a nobleman in status, but he also had financial power that surpassed any other nobleman.
So, Helena, who had lost her mother early, was raised as a respectable daughter.


Raynor Stud’s life goal was to pass , which had been famous for five generations, to his eldest son, and to give his daughter a heavy dowry so that she could marry into a higher-status or good family.


Although Helena did not agree with her father’s ideas,


She was well aware of the feeling of thinking for one’s self.
So instead of becoming a full-time tailor, she would occasionally work for , helping the family business.
Therefore, in this situation where was in crisis, there was no official reason to go out.

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Even her brother, Tobias, who was the only hope, was also absent.
Tobias went on a trip to the East half a year ago to find precious jewels, ornaments, and silk, and to build up knowledge and experience.
Even if she urgently contacted him now, it will take at least two or three months to get back.


“Will, there’s only Will, after all.”  Eventually, Helena turned to Willian Croweteeth.


“Yes, yes?”


But when Helena suddenly grabbed his arm and hung onto it, Will jumped.


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“Lady, what are you talking about?”


“What do you mean, you’re my father’s disciple, Will.
The only one I can trust now is Will.
Will can speak to the duke on behalf of my father.”


“I, me? I can’t.” Then Will sighed and shook his head.


“I can’t even follow Master’s footsteps.
I can’t stand against a young lady.
Besides, how can a guy like me have a conversation with the duke?”


“What does that mean? In , the most talented person standing is Will.
Do you think Will was simply father’s apprentice?”

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