 


‘So I am going to ridiculously die this time too.’


And then he cancelled that thought.
Louismond wasn’t dead, and when he opened his eyes, Rudante was in front of him and not Countess Illencia. 


“Hi? Have you come to your senses?” Rudante smiled at him and waved his hand. 


‘Oh, I really hate it.’


Louismond clenched his chest in pain.


“Are you alright?”


“Do you know who I am? Tell me how many is 12 multiplied 12 times.” 


“You have come to your senses.
That’s a relief, a relief, yes.”


Scholars were flocking beside him, but he could hear none of their voices.
All he could see, unfortunately, was the face in front of him and could only hear his voice. 


‘It’s clear that God doesn’t exist, or at least he doesn’t love me.’


Louismond collapsed again with a foaming mouth. 


“Uh? Duke, he passed out again!”


“Sh*t, I am so busy and yet why does he keep on passing out and making a fuss?”


It happened when Rubiana was busy beating the beasts up in the North. 

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